Well Jamaica matey let mi tell you about dutty whoring broke pocket loose brain Nateisha xxxxxxxxx. This whoring gal nah stop look to party promoter to f**k. After ducking around di Bronx fi Suh long the one promoter name Eric in a di picture nuh want f**k har again. By so way she is married but dat soon done cuz she have no ambition in a life. This likkle fooling lakefront wearing who’re aol spend off that last 5 dollar do reach party every night and chat bout she is a good mother. Di Gal nah stop beat had five dollar top and skirt from Fordham road to white plains road… she feel say true she party wid promoter she have money…. not to rass… button nah gwan o she… my girl how you do reach every party a Bronx by train when yuh live a Brooklyn. Somebody buy dis gal a metro monthly pass and let that in unnu party wid she lacefront, and pay har fi bruk out ah di people dance cuz she is a real clown… my girl get a job… no just get some ambition cuz anyhow





  1. Yes matey talk up di tings….. mi use to see dis mawga horseface gal ah party… glad sey she upgrade di lacefront…. real f**kin poppyshow a road… real f**k in whore dwl

  2. Lmao tramp dwl…. this bald headed bitch nah have nuh ass an always a skin out wid har slackness ah dance. Yea she did a fuk Eric… everybody knowwwess Stink pussy gal ladytee. Real idiyat girl make har baby fades marry har and she di daughter an him live ah dutty room inna him madda yard…. Lmao real lowlife gal think say she ah do it big and man move har ina room instead ah house… broke pocket romie come to har she deh pan pink wall… she party di money weh cho

  3. Sooooooo tired of her cheap shoes, cheap dress, and cheap hair… typical basic bitch ah road tryna drink free alcohol… no pot to piss in.look at the pictures. Says a thousand words. Gn #planetbum

  4. :mahongintip :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    sender and commenter(s) must be deaf because theres no way on God’s green earth dem use to hearing others talk or hear demself talk, no way :hoax2

  5. Look ass bitch…. Dats all I got to say … But wait wasn’t she f**king SPUNGY DESIGNS ON THE LOW EVA ITCH UP WID HIM A DANCE … She look cranny tho .. I don’t f**k with bumb bitches so NEXT!!!!!

  6. She use to work ah minimum wage Macy’s …. gwan like she get money. Wait spungy … u right and a few other people as well she did ah f**k or try f**k. She 2 easy mon.Yeah this girl is a real internet thug behind computer screen and punk ah road knowing a gal will beat down her skinny ass ina these streets…she have a filthy mouth and cyaa back up fi har talk. right she do live ina room bout she happy ina marriage bitch swore she rich and stay home mom… like for real ho? Oh and dem right to bloodklat eva take train and wait pon bus.. har likkle daughter soon bruk out an follow har slacknesss. This girl 2 crawny… eva tattoo her body and pierce up whore… she can dance tho… I guess that is an accomplishment in her world. She can’t even get her nail and hair done b4 she never ago afford a rent, car insurance, or provide… definitely a looking ass bitch aid har hand out. She look a little decent ina party lately as in last month!

  7. But where is her humty dumpty bestie she be blasting on ig .. Big fat cabbage patch Latti …. A flock of bitches who’re together !!!! LOOKING ASS BITCHES

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