The Vybz Krtel murder trial shifted slightly this morning following yesterday’s scheduled break. The prosecution instead of continuing with their final witness Corporal Sean Brown, sought and was granted permission to call another witness, Regional Fraud Manager of Cable and Wireless, Rudolph Miles. Miles testified that he received a request in writing from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) on information and data related to certain mobile pin numbers. Miles said that checks were conducted on the RIM (Research in Motion, now BlackBerry) portal and four pin numbers were accessed. The request covers the period October 15- November 15, 2011. The subscriber information linked one of the pins to Adijah Palmer with December 12, 1980 date of birth. Subscriber activity on the phone ceased June 18, 2013. In the case of the 2 other pins, both were not active. Miles said the pins were connected to Digicel. In later cross examination Miles said that that in most instances the company’s agents require the address and identification of customers entering into a contracted. He added that it was recognized in this case that no address was given. Attorney Tom Tavares Finson, representing Vybz Kartel suggested that the name of his client was spelt incorrectly as well as the birthdate. Finson said his client was born on January 7, 1976. Miles was shown the birth certificate as proof. He later admitted that the information presented to court was what was on his company’s system. The trial continues with testimony from Coporal Shawn Brown of the Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID).

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  1. So people with criminal intent are going give their correct info so it could be used against them sometime in the future?? Dudus is gonna walk into a digicel store and say I am Christopher Michael Coke I live in a big white house on the hills and am the leader of the notorious shower posse?

  2. They’re looking for an acquittal on technicality. Name spell incorrectly, birthday incorrect etc. But the eye witness testimony is still there lingering.

    1. True but who do you believe a gun man or the testimony of a fraud manager worst when he says in most cases they require id and address,plus the accused name spell wrong and dob wrong also?

    2. The Lizzie that some of the text referred to was Shawn Storm daughter…NOT Lizard…police just admit on the stand that HE placed the Lizy reference in the SMS…WOW…

        1. Don’t let them fool you it was one message… ”How much fi tek care a di ting fi lizzy” it was the one single messages in the whole line of texts that used the term lizzy..I see now where the jamaican journalists are incapable it makes me sick

        2. mean he put that message into evidence knowing it had nothing to do with lizard . so the jury would think it was about lizard . him admit to it on the stand

    3. Actually if you ever buy a phone in Jamaica, all they require is the money. you can tell them anything you want. Only when you buy it at the head office they may require ID. I have bought several phones over the years. No ID required.

  3. Well well well, looks like kartel is gonna buss this case. Police have just admitted to tampering with the text messages. Message from or to Lizard were actually Lizzy shawn Storms daughter. Happening right now in court.

      1. All it takes is ONE juror to hang or stall a jury…back in the day with OJ many of us would have been SCREAMING for his freedom in this situation…all I am saying is that a POLICE Officer had admitted in open court that HE fabricated evidence KNOWINGLY…that is definitely cause for a jury to have reasonable doubt…No?

        1. Bank pan di one…the police fabricated nothing, he used the text out of context and may genuinely may not have known it was shawn storm’s daughter

      2. The report states that defense attorney ACCUSED the tho officer of misleading the court, where does it say he ADMITTED to anything?? And why is the focus on one particular text, what about the one that he said “people ago ded”?

          1. He had to but you are a fool indeed..If i am reading a string of texts and I don’t know what is what i can get confused just as the police..if u want to look more foolish and run with it..wait to see if cartel will beat the case because he will not.

          2. u tink tek care a di ting fi lizzy worse dan ”tell police kartel a go kill mi” u are beyond foolish mi neva si dis yet :travel

        1. he did not admit anything tavares asked him if think he should apologize and he said he don’t think he has to do that…dem so fool it unbelievable but i see now its the jamaican media personnel who wants to sensationalize this and not really report what is going on..Mi neva si nothing like dis…court dont from 2’30 and dat was not the last question but dem stuck pan dat :travel

          1. Met you shouldn’t call di people dem fool still because dem have a valid point. The credibility of a witness is equally as important as the statement from the witness. If 90 % of a witness is statement is correct and 10% is contrived then all of the statement is put into question. Met I think you’re confusing common sense and courtroom dynamics, but they are two completely different things. Being NOT guilty of a crime (due to a reasonable doubt) and being innocent of the crime are two completely separate things.

            This case is 50/50 at this point. Its not a slam dunk like you’re making it out to be.

          2. The credibility of the police was not diminished and they were acting as if all a di text dem out of context..If me a read a bag a text like that it would be easy to get confused ..The media a report it as if all the texts concerning lizard were about shawn storm’s daughter..and yes mi shouldnt say fool maybe foolish using the word fool isn’t right to anyone

      3. lol met you living in a dream fi real . one lie is what can bring down a case . people in jamaica dont trust police . poor people like the one on the jury dont trust police . you think this is going to make them trust them now more

        1. Again fi de humteen time THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE POLICE! This is about a young, black (bleach out) male who was fortunate to have success and he used it to take disadvantage of those without! And in the end him take a life of one of his cronies fi TWO ILLEGAL WEAPONS…which MAY have been used in the commission of numerous crimes. Simple

      4. The court allows space for errors …that is a simple error …..everybody wants to say the police is dumb and such….but if it was your brother or cousin and they took the case this far you would appreciate it ………………I am sure no one tampered with “Vybz Kartel wah kill mi line” …..

        1. no wonder di CCN try put dem in check…they are really having a ball carrying the jamaican people pan a roller coaster dem sick

  4. But how is that deemed as evidence tampering? If the police had said “how much fi deal with Lizard” and not lizzy thing, then that would be tampering. The man was reading out what was sent in a text message. It clearly shows that these text are not fictional though.

  5. Only last month I bought a sim card from Digicel while I was in Ja on vacation. All that they ask me for was a name and an address. I gave my name and a Jamaican address which of course I don’t live. The point is that Tavares-Finson is wasting the courts time with these stupid ass questions trying to prove that the phone was not Kartel’s and his cohorts. If one get caught with a gun in Jamaica, is it because it was not registered to you it’s not yours?
    A Finson, seh “Shoot in the dark and hope that you hit something).

    This defense a guh sentence Kartel, how yuh fi guh question how someone else spell the man name and how someone else enter his date of birth in the system. Why him never subpoena the digicel teller and mek he/she explain how she get those info. me sure seh the employee would a member it it was Kartel who was in the store.

    Defense a try tek Judge a Jury fi idiot

    1. But di last time mi check kartel age was not with date of birth 1976 when mi si tavares mention it mi laugh u si because they are really clutching at straws here

  6. met the phone company dem just start ask for real ID of people ,cause i go to lime about four years ago and buy a cell phone with my daughter name and a next person surname so it can happen that when him send one of his friend to buy the phone him say don’t give dem no real info. Now a days dem want to see ID but if you have a friend that work there i think you can still get the hookup fr both company.

  7. Actually the police proved that the phone belong to Kartel and accused by acting dumb and lifting a text out of context. When Finson accepted that the police mislead the court, he is also admitting that the accused sent the text.

  8. Ace you are a true Stan…………Go to that jail and tell them to let Kartel go…..and before you go fire Finson ….You are more qualified and more informed ……

  9. Police dem a real jon crow !
    From me seeet mi know a pare frigries
    But why would vybz KARTEL lie about his DOB
    For a phone & spell his own name wrong that everyone know how to spell
    Only thing I can think is addi didn’t buy his phone he sent someone & dem can’t spell or know shit… Doubt he would go personally to purchase his own cell.
    Like I keep saying case is up & down not even one middle class much less first class ppl on the jury???? Lmfao we’ll see

    1. I have a tmobile phone and my name is spelt incorrectly on the bill that I receive monthly and guess what, I personally went in the store to purchase it and presented my state id to the teller.

    2. Not a thing strange bout the attempt to create deceit by the phone purchaser/owner. Chances are base on the class of the jurors de bitches may get off…after all many seem to be under the impression that All “ghetto youth” a get a fight………kmt

  10. Truthfully though all it takes it a little doubt in the mind of one juror/sympathizer so the attorney has to do his job. In my opinion the biggest problem is that too many people are being charged for one crime. They should have focused the efforts on one and worked to build a stronger case then the rest would cave in bc the one with the most pressure and the most to loose would spill the beans.

    1. and that is why they are focusing on the text shawn storm sent. His text are the most incriminating and if he is the sole target he might well crack under the pressure and rat out the rest.

    2. Actually, the prosecution should have separate the case and prosecute them separately. Go after the small fish first and get a life sentence and the offer deals for the bigger fish. Right now you have about six defense attorney against the prosecution.

        1. I’m of the opinion that none of the accused accepted responsible for the “killing” this they are all charged with the same crime by common design.

        2. one charge. If they killed more than one person, then it could be separate trials for each person if they choose.

          Only difference is when it come to sentences. The jury only gives a verdict. The judge will decide what sentence depends on the role they played. The person who actually killed might get the maximum, while a person who was the lookout might get the minimum.

  11. So why the prosecution never suponea di taxi driver Needfa? Him wulda seal up di case fi dem, or is he no longer in this “world”?

    1. Go si NEEDFA a walk thru the court tomm…………………………….and kartel drop dung dead …………………….

    2. Needfa did not see anything. He dropped them off and then go on another work. When Kartel get dog bite, is another taxi had to carry him go to the hospital.

      1. Needfa is important because the defense had “suggested” that Lizard got our of the taxi on its way to havendale. If he testifies that he took all 3 persons to the house the testimony of the eye witness is solidified.

  12. Yea him prolly Neva si di killin but him wud testify dat lizad an weed did go to kartel house cuz memba di defense a seh lizard Neva go to di house

  13. Met like I said the prostitution is trying too hard they only needed about 10 damming between shawn, kartel, and lizard. The text between lizard and his girlfriend are good but was he in the car with Shawn and if so you know you are going to die yet your texting and did shawn see you with the phone. And if he did you don’t think he would have taken the phone from him. When was this reported ro the police and by whom. And for those talkingabout eye wickedness closing arguments Will make him out to be a liar because of the gun that him lock. And when he said he wasn’t a gunman definition of a gunman (someone who carry a unlicensed fire arm) chow said he carry a gun for 2yrs matter not who he carried it for he had a choice nobody forced him to.

    Man I know some young lawyers who would have them for lunch and they not out of school yet. Met is not what you like but it is the facts unnu can’t make bread out of stone.

  14. Ace is a eediat…. Ace making up his own scenario, Why Ace think Shawn could take Lizards phone from him. Shawn and Lizard where brethrens Lizard still is a badman…Lizard not fraid of shawn it was the other cronies at the house Lizard feared… Stop dreaming up the scenario Ace with your pigeon brain (no disrespect to the pigeon)…

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