Look at this johncrow Claudette wint go England pon (Edited) . Me say me go a di gal yard and see har freezer full a foil paper wrap up can ectera ectera. Obeah book and alter setup pon chester draw. A obeah the b*tch a work and have how many people a freeze in a har freezer. A few years back the bitch say she a christian and a evangelise a Catford town hall a England. When me hear pon the shout a duppy take ova har dutty council flat she live inna and she have fi run out a sleep in a park and a turn pest to people floor. Never see smoke without fire! Old cow obeah so much people fi no reason and it turn back pon har nastiness.


Tormented and black and ugly(she use to bleach) in a long clothes and one old trashy synthetic wig pon har head a walk up and down a preach. Woooi! That time a the duppy them she a work with take over the old dingy council and a torment har. or she go mess with the wrong person and turn back blow tek har. The obeah turn back pon har a so she start evangelise.during the whole tun back blow shebang! One day me go church meeting with har cause me think she save, gal get in a trance dey pon the people them floor a rool, eye a turn over all when meeting over the johncrow still pon the floor in a trance,the poor people them confuse cause all them pray she still naw come to.Some a unno go all bout and mek satan fool unno say him a pray fi unno. Stop go mek devil worker lay hands pon unno and release crosses pon unno. Cause this demon Pansy a devil worshiper. Any body in Catford area please dont let this evil agent of satan near you. She is no christian. She wattsapp some suck this and suck that few days ago. This cant change,evil from birth all her pickney them hate har.


  1. Quick question sender?
    You mean actual human beings are in her freezer?

    “A obeah the b*tch a work and have how many people a freeze in a har freezer. “

    1. Haha!to how she come thief me photo me sure it did in dey.but nothing evil can stay hidden foreva.them might slow you. But what God ordain he will maintain

  2. So a how di senda know wah obeah look like? A ice yuh did a get inna di freezer Mek yuh see dat?. An still how yuh know?…senda yuh story a look Shakey a how yuh know so much? No senda yuh fi dweet Betta Dan dat oh Jesus!

  3. Mi nuh normally comment Pon dese posts, but Sender say she was in church and witness de ooman get inna spirit, wha de hell yuh ah do inna church, ah hope ah pass choo yuh ah pass choo an yuh nuh claim sey yuh a Christian, because this post whey yuh send in is NOT the behavior of a true born Christian.

    Oh I know why I am commenting. Let me share a story with those interested in reading it, picture this, (Golden girls Sophia mi teef yuh line) a long time i moved from a place I lived for many years, the land lord was a bastard and hated me, I thought, for no good reason, but later I found out he had a cause although it was not justified. There was a time I had put up a church sister (I was Christaian back then) and she had wanted to stay at my house forever which my Bishop advised me not to allow. Unbeknownst to me, she was upset about it ( me taking my bishops advice) and went behind my back and told the land lord that I had in wrapped up in foil paper in my freezer ( I laugh as I type). Now he knows me as a spiritualist, I have even worked for him before on an assault case he had caught, so I guess it was easy to believe her when she told him this (this is the hate with a cause I was talking about although I did not know). She told him that she also did spiritual work and he should allow her to remove the work I had done on him which was sitting in my freezer, he agreed. Of course this is not true, I do not work like this, and on top of it, all the work I do as a spiritualist is on the side of benevolence although freezer jobs can be benevolent too, some are just to keep peace and order, to cool things down,these are easy work the average Joe can do himself, nothing really to hurt a soul. However I am an advanced spiritualist so I do not work in this manner. The man hated me so much, but I was a good tenant who paid him on time and was clean and made no trouble so he managed me there although he did a lot to cheat from me in ways I will not explain here. He confessed this to me when I moved, he said for years he wanted to confront me but was afraid. I must admit that I was hurt that this lady told such a lie on me and he believed it, although it is understandable that he did, seeing the kind of work I did, which he witnessed first hand, but on the flip side it still hurt to think that all the while I lived there he thought of me as evil and I possibly had hurt him.

    Having an altar is very good, it does not mean the woman is doing bad. Everyone should have a spiritual space set up in their house, a sacred spot for prayer, meditation and to entertain your ancestors who come to light the way. I was a revivalist and we had altars in our churches, and so do the Catholic Church, so nutten nuh wrong with having an altar. Nutten nuh wrong with salutations given to your past relatives or mentors, they have no physical bodies, but tthey still have consciousness and are there for us near us to help and yesterday to petition on our behalf to the universe. If the woman catch spirit while in church, She cannot also be condemned if she is in church and the Holy Ghost pass through her. And if she is evil as you say, instead of cussing her and posting her up, pray for her repentance as is expected in Christianity, Christianity is supposed to be about love abi?

    It’s not good to condemn people because you dislike them. The stigma of Obeah has stained many people’s name even ones who do not deserve it, although I Obara Meji have grown to love the name, people wi low mi and stop fass wid mi lol. If she really is a Obeah woman And you are castigating her like this, and the way how yuh describe her as malevolent, aren’t you worried that you may suffer her anger and feel her wrath? You may not be, and kudos to you on that, but this post just seems like you hate this woman and want to disgrace her and if this is so then shame on you!
    But remember de same knife whey stick sheep ah it stick goat, mek sure de ooman nuh innocent and yuh ah condemn har! You may not know, but everyone has a spiritual head, here in Yoruba land we call it Ori and if I call your name, your Ori will be in my presence, it will fight and defend you if someone has defiled you in any way. Some people Ori’s are stronger than some, this is not the place to teach about it, but be very careful on how you abuse another.

    1. Judging? This serpent is not doing good har wickedness is not about spiritual work.its the kind of work and the bitterness in the person.she is nasty even when she not working obeah.she just evil dont even need reason. A mumma use to wuk trow blow pon dem.and dem war dem mumma and ech other. Real harmshouse

    2. You no know God. Bout you a set up alter. God give you gift of healing? You a nigerian so not surprised. Me did tell you me saved or me follow her go church meeting? You no see a simebody me know and yes me hate the bitch

  4. (1)When the duppy tun back pon har she in a England mad a preach.looking unatural in shine eyes red
    (2)we know the things in the freezer but no one was allowed nothing else was kept in there is when all hell bruk loose and she cant sleep or stay in a har flat a Lewisham she confess and put out the fridge.(3)someone ave fi be christian fi follow someone a church? Anybody know Jungle ask bout Babsy. zaza babymother unno will hear bout the witch

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