I don’t know if the jamaican media houses are in cohorts or what..Tavares asked detective Brown about the SMS ”How much to deal with everything for lizzy” that Shawn Storm sent to the number..It was used out of context when being read on the stand a few days ago..That specific text was in reference to Shawn Storm’s daughter..It was one text!!

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  1. Maybe the Police knows that there is nothing concrete to tie the accused to the phones, so they lifted a text out of context. When the lawyers pointed out that the accused was talking about his daughter, it shows that it was he who sent the text.

    Its like DNA, it can set you free , or it can convict you. Either accept all the texts or none at all.

      1. EXACTLY Aunty Met,
        Dats y mi dee sey eena di edda poas sey mi waan si di call log an text messages. If di calls an messages match di odda numbers, den dem nuh need fi ask who di fone belong to….. Wrong birthdate or not!!!!

  2. Unnu realize who di numba belong to weh Shawn di ah talk to right….hhhhmmm, dem might call dat person pon di stand now….#justsayin

  3. Met what happened. I told you and your criminal attorney’s as t they are planting too much evidence. You don’t talk to a man that you are going to kill plus the text that he was sending in the car and he was with shawn at the same time in the car and nobody ask him who he was texting and take the phone and see who he was texting. Kartel need a refund to Ras.

    1. Ace mi have di key ….him a wait fi yu go let him out him just call me…..mi tell him seh u soon come…….. :travel

  4. So ace u think kartel ago walk and if he dont a di lawyer f**k up right? Also u do realize Jamaica prosecution team a get international help. Look at the story postedon the observer site about helping jcf giving Jamaican citizens more civilians assistance in an attempt to garner more trust. Uno need fi connect d dots o

  5. met what you fail to see there was alot of other text about lizzy that show that he was talking about a lil girl . but the cop use that one because it could be taking like he was talking about lizard . all the other text about the lil girl was read by kartel team today in court

    1. So does this confirm that it was in fact shawn storm sending those text and from HIS phone or is it a case of he only sent the text about lizzy’s school supplies and the rest of the text were constructed by the police to frame him? By arguing that he was enquiring about his daughter this talk about the phones not being in their names can now be cast aside.

      1. .kum tavares a try prove se a nuh kartel phone and at the same time him a admit to shawn storm phone ..him a try confuse the jury but is also making himself look like a bad lawyer ..who was shawn storm texting and bbming? :

          1. dats y kartel hire di same law firm fi everybody a him a pay dem so dem have to sway di case a certain way ……da bwoy yah wicked but him a go end up add on years to him sentence caw di judge si weh a gwaan

      1. Why not? Prove to the entire world that their accusation of a conspiracy was correct. The protection set the bait and tavares bite it.

        1. fi show u how lawyer wicked and lie…di man a argue and a try se a nuhh kartel phone but run come tek up shawn storm cross….all di prosecution haffi ask now is who shawn storm was addressing as xyz

          1. Met that’s the reason you charge everyone with the SAME offense and let their lawyers decide who is to take whatever charges. Now the person or persons who delivered the fatal blow feel safe that no one is gonna inform on him. But I guess they will use wee’s testimony to say kartel and shawn chased him down got a hold of him and when he returned Lizard was dead.

    2. Sometime the prosecution can not admit irrelevant evidence. But the defense can. So they might have tricked the defense into admitting to the evidence.

  6. Met kartel lawyer too cocky n full a shit pride a dat ago f kartel inna di end a weh ace deh met lol u si ace earlier pan a post say kartel fi get refund lol

  7. The accused are tripping up each other. Finson is Kartel lawyer, yet he is implicating Shawn Storm. So maybe Shawn Storm lawyer will implicate Kartel.

    1. nope thats y they were hired …….because FINSON and shawn lawyer inna di same team……….so mi deh yah a tink a kartel dem a work against but mi realize seh dem get hired to actually send all the YES mn dem including shawn storm to prison ….and again because dem poor and hungry and dem put him ina di situation ……….dem actually tek it and nuh realize a dem life dem a gi weh

  8. what u fools fail to see so what if it storm phone . no text link him to the killing of anyone the man text say him hear say lizar ran away u fu*ks are so fool

    1. Who said shawn storm killed lizard? The man text say “people ago ded”, the man text say “delete dem text ya outa yuh phone”……….a who send dem text deh mi don? Stop call people fool and learn fi read!!

  9. cop say on the stand Lizzy applies to Lizard meaning lizzy means lizard . ok . so why leave out the other 20 message about lizzy . because in the other 20 u can tell be is talking about a lil girl . the cops dumd as hell

    1. a u dumb now…im sure u didn’t see every single text that was there..the person reading the document took out the ones he thought pertains to the case and there will be room for err

      1. no there is not if he read the text that came in right after that text he would know . if he read the text that came from that number that storm text he would know off the back . just wait u think u see nothing yet

  10. I believe kartels lawyers are trying to make the jury see that the text message are being tampered with. Due to the original cd being lost there is no way for them to verify what information was really sent via text message. the police are able to tamper or mislead the jury into believing them

    1. ……….and at the same time the jury is saying to themselves, how did he say the phones aren’t theirs and today he’s saying he sent the text asking about his daughter? Why didn’t he say THE PERSON was texting shawn’s daughter? Definite stumble that in my opinion.

  11. i keep on telling u met jamaican people dont trust police . look how much poeple them kill last year .these lil things will come back and hurt this case big time

  12. A one ting mi haffi seh in these words from mavado ” mi Did Tell yuh”….i have so many stories to tell about corruption… bt wait and see alll a di pussy dem weh a pin di man dem to di cross…if di man dem guilty produce di right ting dem and stop fabricate shyt…just imagine how many yardie deh a jail cuz dem cyah afford good representation


  14. Regardless of the text about lizzy the defense is going to say how authentic are the remaining texts, how can you want the jury to believe that the other are real. Your honor my clients are being bamboozled by the system. The officers made a deal with Judas and sold my clients for 30 pieces of silver why wasn’t he charged the gun and he lied under oath when he said he never had a gun.

    1. The Right one got away, if the victim (using this term only because the defense is now using it) role were reversed and Lizard was the survivor then, and only then, the gun man argument could be entertained since Lizard was out on bail on a shooting charge. But as it turned out wee got away and he has no criminal record.

  15. Yaadman yu a talk bout how many yardie that can’t afford good represtation,,,, Talk bout kartel who can afford it and still going down. any of your family aver tell you about paying your way to hell, well kartel his one of them, he’s paying to be in big company,once you step in finson office your bill start write and yu no reach a court yet.

  16. Met yuh need fi run this gal from england file Simone shape AKA shrek aka baby elephant. mi hear say the NYPD look fi har cause shi thief the ppl $10 cheap kitchen rug dem outta dem store. and the police dem go Salim pon Jamaica ave. and 165th street . Look fi har.

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