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  1. When you get to put a voice to a person it can make you have a totally different view of the individual than what you had before.

    1. EXACTLY !!!!
      all these dancehall bitches need to STOP MAKING VIDEOS !!
      all these years i see Tracey and never would imagine is so she sound ! omg
      def just lost all ratings

  2. Agreed with 2013.
    Ms Champion…. crApple…..Dolly. Juss hold onto that chair back and bend over. NUH SEH A RERD!!

  3. she fava di lady pon House wife ah Nj weh juss get di sentence fi tax fraud..
    Is it me or does di Champion look like har tongue too heavy fi har mouth? did she get a stroke or is she going deaf?. Please keep ur mouth shut from now on Champion because u are no longer a sex symbol once u open it.

  4. :bingung:nerd. Lord have mercie mi nevah ready fi deh one yah eidah. 2013 so right, first thing mi think. Larks Met mon, u must du wi bettah. Put up a warning up top fi wi nuh nxt toime please. My dear God mi did haffi listen two times caz it did sound lakka a dozen chiwawas a fight fi position. All now a don’t fully undastand wah she saying. Dear God please mek it stop, caz a can’t get di outah mi head, the power of the earpiece mixed wid a barking voice. Migraine start..

  5. dumb dumb find something better to do with your time you are a very attractive girl but with a low selfesteem find something productive to do

  6. Dem here ppl dunce and they voice match. Told you I was visiting Jamaica Ave I pass three attractive female ok then I heard them talking and I turn around fast like what the f**k I want to tell them please your conversation on cloth and your voice was ugly.

  7. Dancehall is the easiest route for the girls, they don’t like challenges . So they’ll be stuck forever in their comfort zone. I don’t know how they do it though. 10 years ago this was where you was and fast forward 10 years the only thing change is your AGE…. When will you all learn? Go and try to make something of yourselves…. Just come to foreing come waste everything

  8. Mi did tink ah mi iPad ah miss, suh mi listen tuh it again. It disappointing fi true….mi neva knoe seh she sound like when man drunk. @ WIllie try stuff a sock inna har mouth when yuh hab har oba di chair….cah dah voice deh will shrink yuh willie way past little :ngakak

  9. years ago my aunt taught me the difference between a lady and a woman, and that I should never interchange them.
    BRAWLIN. Dem dancehall teteh deh share di same characteristics one of which was just demonstrated in di video.

  10. Lol money she say from am to bm lol sell pussy international whore tracey go to school it’s not too late because you sound dunce

  11. Instagram draw out di whole a dem. Mi nah lie Lady Champion nuh fi talk pon nuh mic. Silence is better. gwan tek di pics dem, nuh talk ever ever ever again.

  12. Me tell the truth a weak so a $1000 fi f**k tracey look pon the man voice bitch to no does that include head and etc that pussy price well high man and that was in the 90s imagine now this bitch can not be serious.

  13. Den a fuss unnuh hear har pon mic?? I remember when she go jamaica go tek di mic a sherlock all white party few yrs ago….i couldnt believe that was her

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