1. Maybe Dolly is the one taking the pics as someone stated but being that she gave everyone their own little thanks and but lately on her son doesn’t mean Dolly wasn’t in full support or proud of her sis

  2. LOL. Getting an associates degree, though it can be commended doesn’t really mean much nowadays. Its like having a couple of CXCs back in the days. BASIC things.

    Prolly I should big up di ppl dem or something, but judging by the 2lbs of makeup and di rass boot that the ‘Graduate’ wearing, dis one not going far inna life. Just another dancehall groupie.

    One thing onnu need fi know bout white people inna dem land, them no like onnu much even worse with the bleaching!

  3. @BlackGanjaMan Leave the girl alone . She’s trying and she started by getting her associate first. #DECLAREWEHYUHHAVE.

  4. @BlackGanjaMan, seriously!!! the female accomplished something that a lot of other people does not. Associates is a stepping stone. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

  5. Congrats again sweets . Am proud of u just continue to humble your self and watch God work in your favour :selamat :selamat :2thumbup :2thumbup God lubbb u sweets so f*k what people want to say or think about u

  6. Im proud of her been watching this girl rise fr longtime and ur mom looks beautiful wish dolly was like u

  7. @Met yuh sure ano one costume this sweets got on?? Where is the rest of graduates?? Why dolly don’t post any pictures when she getting her award??? Something is fishie, about this graduation.

  8. Damn if she do and damn if she don’t. People are so f***g negative and always wishing the worst for people. The young lady graduated but yet you have some people who can’t be happy for her…black folks I tell you.

  9. Everybody coming down hard on blackganjaman but it’s true. An associates don’t carry much weight these days. Congrats ms couture nonetheless

  10. Congrats girl all the naysayers suck unuh muma idk this girl but it’s never too late to start somewhere. But a suh it go in the eyes of most Jamaicans dem will never crown a king in his own castle even when it’s positive. F**n crab inna barrel mentality n u wonder y we don’t progress more.

  11. Btw, @blackganjaman did she tell you that she would be stopping at an Associates degree?? Maybe this is her beginning of great things to come.

  12. Associates degree is a stepping stone I have two and just received a bachelors, starting my masters fall.

  13. If I am not mistaken she did write that she will be continuing her education…Life is funny because an associate degree may take her to places where a masters degree may not take someone else.

  14. yall some jealous bishes…Geeez…congratulate the girl.. you see her in her cap and gown family there and you STILL questioning… just dont like to see people prosper and happy bc you hate yourself.

  15. Wasnt sweets locked up before, if so whos going to hire her.congrants hope im. Mistaking

  16. :sorry y’all bitter asf! Lol just no chill whatsoeva!! I luv sweetscoutoure and dolly them bishes BAD asf style the whole package!! Oh and kim possible my favs :thumbup

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