Good Day Met,

Mi stumble cross this picture pon Insta and not only did mi haffi shake mi head but mi did “of to” send it een. Anyways how Flawless so mix up? She and Gavesha did a bestie wah day til she all reach har baby shower and now Mo is her God sister? No man mi really waan know if summin can go so. What a gyal wicked!

Oh and it look like Vado upgrade Mo breast dem doh!

0 thoughts on “DIS ”OFTUH” PUT UP

  1. Wah yu nah seh……….? Dwl dem gal ya nuh normal …. Question: What does Mr. Million Dollar man thinks of this friendship?

  2. Who put up freaky Adrian fortlauderdale pimp oh lawd must him babymother Petra cause they hate each other met you think Bahamas freak mix up is it you should hear the things Adrian and babymother wife do now that is a story

  3. Adrian is very nasty veryyyyyyy freaky me think him all mek the gal them shit in a him mouth him want to f**k everybody wat a day whe him money don the baby mother a fool she call me an cry him don’t have no respect fe are money is the root of all evil flawless not stoping she will do anything fe money the next baby mother is a king freak all a them is a set a nasty shit house

  4. God people dem nasty cause even Petra big son aunty and the Pakistan bestfriend them all live together in parkland and sleep together them nasty bad and then Marsha the baby mother can’t handle it so she start join the three sum to keep the man him is the best him invite all the young girls to his private parties dem all sleep together cause Petra sleep with girls so she welcome all the freakiness him love ! Dem sell the soul for material his freakiness on another level

    1. we know what Flawless look like

      can you send Met pictures of the other 2 babymothers and this Adrain to

      this shit ina mouth fetish getting reallllll serious

  5. Letish can not stay outta problems. Flawless me did bet pon you say u could change. U r so lucky u nuh get caught up with Mario and then with flippa bc u just lazy and live easy life.

  6. No Adrian is very very freaky he has private parties in hotels boats and is pure eat out and frig in batty golden showers my friend went not knowing and want run out the hotel room the way the freakiness serious him f the babymother and then start wid the roommate then a next friend it was nasty she seh . His baby mother Marsha not like that they come from far but when she couldn’t get stripper whore Petra out the picture and Petra well go breed she join the arrangement . Flawless now she couldn’t deal with it so she just start tour and frig money man but Adrian take care of her nuff gal f**k Adrian all the little girls who me following Petra round like puppy all dem sleep with him but she nuh know cause she do the scouting and approving !! Trust me it Dutty the tales these women do to go Chanel store

    1. very interesting

      Adrian you nassssssssssssssttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      at least Flawless nuh ina the nastiness :angel

  7. Dem is nice looking but Petra just Nasty I don’t know if the stripping thing she used to do she get acustom to cause is the rich white man tek her out the pole but Adrian watch her like a dawg she can’t do shit she has to party with him vacation with him them all live next door to each other him live with wife on the same development it’s the Brady’s too shit then they have the kids seeing this nasty lifestyle but he is a good father

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