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Couple persons from work tek me on simply Because I sincerely don’t get the logics behind a popular Jamaican saying.We were in the lunchroom and I was reading the papers and said how tragic it was that young Dominic James lost his life.Same time Lady A chimed in saying it is very sad and parents must feel it because HE WAS AN ONLY CHILD.
Looking back I probably should’ve let it slide like seriously but I started instinctively knitting up my eyebrow to which this next lady B ask me ” a wha do mi?” ‎I calmly asked why would it make a difference how much pain they feel if they had 4kids or 1kid?Losing a child is the ultimate pain regardless!”
Lady A fly up longtime “noooooooo,when u have more children it cushion the blow!” to which Lady B nodded and added “yes becuase u get to put the others to bed but now how them must feel going to his bed and it empty oohh GOD….and she move her eyeglasses and right on cue me pass her piece a handtowel fi she wipe the flowing tears.I agree rt there I should’ve stopped but her bawling never answer mi question…so I continued.

Ladies I feel any child u lose and any amount the pain ought to be equally devastating becuase that’s a part of u the parent.Lady C join in and cuss me sey me talking rubbish,if me never hear bout Washbelly and how a woman feels to lose her washbelly!! I was like but that’s my point there ought to be no favouritism when it comes to the pain of death,in life u can have ur fav child and spoil them but a Parent ought not to grief differently whether it is an only child,washbelly or if them have 9more kids!! My male boss heard the uproar and came in the lunchroom and he tried to help by telling them He understands what I am/was trying to say…but we lost it was 3to2 plus they were getting pissed at him too.

I’m now officially instructed not to go in the lunchroom especially when Lady A,B and C is in there.Met I swear I did nothing wrong because Parents fi love them pickney equally in life and death.i don’t have any problem eating inna the conference room so them lucky,to think I was comforting and soothing them smh and them get me banned from the lunchroom smh.


  1. I agree with the ladies who now have her banned from the lunchroom. Losing a child not matter how many you have is terrible, but when a parent loses their only child it’s definitely worse, especially if they lost their only child and are no longer of age to conceive more children. A parent that loses their only child loses their one and only everything to them, so it’s as if they have nothing left.

  2. Sender I don’t think you understand where the ladies are coming from. It is not about favoritism. If you have 3 children and one dead, you love all of them and you grieve for the dead one and miss them and everything but at least you still have two more there with you and that will help you to cope. When you only have one, when that one gone, there is nothing left and that can hurt even more especially if you can’t have anymore at that point. It’s not about favoritism at all.

  3. If u lose ur only child u feel like giving up, wen u have other children, you have to keep moving, u see that lost one in them everyday. The instinct kicks in to live on for them and keep that spark alive. Children add value to parents lives, once they’re gone…what’s next? I’m sorry for their loss.

  4. You are male who would never understand a woman’s pain…even being a father it’s different. So buill sir. Ur writing is so predictable see str8888 thru it an it makes you seem sexes when you write…. sounds like a gayman.

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