12 thoughts on “DOUGLAS HAVE A POINT

  1. So did you give the same warning to your Buddy Bready before he passed? Or the Trump movement was in it’s infant stage at the time, and you/your buddy felt safe.

  2. As much i can’t stand his phony ways he’s absolutely right . If Donald Trump wins Republican is going to road block immigrant that are undocumented to get stright in this country .

  3. He’s very right and I do hope the Republicans win so that his (Trump) administration can deport all the undocumented Jamaicans back home.

  4. Time you tek and right this you and your fren dem should have been here doing the right things. Now him slap weh you want to get your mind right.

  5. R u ppl really serious Donald can’t do that. Smh another way to brainwash d minds of people without Knowledge. If the Bushs never do it a Donald a guh do it. Immigration bring in millions of $ for the economy. Most jobs documented workers nuh want who u tink doing it? Learn a little bit about US politics before unuh chat foolishness. Good Day. He is correct to say dem need fi sort out themselves though. Then again how can they when dem want hustlers weh nuh have papers dem rass selves but let me cover my mouth and keep walking.

  6. That’ll won’t happen congress has to vote on such things the president just do t say it and it’s law. Cmon people be more u firmed. Oh! N “pit toilet” your name suits you well ole shit house why wish deportation on folks you ole fool

  7. Pit toilet Jamaicas aren’t the only ones up here illegally. To wish bad upon another person shows the low life u are.if it was way to get papers alit of people would have their papers.u have to go through the process n sometimes it takes a while.sometimes the person who put in ur papers fuk u over.Jamaicans always a kill dem own.wish for Trump to win u will def be sorry.I’m a citizen n have a pretty good job .everyone do tings differently u cannot live someone life for them.that DEOSNT mean u wish bad because they not Doin wat wat can people rejoice over other people’s MISFORTUNE.

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