1. Bway the only time Lala see har vajaja is when she look in the mirrow. Ain’t noting interested bout Dougie party pics……

  2. LaLa pussy covah a get ready fi spring, some goal confidence tun up till it buck. Because if me did have twin stomach like cow I would cover it up.

  3. Hers cums dick harde :nerd

    Tracey luks real nice nd must stay smiling one of her best accessories dat night

    1. yes a Tracey man, the smile sell off

      bwoy sender wicked no rass bout If a tracey, you her biggest fan you should know every tring weh mek up har bumbohole by now the way how unno like on the gal like jamcrow po dead meat chuuups

  4. Lala confidence buck doe,mi deh ya still can’t drop di baby pouch after so many years and hide it every time….girrrrrrrl u mirror loyal to you

  5. Lala might be big and fat and have 2 belly but she always looking nice. Is the girl in the pic her sister/relative? Lala needs to lose weight but, I like her confidence.

  6. The people in the 2nd pics they look good together but his women nose don’t look good. Tracey Champion looks real nice and the guy in the green forgot his name he looks tired and dried up but his living up to his name though and I see bready was there looking on at his friend Dougie taking a picture. I do like LaLa confidence she always look nice anytime I see her.

  7. Metty, mi see somebody comment bout Lala nuh drop di baby pouch. Lala have kid(s)? How old are they? Who’s di daddy(s).

    Mi really feel fi faas

  8. Women are so wicked and evil! So what if she has two bellies she is dressed decently and having fun. Lala whoever you are enjoy yourself don’t let this mean ladies get to you …it takes a special kind of person to reciprocate all this hurtful comments with love.

  9. Lala may be big but like unnu nuh see the big lip ugly sadamite inna the blue lips. No sah ungly like dat u cant find and ahe had the nerves fi wear dat color lips and her outfit is a disaster

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