Met after this man a msg me on FB from May and I don’t answer him then the hungry boy get disrespectful and a gal me up,but little did he knew I would answer him lol damn fool fool man



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  1. That’s nasty Robert from park side him very disrespect to women all his life. Him madda his a mad woman from down Kingston the father have stroke & dey a BRONK mash up , Robert is a trouble maker around the dancehall people this boy can’t read & write for nothing he used to f**k sixteen & diss her up all have sexual sickness & lived a kings county the nurse them tyad of him all the nurse them him diss up a mad man like his mumma str88888888!!!!!

    1. Hold onnnnnnn……Cum ere likkle dey Real,
      Which sixteen yuh tawking? Yuh mean di one whey dem sey did eena lockup?

    1. Yeppie mawning just watch him rawsssse bell pepper nose bout him a diss woman kmt mi glad mi no inna di game cause the pickings look very very slim

      1. u expressed exactly what i wanted to say.

        just to add, the pickings are indeed small, but he is pickless, so di small pickings no include him.

    1. Lol yes he is,sometime I’m afraid to sign in bcuz it’s like he waiting for you to lol as soon as him si the online icon he run str8888 in with the liking of pic a the msging lol so glad I’m not the only one who think he’s annoying and to find out now seh him live with women lol dem man bad!!!!

  2. Robert live with him baby mother name Marcia one long time big woman lmao mi say one day him inna a dollar van a look a man woman & him never know say the girl man deh pon the van & tru the girl never a pay him nuh mind him try diss har and mi say the girl man nearly clip him wing pon the van

  3. Da crawses yah stay mad reckless at the mouth to man or woman.

    Dats y Mickey almost Mek him suck some lead da day deh pon Church Ave

    .. Surprise him deh bout still

  4. He’s truly a BAD mad….he be riding up and down Church Ave pun a ole bike looking every gal he pass and when you don’t answer he start cuss you

  5. First and foremost who would let in this man on their personal page if dem neva thirsty fi attention, and secondly nuting no nice like a big nose man. lol

  6. @mi too pretty apparently I should’ve known that this man was gonna stalk me when he sent me a Fren request from last year,but maybe I should’ve hired you to do a background check for me but sorry love maybe next time

  7. No man! This frigga on my page too..always sending inbox message :hammer onetime him send message and I told him I have a man(him sey my man probably ah phuck a next gal right now caw every man have more than one woman lol what a funny character.

    1. Got the right! Yuh betta tek your personal issue with me sending this post to church bcuz mi nah look pon you bout thirsty for attention :nerd

      1. a you tek up my name and a get fowl wid me if yuh neva so thirsty you would have just glazed over my comment. him fava cruff but if a dat yuh find time fi inbox a day time. a your business and a you mek me know.

        1. Thank god for pink wall where I’m free to express my thoughts suh gwan through miss me too pretty :maho

  8. The comments have me :ngakak ———————————————————————————
    Thirsty Madman of Parkside, what a disgrace to the baby Mother that he lives with!

    1. That’s the only reason I feel bad about this post, I would never wanna cause an innocence person such embarrassment but he’s need to be on blast :sorry

  9. He is a piece of shut he did the same thing to me I gave this boy my number it was the worst mistake of my life real loser

  10. @ wicked A di same thing mi just did ago seh enuh. Mi sorry, but mi nuh have quick finga, mi nah jump go add nuh unscrupulous looking smaddy. The amount a dem line up weh send me fren request a mi not even tun d black a my eye look pan dem. Some a dem dont know u from adams n a send u friend request. I f me an them nuh have several mutaual friends and my memory weh a come an go nuh memba them, them gwaan wait, and when dem foot tired dem have a seat. Ole stalker!

  11. Oh wow I actually know this dude, yes he is very disrespectful, have no regards for anyone, his babymother does live in work, and he stay roaming the streets looking woman.He has messed with a lot of dancehall females in NYC. His woman knows what he’s doing, guess she’s used to it by now. ……very sad, cause she stay calling all woman numbers in his phone.

  12. This scum did the same thing to me back in the days when MySpace was popping. He tried to talk to me and when I turned him down he started to curse me out.. Lol .. Me and him were going toe to toe .. He’s like one big bitch..!! But yea he has to be crazy!! It’s funny cause now that I’m reading all the comments I feel better knowing that he does this to everyone and that he’s just a crazy loser!! He needs to be in the damn G building ., mad like shad.. Dwl!!

  13. Miss Jamaica, same thing him tell me. And when mi tell him mi still good, him call me idiot gal and man mascot cause all man are dog and me a gwan like a me alone mi man have. I kindly tell him my man a pedigree and mi nuh wah no mongrel. Him cuss, mi just stop answer him.

  14. Dis dutty bwoy him do me the same ting . Him jus ugly so always a inbox everybody pon FB..me glad smaddy put him pon blast . Sickly looking

  15. u dont have to add him he murder ur inbox…lol all tell mi seh i must be a yankee becuz i dont want him and if i know hoe much woman my man a sleep wid lol

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