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What is the longest you have gone without having sex and what was the reason you did not have sex for that period of time.?
– Were you involved or not at that time?
– How did your partner act?/What was their attitude?

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  1. 18 months .. Reason for going that long was because he was behind bars.. He was happy of course I wasn’t cheating

  2. I have been without sex for 4 month…reason being i don’t have a partner…..i did it for 2years before never have a man at di time lolol but it was worth it

  3. Two and a half years, when mi jus come a farrin and left my first boyfriend dung deh. When mi reach is three kids him have inna dat time. From den I don’t know wha name punny principle. Recently three weeks, cuz mi man went away for work. It did nice, mi a guh try it more often.

  4. Mi only go without fi couple weeks maybe …. cause Mi nuh wait pan man Mi could a love u like cook food Mi a dash it out without wahnin my man dem Eva deh pan stand by… What stay too long serve….. Mi done talk

  5. I wait two years and 3 months before reason i was single and i cant just sex aman if am not with them, no issues with people who do it.

  6. Mi a go near two years now, trying di celibacy ting till me meet Mr Riigt,, caan tek di man stress ya now, tyaad a it.
    Praying in di meantime fi di Almighty send him

  7. Not having sex for 2years was worth it cause it gave me time too myself…to just think about me and take care of me…my now at that time ex cheated and got another woman pregnant so i kicked him to f**king lefttttttt

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