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  1. The way how social media is they would of found a way to belittle and insult the girl.. Its sad he had to state it to cut back on backlash. We live in a society that feels everything needs to be address in a negative way.. Its damn if you do and damn if you don’t. I truly don’t think he meant in a bad way…

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with what he said…I thinl he just wanted people to know everybody love him music includimg those with disabilities

  3. I am sure he didn’t mean it in a bad way, however there was no need to mention the little girls disability. To me it sounds a bit cold but each to their own opinion.

  4. If she is disabled, she is disabled, and if she is blind she is blind, its just a description of the little girl which happen to be disabled…Whats the Problem?

    1. So if she did fat him fi say chilling with my fat fans! Yuh don’t have to emphasize on there disabilities, just pose and shut up! Mek them say them disable and take picture with him, it sound a way!

  5. When you find fame and your a bit under educated it is sometimes difficult to express yourself politically correct. That is what I believe took place here, he may have meant well, may have wanted to let everyone know that he reaches out to even the disable community but his wording is a bit crass.

    1. Quena, educated people have said some stupid things on social media, so I don’t think Vado being “under educated” should be a factor hear. Anywho I agree with the rest of your comment.

      1. I agree with “educated people have said some stupid things on social media”, however the wording of educated people are seldom the issue when putting their feet in their mouth! Happy New Year!

  6. When referring to people with disabilities the correct term is “disabled”, you can’t say handicap anymore or else the organization will come for you. Its like calling someone a “faggot” they would rather be called “gay”. :ngakak what a world we live in.

  7. Met remember him don’t know how to read and write good and him don’t have no reasoning ability him kinda inna the disable category to but I would have like to think that with all the money he says he’s making he would have hire a management team who takes care of his account cause a lot of his captions need to be fix .. Him need a private tutor to check him errors. I want him email so I can send my resume and expected pay rate !

    1. as u start talk to him suh him get heated a das y man like kartel appeal to him because dem a nuh human being putting up lizard is a threat to dem why?

    2. I do this young man has the ability to read and write…..he just not articulate as we would like him to be due to the fact he’s an entertainer. So how him know di lyrics them to him songs?

  8. @quena 11:50 am… : :shakehand2 :sungkem I agree with you, I do not believe he meant any harm, and even educated people (ah doan know him so I am not suggesting he is not educated) sometimes put dem foot inna dem mout…he meant no harm!!

  9. Dats why ppl fi hire a PR rep, pl to share the box a money an gets one before the PC brigade arrests you sar…

  10. Him address her it the right way ! Also bringing attention to her being disabled is good Bcus it is the truth and it brings awareness . It kinda show that everybody able-bodied and disabled enjoy music. It look like they both genuinely having a moment , its a good look.
    What is messed up is when big observer write bout “crippled man” that is what’s offensive.

  11. He didn’t mean anything by his speech…its just that in life its not what we say but its howwe say it..and people sometimes insinuate there own description of things

  12. Me and this “disabled” girl??? Hold on, first of all, she is a young girl from what I see. What does disability have to do with it. Is he trying to say that he is down to earth so he can chill with a “disabled” girl, WTF??? He needs to look up the work disability and come again with that label.

    What awareness does this shed light on??? A disability can be physical or internal. Does he know how many people live witha disability in Jamaica? Does he know the discrimination and plight they go through? Does he know that they have greater retention in jobs than so-called abled persons. As such, if he was defending a specific program or public awareness then he needs to state the reason why he is mentioning that he is meeting with a “disabled’ girl rather than saying she loves the Gullyside GTFOH.

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