Met post this fi mi this is a follow up of the same story about diva Dj strachy and the wife name nickeisha….I want to know if a suh the wife fool fi mek Dj strachy a go all d way a Tampa over the weekend with whore out diva and she stay a yard woiiieee I can’t bother this wife is a fool immigration soon catch u r*** and deport u back to Jamaica u better go get a divorce and remarry in a next state n get you sh*t cause it won’t look good if u get deported dwl and Dj strachy is a r** fool diva have a how much kids and don’t have one in her position the father them have the kids obviously she ain’t fit to have them and u choose this gal over u wife look at it she married too and husband lef har r** when she get look wey husband did deh lol husband tell har he can’t help God will help har smh strachy u is a fool and u wife is a fool too, poor she clueless asf somebody please give this wife a hand book


  1. Suppose wifey a duh fi har own a ting on di side to ….Senda u never hear 2 can play the game , wifey kno how much of a hoe hubby is but it naw hurt up har head suh she a duh fi har ting to…..woiieeee man a gi bun an a get back bun, a nuh nutten dat call it bun fi bun.

  2. I don’t fault har, he doing it then you do it too, if his taking care of home then stay and gi him bun back… If his not taking care of home, leave him and find someone else who will…

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