9 thoughts on “DOLLY NOT A RING YUH GET

  1. Anon 11:17~Dolly can’t offer visa for visiting much less a greencard for residency. Aye, me nah look eno new year soon start…LOL!

  2. Girl tell u fiancee to stay out my inbox. Gal guh tun chemist n kill uself. And sorry sir i dont want him sir. He dont look like he have any ambition sir. And he looks gay sir. And he never claim u sir, wen mi run him back to u sir. Bye sir…

  3. Dirty Dolly Ven is winning . Go and get some ambition and leave clothes alone. Yuh nuh shame? Ven step on your neck dumb bitch. Maybe if you leave the Battyman alone you will have a little luck. Then again remember he has video of you sucking the girl pussy. You’re a real idiot gal. Go and bag your face Dolly!

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