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  1. Dats why Shawn Storm aguh burn innah di pits of hell, cah Lizard was loyal to Shawn, and ah Shawn weh introduce Lizard to di devil bwoy Kartel…..mi hope seh Lizard haunt dah bwoy fi di rest ah him days pon earth….

      1. Another one fi come beat pon JCF……go ask yu man whey dem do wid de youth…de way onu gullible dem good a all cook him and serve gi onu hungry termites. A de hood dem feed yu?

    1. u betta know…whappen lizard look human now?? di post said 8 days before he died so why u hurt? u feel it fi him now dont? him look like him cudda be u family now dont it?

  2. WHERE IS THE BIAS? The post show lizad ah dance an ah big-up him fren ow is dat showin bias, I’m curious? :mewek

  3. Met please put up some more it just might be like the last thing you put up. I am on the outside looking in like you and I am a kartel fan if the DNA, phone number, date of birth, address, wickedness lying on the stand DON’T FIT YOU MUST —— remember oj Simpson with the glove if the glove don’t fit you must acquit.

    1. ace a God will determine my first and last nuh u nuh di next man and surely not satan…u neva deh pan di outside yet u in a kartel body…but when two spirit deh pan one inside one haffi come out a dat u doe know :travel

      1. fi dem kine nuh noe God shani suh doah call em name mongst dem…dem nuh human membah

        mi noe seh OJ get acquit but a bettah em did fine guilty caw yuh see em judgment abayyyyyyy same ting wid dutty zimmerman suh di vybz devil nuh far from em destruction caw em MUSSSSSSSS FACE DI RAMIFICATIONS OF HIS BAD ACTS

          1. met and observa …….yu nuh weh mi nuh undastan police is so fool and corrupt ;;;;;;;;;;;and dem haffi spen time fi frame kartel………….Police get frame a Jamaica several times…..man kill dem fren and a police haffi tek di wrap…Politician kill man and a police haffi tek di rap ..”rich man” kill man and a police get blame it all mek di news…………………and mi a ask mi self dis………..Kartel nuh deh nuh where near wealthy not even next door why would they frame him???

          2. WORLD BOSS STUCK INNA ISLAND JAIL…………..RICH PPL NUH go a prison a Jamaica …..nuh time

        1. everytime mi si lizard mi feel sorry fi him …yu can tell se a dem draw him inna badniss…………di dutty bwoy go kill man ova di ole rusty tin pipe gun dem and come back a talk bout a nuh him like him tink a SHAWTY a run di court ole zutupeck

          1. Mi a gather some information bout lizard fi put up..di one whey name chow a di real bad man…lizard neva ina dem category

  4. Is how kartel fans them so ignorant and fool fool unnu move unnu big duty Bloodclaat from yaso.. If a none a unnu family unnu would and wah Bloodclaat justice to though and unnu would and want people listen to unnu story though! Bout might be the last thing met post come suck out met dry & gweh from yaso ! A you name shorty or a you addi use to hide and f**k.. Unnu is a set a bumbo to bumbo and either way GOD ago fix kartel when him ready fi him a hope unnu run in front a him and see how it work out! Lizard ago get justice so unnu ago forever mad me love kartel to but fair a fair prison him bumbo him too evil

    1. All when God himself tell Kartel sheep dem di man kill Lizard, dem aguh seh ah lie same way……but ah so Kartel like unnu #weakminded….

          1. Sometimes I wonder how you do it. I don’t know how you dealt with these dunce people like ace and the rest of them I would have giving up I am convince that you MET can become a teacher.. Or you were a teacher before? Because you have nuff Patient, All if it was me I couldn’t even look by look at their comment alone gives me an headache

            Its true teaching is the true Art of patience, MET you are good ooooo lol

          2. :ngakak ace deh yah long time oo mi ban him one time and him come back and when its not cartel we get along so mi cuss and him cuss and we done di next day we start new..u think mi a look pan him

  5. Met mek dem stay deh dem better hope n pray him go a prison cause if not smaddy a guh kill him rass……. God dnt like ugly n KARMA is a BITCH…. mi cyan believe say one man cuda control d mind of soooooo much ppl n mek dem get so ignorant n naïve, all when d it a stare unnu inna d face unnu a deny it OMG!

    1. because kartel is a psychopath.. and that is what psychopath do.. charm weak minded people and control them and influence them to do things that they themselves feel afraid of doing. but when them get angry they cannot control themselves or their behavior Kartel is a psychopath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no matter how u view kartel behavior as wrong he kartel think that nothing is wrong with his behavior and he don’t care how u want to view him.. or the world want to view him.. he thing he is very smart and can get him self out of any situation..

  6. in this video it shows that this guy truly idolize these guys that he is bigging up.. so if he wasn’t dead I think he would have come out of wherever he is and said quote.. big up vybz kartel me no dead stop spread rumors pan the world boss. Shawn storm a me fren fi life.. and in the other video he was dancing and people was passing him by he did not even stop to look who was passing him, his back was turn and he was facing the video he did not even care who was passing him.. one a the time it look like the girl that was passing him brushes him and the way how the dancing nice him he did not even look to see who it was. all the man see is the video and hearing the music… real bad man don’t go out and dance like that they hitch up in a corner looking from left to right observing there surroundings well strap..

    PS for your own information I am not a bad person and I don’t associate myself with any gun men or women..

    1. Not defending kartel but lizard dancing and not looking around does not mean him ano real badman, if him deh a place where his friends around him and him comfy him no need fi watch head back.

      man kill man last night and go dance inna video light next night

      uno no badda cuss mi as mi naaa defend wat dem do to him but just want to clarify a point i see being thrown around

  7. Oh one more ting….. Met u c dat police deh who a work wid kartel undercover an a dash weh d evidence dem n all these tings I hope him know say when Kartel go a prison he going right behind him cause Kartel is gonna rat him out dem man deh cyaan b trusted

  8. @5:18 u is a wicked n ur heart dark to say dat its a lot of black fathers absent frm these yute life make them go look for accepance in da streets n da streets don’t love no fukin body n prey on weak mindef lost souls lookin fof acceptance n dat how da boy end up losin hs life so gwan yah n keep on defend dat fukin devil I wish met will do a segment in da affects of absent black fathers its a plaque to young black boys its like a cancer nuh badda look at my typin errors my smattphone oh

  9. Bwoy dis post have me feeling some type of way he could have been my lil brother cousin or nephew. As someone mentioned we never really know the reasons some yute get caught up in doing wrong or choose a particular type of company to keep. It rough in Jamaica & when a man with $$ impress you to the point where u do anything for food money acceptance hype whatever it speak volumes. very deep RIP yute seems like you were really dancing your last dance omg

  10. Kartel and the rest of the nastiness dem need fi go prison straight. Him to f**king bright and outta f**king order. He making so much money yet still he still involve with gun ting. The police should of give him the same faith he gave Lizard. And some of those idiot fans him have need to go find something more productive with their lives like go look a dam job instead of standing up along with their Idle asses in front of the courthouse ah spread rumor. Bunch of dumb ass niggers…………

  11. I believe he did kill this guy. Mi hear say the night before the killing a up a BRIGHT LIGHT funeral home somebody see KArtel a come from so a mussi buy him go buy casket soda and throw pan the bwoy after them dun kill him cause BRIGHT LIGHT love $$$$ so him will sell dem it…Y yuh think nobody can”t find the body…? Kartel is a DEvil may god go wid him soul..

  12. I believe he did kill this guy. Mi hear say the night before the killing a up a BRIGHT LIGHT funeral home somebody see KArtel a come from so a mussi buy him go buy casket soda and throw pan the bwoy after them dun kill him cause BRIGHT LIGHT love $$$$ so him will sell dem it…Y yuh think nobody can”t find the body…? Kartel is a DEvil may god go wid him soul

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