Groupies in atlanta they go out everynight of the week looking dirty and like clowns. The girl avie sleeps with every one man and would do anything to fit in her bestfriend I dont no her name landa look like mrs piggy and just look stink . they call there self the socascene but they sleep with the whole reggea scene hot dancehall bed matress.


  1. these chicks are a group of small island wanna be lames. they always run around the club acting like a bunch of preschoolers. nobody really take them seriously. u know the kinda people u see and just laugh afta them because they’re just tacky and lame and they say and do anything to fit in. lowe them cause them no know no better smh lol

  2. the worst one out of all of them is jennifer friday. she very sneaky and love f**ks people man and then try banton people woman after she sleep with them man like she is any competition for anybody. man use her fe sex because she is an easy f**k rebound. just buy her a drink or a plate of food and her legs open up like automatic door. feet so fat her shoes don’t even fit right on her big chubby feet. shoes always lopsided. she is also a troublemaker. she love get her friends to trouble people because she don’t like you but jennifer all the trouble wey u troubling people nobody is gonna give you the time of day because you are still a big fat sweaty stink pig who looking attention and we jamaicans don’t f**ks with small island clowns like u lol. go have 2 seats to fit ur big sloppy ass down in dwl.

  3. jennifer friday is the chubby one with the over bleached short haircut. look at that fat **cks feet lol. ava is the one in the yellow shredded top with the road map stomach. ms. piggy is the first one or the one in the red dss shirt and the other one with the white hat on is just a str8 up retard always have her mouth open like fly she want catch. the 4 dancehall lamos lol

  4. @ anonymous Y u so mad @ the Soca Scene Ladies? U beg one of them 2 suck them pussy & them tell u only man 2 them things!! Bitch move on there are a lot of other women on the Reggae Scene that will let u suck them Pussy!

    1. don’t be mad at me. i didn’t send them in. they are a bunch of fat nasty small island wanna be jamaicans and nasty lesbians. get away from here. ur just as lame as them david. lame and fake as f**k u bitch nigga lol. girl bye lol. y’all are LAME! dwmfl

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