Hi dear my friend from South Africa travelled to Montego Bay on a student exchange program anyway she is using her South African cell line but the minutes are ridiculous. So my question is if she gets a Digicel phone line can we here in America put minutes on it for her and is there a secure way to do it using a credit card. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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  1. he/she can get a digicel phne line and u could go to and u can topup from anywhere in the world whether its digicel r lime phne line…..and its cheap

  2. i send credit through digicel website all the time sender, its safe, plus they tell you the amount of credit in jamaican currency the recipent will receive.

  3. Ur student friend must not know any1 in jamaica, cause d first ting Jamaicans tell long term visitors “buy a sim and unlock d fone”

  4. online is fine or any west indian( namely Jamaican, Haitian, and Trini) grocery store, restaurant, hair/nail salon or barber shop in your area

  5. Kng13……..u kno seh mi kina smell it to……….metty mawnin again…..mek I tell u dis mr American…if yuh African friend wey dung a Jamaica kno wey I kno unno cantinue use dat American card n topup the African mins pan line…..caw if unno think unno ago doit chue DIGITELL..di Mercian police ago come luk fi uno bloodclaat n uno ago go a pussyclaat prison….so stay deh come Ova ya unda sikes bout digi topup with di ppl dem hard workin bloodclaat money.shi fowl……excuse mi language miss metty.

    1. Same thing me say Jamaican. dem a try use sikes mek dem gweh, frigging scamma dem get hold of someone credit card a a try a thing

  6. Dis sound really fishy to me :takut :takut Africa, Mobay & credit card inna the same sentence, no sah something bout that nuh right atall atall!!!!!!!!Cold sweat start wash mi an a nuh mi. Yow dem African deh a real pus inna, dem thief all milk out a coffee enuh. Me advice to you is tell har fi e-mail dem or go fb or skype or something, cauz a call dem a call dun thief pan fi dem self, when dem Afican deh dun wid u all out a garbage pan u goodly start nam out a. Cant seh mi never waan u!

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