Met put up this fi me deh, marvin floppers stop gwan like you rich when we all know yu broke, you guh Jamaica and call England a beg money wah kind a ting dat my yout? You never know seh hype a somethink weh yu have to maintain and keep up, you all talk seh you ago stop guh dance because you can’t afford it no more and ntn nah gwan fi you, all yu cheesy dunce gyal weh yu deh wid tell her fren seh yu bruck, all yu do a snap chat everyday fi ppl think you have money my if so be the case how comes yu nuh guh fix dem one bag a dirty teeth inna yu mouth?



  1. Wow is what I’m hearing is true… I see Marvin in every UK video and he is always looking sharp, his girlfriend is cute, love her blonde look on her… He does need to do something about it buck tooth though but something got old girl to be all over him like his the man… She wrong for chatting her man and saying he broke, that’s what these men get you think you hot and you think your girl is hot but once nothing gwaan fi yuh she bring yuh down, smfh… These men need to realize that real women if they with you when your up, they will continue to be with you when your temporarily down… Well Marvin you hang around men that look like they doing well, maybe peggy back off dem and see if they can let you hold a ting, until you build back or just go get a job and call it a day!

  2. Nutten new! Nuff a dem weh a hype in front a video light nah av no food ina dem fridge. Just bere clothes and zero bank balance. Anyway a nuh nutten can just set up a gofundme page.

    Him look good wen him nuh smile!

  3. Everybody want to be a celibrity high roller. Him and Di wife pure a broke like what. just do breast just buy 1 red bottom keep 2 party them think them a flosser

  4. Dwl this person who put this up sound like them hurt bad wonder if this person have a man or gal dem life sound really boring,all dem do a walk and build stories why dem nuh go write a story book and try occupy dem time and low di people dem,fi fix teeth a England free suh if the man never happy wid him teeth him woulda surely fix it long time, why the sender nuh go fix dem soul and stop badmind people

  5. Big up marvin Moggela straight unno fi stop tell lie pon deh man it must be a gal whey a beg him £20 £20 every night,how unno wicked suh how much time di man aggo give unno £20 and unno still a chat him, marvin a me Fren from long time and dah brother deh ever have him things so go back wid dah boring story ya and come again,marvin Moggela to da world who vex

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