0 thoughts on “DOUGIE PARTY PART 2

  1. Mikey supposed to still deh a JA or jus come back so him couldn’t mek dis party. Money rashan. Di nsked lady look so nice covered up. She still get fi show off di do-up body but nicely. Wht Lipps look like one big overgrown 12 year old so. Like di girl from “The fat girl and the mango”. 2 words fi Hector…..”training bra”. Alicia yuh nuh see Dougie a smartly move away from your butt. Is not dat bottom him like darling. Dwll. Angella and Tarik stay bad when di camera ketch dem off guard sah. No goodas stand up…..straight knock knee pose. Lmaooo. Bready look like Dougie warn him bout di unibrow. Straight waxing to him ting now. Tracey look very lovely in the other post. Beautiful smile. I think she has always been a beautiful woman. Mi jus tink she fi leggo dancehall now. The girl in the black romper don’t look bad.

  2. Morning Met. I had a question. Other than going to parties or throwing a party, what other profession does Dougie has? He portray this baller lifestyle on social media, but we all know a lot of these so called baller son Insta are liars. And does he have kids. No, Dougie, am not interested in you, just curious.

    1. Kids? You woulda breed fi a “fella” like him and from the looks of it him nuh interested inna u eeda…him seems to be ‘curious’ as well.

  3. Morning Metsy metters
    Pic #2 mind u pass out papa u hold in the belly so much it look like any second now u gonna pass out lmaoooo

  4. It is my observation that all the ( coughs into hand ) ladies, appear to be lite, bright or damn near white. Black non bleach bottle women look like dem get tun whey at di dance gate. I see skin cancer in nuff people future.

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