Likkle f**k out gal u can’t hype pon no 1 Cuz u tuff and fava man to BBC you never look gud yet the close dem always a wear u dutty gal u likkle sadamite b*tch u man no stop request mi gud p**y Cuz u Neva born with di gife cum suck mi ago mek u stop hype man luking gal every 1 hate u u f**k done on u whore a dora suck hood f**k out b*tch u a go no mi in time bay sell u sell f**k an gwan like u a some 1 mi no f**k gal str8 hood to mi ole mi no suck hood u a nastiness mi ago mad u mi no want no man mi man live a us so tell u man day me no want im an go dead dutty gal people u muss watch her she luk like shit no BBC


6 thoughts on “DIS TWIS UP

  1. can anyone explain to me why when these women cursing each other out they’re always calling the other woman a sadamite but at the same time still telling her to come suck dem out?smfh!

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