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  1. Mek mummy gwaan talk yah dolly, she ah get old ah so dem miserable..stay with you mom as long as you want..we all know seh it’s not seh you don’t have ambition..but it’s hard to keep up with the Roberts and still pay rent. Aftah You no sell drugs and teef like the Roberts.. Put your hat right weh kwesi can reach it,not one bit higher..just hope him don’t teef it. Just work round mumzel

  2. lol that girl has no real ambition she just wanna be a f**k box to the low budget scamming niggas and live in her moms house till her her son gets 18 post videos in her see threw clothing and post pictures of her purchases to get likes bitch you have nothing to be jealous of so get that out your head and tell your man stay out my inbox . Your a pathetic excuse for a young woman your aspirations to be Kylie stop following her fashion because she even has her own place and can afford to floss on instagram you living vicariously threw her and still can’t get it right

  3. It’s way too early :ngakak :ngakak yes she hype bad , the one sweets trying to be like Kim k :ngakak :ngakak mean while the one kim round a back a dash wud pon sweets and dolly :ngakak :ngakak :malu :malu

  4. The worst kind of liberty is when ur parents dweet becuz is not like yuh can disrespect n dishonour them back. Dolly weigh ur options n if the liberty tekking worth it, stay kotch up till u good n ready!

  5. Dolly can wear expensive name brand and still in a her mom house but can’t afford to pay rent lol broke hoes again I can’t with these bitches ven,dolly,Kim possible,Shawna star,sweets couture,apple,robbas,and the wanna be list goes on all of u hoes only have clothes and shoes

  6. Kim work and she don’t have too designer labels . I don’t fine her to be hype now ven I like her she alright speaking of ven it look like girl boy kaydion and wonda dolly left DWL

  7. All a them from apple, Robbas, ven, Opal star, dolly, sweets a double 6 them pose when the game starts but can’t win. All these bitches does is post fake clothes ,Rolex ,bags,shoes,eye glasses and belt and when it comes for them to make real purchases they can’t. Because none of them own a house. Robbas so rich but don’t have a good vechile she a lust off her sister bmw and she have so much berkin and cant credit one with her bruck boasy self.twinny don’t own a car beg drive everyday tuh go on the road to thief cheap clothes but yet still everyday she have on the most expensive clothes and bag uno a set of dunce. Dolly and sweets only eat in Manhattan and buys very expensive clothes ,shoes and bags but lives into their mother jungle full of elephants and that ancient plastic sofa Wey them great great granny pass down to them granny then tuh their mother. Ven she and fi her closet wey full a fake shoes ,bags and clothes she a try too hard fi attention plus she should stay with mr frass Because kewei wasnt an upgrade from mr frass and now she a bounce around from cock ,to cocky. apple so rich and still can’t buy a house in america nor in Jamaica and her mother is begging for a Michael kors bag and apple change her bags and body so often but can’t change her old plastic bedroom set and old mattress that she have over 10years now.and finally none a uno ever show uno receipt for uno purchases stop fool uno self because nuh care how thief uno is uno can’t thief so much expensive stuff weekly. SO WE THE MeTTERS KNOWS SEY ALL OF UNO LIFE IS FAKE AND LAME AND UNO NEEDS TO STOP POINT UNO FINGER ON EACH OTHER BOUT WHO FA STUFF FAKE BECAUSE ALL A UNO STUFF THEM FAKE.ESPECIALLY ROBBAS WITH HER MANY FAKE ROLEX AND CHANNELS AND HER BABY BED THAT SHE AND HER MAN SLEEP IN A.ALL A UNO NEED TO PUT TOGETHER AND BUY A HOUSE ,APPLE ,ROBBAS, DOLLY,VEN ,SWEETS and Opal stars and name it the boasy bruck empire.

  8. All of them is the same thing. Dumb and broke. Ven you need to stop clowning out yourself. Stop walk and abuse your vagina. Honey, always stay with who wants you, not who you want. Girl please stop mine man and go and buy your children some clothes. It doesn’t look god. Apple need to thank God for J-Icon because you would be homeless if it wasn’t for him. No more surgery girl. Please stop. Dolly go and rent even a room and come out of your mother house. The amount of prostitution you do ans still can’t rent a room. Omg. What happen? It looks very bad and shameful. Robert you need to go back to your surgeon and fix from your face down to your toes. Please leave batty man Daffy alone before he gives you HIV. Kim possible come out of the closet and you would be much happier.

  9. Ven need to do her daughter hair an buy her some clothes because everytime she post a pic of that little girl her hair stay bad.

  10. Kmsl how in the f**k yall no so much of this peoples so called business which means your infatuated or jealous . Who worries about the next bitch pussy and what they wear or who the live with…You bitches have a miserable life .. These females dont care what you all think or say.. For real you hoes need a life and some ambition then you talk about a womans child .. F**n low life hating sour pussy as bitches !!Smdh I bet most of you look like gorillas and cant dress worth a shit or keep a man!!

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