Only few people nah get disrespect inna cockburn pen now. like waldie , bitty and penco family. look at sanka whey waldie used to (Edited) nough people for him, just bus up the coach head and him send four man to go (Edited) him and him a real badman so him escape. Popeye, mousie (mother whey ever sit at neggas lane bridge), gungo(tyrone) sean(blood) whey just get deport from england. Wait sanka soon come back inna the place come live and me know for a fact the place ago war again and sanka ago take side and (Edited) some a them. Raymond royfowl nephew flying from foreign and buy him house a guys hill him and his white wife a par and you could see the badmind print in waldie face. Waldie pay police to (Edited) moonie british on molynes road waldie you so evil. A through bitty bruck make the war nuh start back yet.

32 thoughts on “DON MIXUP

  1. Waldie is di di most badmind wanna be badman/hustla mi ever see, Anybody who him see a mek a money or look like them a do better than him, him vex & chat bad bout dem worse if dem nuh give him a buss inna what dem a do. Nobody nuh like di bwoy

      1. exactly Met, which Don is comfortable when a next hustler money start get nuffer than his none…All I know why these men think that they are invincible as one born another dead…War bus and Moonie the whole a dem 6 feet unda so why them cannot learn.

  2. Yeah thats true met, but if him deh pon a good program him nuh bring een nobody & buss dem & when di man dem nuh buss him pon nutting all them dog him diss & that just goes to show the person he is.

  3. Honestly I could hardly understand much of what the sender say. But I get a little from it . Waldiesha is an idiot. Has a bad man his name out a road too much . He needs to learn to be more low key. And met is right all the so-call dons stay the same way. I can bet waldiesha want go bk a England now. Worse ja suh small and his name calling on everything . I hope he also give doniesha a break from the beatings since she’s preggy now. And that’s one of the mistakes she make. Once u get pregnant waldiesha don’t want u again u can ask his 4 other baby mamas. A younger prettier girl do come move u up like how u did judene. U ever hear the saying “what goes around comes bk around” or ” what goes up must come down” the same way u get him ur gonna loose him. All that can’t go anywhere without a bagga a man roun him. What kind a lifestyle that to raise kids in?

    1. Di sender a talk a bag a tings and killings and so. I dont know how women put themselves with these men maybe dem did fatherless and want dem children fi be fatherless to because is only one road fi don in jamaica and dat is an early grave

  4. From long time pen stay suh, only the family of the top man dem don’t diss. Not to mention how dem a fren killer, dem soon sell out waldie like how dem sell out bully to waldie.

  5. Penco sellout bully and mampie fi bike him soon dead to ,waldie the world know say a u pay to kill moonie British and your days are number because the corrupt police them that on u payroll soon get fed up and kill u to..


  7. All a who a talk dem bad mind Waldie to that’s why dem a talk, is not dons alone bad mind it is in everyone, and is not just dons do wicked things, the people U all vote for to lead U do wicked things too and I’m not just talking about Jamaica as it happens everywhere over the world, people are cruel and wicked, Even nuff a who a talk if Fi dem file Fi ever read out, is not dons alone that dies, it’s a road everyone has to travel, and nuff a who a talk could end up dead before the man, don is a work like any other job and same way how some a unuh go to work and steal the people dem things and carry home and the ones at the hair shop give bad products and over charges and dem things, and nuh do Di people dem hair gud and so forth,..thief a thief nuh matter how U look pon it, U wha survive so U exploit people, just like how jmg doing now, live off people shit, some a unu Fi find something meaningful Fi live off of, and stop watch the don and him life style, people are made to live the best life, no matter how U achieve, and the people that most off U model Ur children to aspire to, if U ever know how they are there Families makes and is still me raining their money U would drop down,…talk the Tings dem if nuh si dem and hear dem, but nuh style de don like dem a Di wickedest ting,..dons help and give more to community than U people make it looks and U know, a nuff people children the don help to school both directly and indirectly, look how peaceful pen has been over the past couple of years, U want to tell me dat nuh count Fi something, Unu move Waldie den and make pen go back to the days when not even cloths U can’t hang pon line, don Fi rain and keep peace and order, mi nah go say nuff don a nuh pussy unu don’t get mi wrong, but lick out pon the man if unu see him doing wrong, but as nuh because him a don him a dweet, is because he is human, a so all people behave with power…

        1. How all hair dresser reach in? Some a dem fi go dry leaf and nyam cause due to fish and chicken dem will sell dem soul

    1. A don a phuck yu or a mad puss puss yu a drink? The don support is phuckry you a talk. And all who share you sentiments are born to be slaves.

      Gas oil and matches pon Dons and dem followers!

  8. Waldie every time I read about u I am so disgusted! Can’t believe ur name calling pon Sanka shooting when dat dude was so loyal to u..God nah sleep!

  9. Suck unno mada and come out bloodclart people badness the pussy who send in this mi a beg u fi go cockburn pen …..stop call up people name and low people life unno want dead nuff a unno

  10. what about MUSCLE the don for gullyman dem at cockburn pen no him and dem did a war too him and bitty did a run the place

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