1. So dovey..gwan go pick him up and help him den nuh..from long time people know say the music industry is a brutal business .sorry fi di bop

    1. No, please doe seh dat ca all di one Dovey Magnum she woulda duh ah drink ah smoke out di man likkle money..dis gal ya is annoyin bad ah love attention ei si…Dovey go do what you do best, which is drink, smoke and party your pathetic life away..

  2. A true she a talk. Me di a wonder why them drop him now. Yuh si how ppl use ppl them mek a food off him and then run him weh. But the money breeze still a blow pon him. Hopefully somebody see his potential and sign him. Dem a wicked. Upcoming artist dont sign with dem ppl deh dem a wicked. Dem just wah use ppl.

  3. Tuh how me seet, Gully Bop mus can press forward on him own cause him ah gwaan like him nuh need nuhbody fe help furtha him career…god luck with that Gully Bop, but don’t you ever bite tha hands that feed you…

  4. the right hands will help him . its not over bop bop bop my god them no bad like me . lol bop bop bop . i say it 15 min is still runing

  5. Nuh b__ty bwoy or gal can’t stop di bop. Him buss offa nutn true God seh Bop gwaan go shine mi son. So dem can drop him all dem want dem can’t tek back di buss wa GOD give him..

  6. da gyal yah nuh have no sense…mi rate gully bop, glad fi him advance from the gully..but him get too hype…gal yah must neva read di article…gully nah tek nuh talk

    1. Judas, she is the very same way…very hype ah loud nuh bloodclaat ah have ah bagga people roun ar weh cyaah help ar duh nutten good nor productive wid ar life..careful how yuh mix wid dem girl ya…

  7. why yuh a talk bout hand dat feed yuh, use yuh common sense see dem claims boy a use gully bop and a gully bop hand a feed dem, now dem cant exploit him no more dem start bad mouth him in di press, gully bop did not even sign a contract with dem thiefing claims bwoy so mi nuh know how you can drop what yuh dont have.

    1. Well, like I said before I will be more than happy tuh repeat myself fe yuh…Gully Bop shouldn’t have bit that hands that fed him…*HENCE*, the hands weh tek im dirty bloodclaat outta di gully ah put im pan front street which earned him ah buss and front stage tuh Sting..the hands weh mek it possible feem have ah roof ova him head, clean clothes, car, money, food ah dem ting deh…yuh see, he allowed the hype and fame tuh get tuh him head suh im start diss up artists weh deh inna di business long before and after him…when you are blessed with the opportunities, you aught tuh be grateful tuh God *FIRST AND FOREMOST* for making that possible, but also give thanks and praises tuh the people who have helped you along the way…I personally don’t give two fuhcks about Gully Bop before, during nor after the fame; my only suggestion tuh him was that he played it safe and sought professional help or asked for some sort of proper business management that would’ve looked out for his best interest because just like Gully Bop, some people cannot handle the limelight…like a blogger said, there are many Gully Bops out there and if another one is discovered, I sure hope they use him as example and don’t make the same careless and egotistical mistakes that he did…

    2. Mi wa si hoo much ah dem same setta people ago deh roun im, now that the Gully Bop hype is over..showoff will *always* bring you disgrace…always!!

    1. evening she speaks the truth i agree but people acting like they are surprised when this was expected ..everybody know he was being used

  8. The sting money naw lost forever. The woman a speak the truth but why this man allow people to clown him, he can’t think and act for himself? Not putting all the blame on the puppet masters because the puppet also had a mind of his own. If dem tell him dis ninja and him never want to he wouldnt have. Everybody a look another coat tail to ride off and thats it. Him think dissing ninja man and other artist would boost his career more. But it wouldnt have work since hes not as big as they already are. The yankee dem only use that tatic to sell records which he dont have. He had bad influences around him telling him fuvkery and thats the issue.
    fuchk it the instagram and facebook pages is nothing , they free he can always get a new account and get his fans back, very easily. If fame is for him the second time around no man can take that from him period

  9. All she want a hype offa him is what do ar face she have Down syndrome or something nothing wrong if she do ar face just look like it.

  10. Gully Bop neva bite no hands that feed him,cause gully bop don’t have no teet..Woiii if I laugh I poop! Gully Bop neva hear bout Clifton Twang Brown, or Rosie. Rosie all do commercial fi Ity & Fancy cat & weh shi deh now? Gully Bop you get yuh 3 weeks. As for Claims record, a really claims,cause mi neva hear bout dem yet!!!

  11. She is talking shit. The music industry is shady. When she gets her record deal they will pimp her too. Obviously she doesn’t know how the game works. You are their slave because they are paying you and feeding you.
    You obey the masters command. She ain’t going nowhere but stay right in Atlanta. She looking a hype!!

  12. Bop still aguh get the teeth? Shauna yuh nah put up yuh sonogram pictures of baby Bop i thought it was a dream come thru!

  13. Dovey Magnum Big up yuh self girl. Nuff Respect. Bwoy Yeppie, I cansee that u really don’t like Gully Bop, but luckily a God a run his career and not u. Big up Met. ( this is my first time objecting to anyone on here) Yeppie :ngacir:

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