Miss met here’s a story for you smh I can’t believe these people no words mek the readers them read it them did honk nobody did ago find out tashay her man kriss paloff, chase Bellevue aka raysean and him woman and them other friend in this big theifing thing and get catch the other day and think say nobody was going to find out because they agreed amongst each other to keep it secret hahha the cat is out the hat explain this rich ballets unno have stacks racks whatever unno call it, brand new car BMW Benz , designer everything , home health aide job medical assistant job whatever unno claim and still a resort to these things unno swear unno nuh do hahhaa once a skrum always a skrum me done talk


  1. After the horrible mugshot last year when dem drive yuh dung pon d highway TASHAY again TASHAY????? no sa!!!!! Tashay man stop it! Stop di thiefing before yuh get locked fi life it nuh look good and I agree they need to take the kid from you! you love man and clothes too damn much

  2. Shenice what a way yuh so hype off of Benz truck like yuh nuh use to things go buy a house whore

  3. Dwlll chase moneybags a bum long time not suprise.. All 4 broke mi Nuh wan ere nothing bout. Money from u losers

  4. Di entire flock get caught one time???…..OH NOOOOO!!!… Who God bless no man curse. Free up di Tief dem, cause God bless dem.

  5. Di blood of Jeezas cova dem and protect dem from these prying security cameras and the evil store security….amen.

  6. Tashay better go call batty man paulsmooth fi bail har out wid him party money wah him Neva mek deading! She even mek har son call him uncle paul worthless gal! And the way paulsmooth liikke likke a him she probably did a thief fah!

  7. Lovely nuh u deh pon ig the other day bout bank run I don’t now wat “E” looks like in my bank account so the hell u end up getting caught for stealing stupid ass bitch.U need a Box always bragging about shit bitch go sit ur clown ass down some where..

  8. Sad cause lovely Neva stay good and always look bad chase jus look dutyy and tashay o no u man 22 sad

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