There is a photo going around that has also made it to my inbox countless times now of a high school principal and a young man. His family claims that the pictures are fraudulent and have been uploaded to social media because he was recently promoted to principal. My thing is this; the man has a family, in my inbox there are over a thousand emails that have not been posted. Not everything that hits is for airplay. If you remember I got an email over a year ago with a popular dancehall patron , the screen shots were not fake it was true but out of RESPECT for his family I could not find it within myself to post. Please do not forward this photo anymore the man has a wife and a family. It is not right

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  1. Met mi hear seh there is a video out deh too. But you know how social media stay. If you wont post it then somebody else will.

    1. Dem nuh can post it. It nah go mek get dollar in my pocket it nah go mek me a better person………The chaos whey it a go bring to the family alone is enough to make me nervous into not posting it. This man has a wife and children..he is a school prinipal. There is no win win situation here..no one is winning

          1. Ok. So I guess my next question would be tuh ask why live this life of deception when he has a wife and kids, but hey, who am I tuh judge…

          2. I cant stand DL men mi hate them but what the families have to deal with in the aftermath nuh nice..Remember lisa hanna end up pan psych ward because a what she did find out bout one a fi har man….as much as we hate the men we have to give the women more consideration than them

      1. cah agree.. a ur site and you can do what u please, but i am certain that this situation will affect the credibility of ur site. what about those other ppl that get put up in similar situations. they have family as well. its gonna hit the internet sameway. so it doesnt matter. a situation like this u rather remain neutral. if u not gonna post it u dont have to let the world know u got it and wont post…it just look a way..just some advice

        1. It would have been good if you asked why. But as you said its my site I can indeed do as I please. But, if you would care to know my inboxes were being filled with the pictures for one and most importantly I wanted to remind people of sensitivity of the information they are distributing. I also had words yesterday and today with a family member of the principal so as you said it is my site , I do what I want and if I feel there is a call for something and I can help in anyway I am going to do it. People were also trying to involve the man’s family who had nothing to do with it.. I know a lot of people log on so I felt like I should make that call.Im grown and I may not do the right thing all the time but I do what I feel is right or feels right to me. Thanks

          1. ur welcome. i really like this site because of its uncensored nature and grass root street journalism. this site is independent and carries far better and more in depth stories than the national majors. in reality i have no interest in those pics, what i am mostly interested in is the continuation of unbiassed, independent and thourough reporting of incidents that other media houses feel they need to edit or not report. being a lover of this media, anything that threatens its credibility i feel is my concern. I definitely understand your stance and we both agree its your choice. however the confidence of knowing there is a story out there and jmg wiil carry it has been provoked.
            overall it was a good year, keep up the good work, continue being independent…

  2. So no outing DL men…ok. Women will just continued to be fooled….others will know and say nothing.
    I hope if ever I have a man dabbling in battyhole someone tell me.
    Good morning all!

        1. yes and living a lie to women and children it is truly wicked but as much as we as women would want to know..imagine if u married all 20 good years and had no major problems ..have children and something like this..how would u be? There is blogging n there is blogging..

          1. I would feel like shit…but I rather know the truth to make the best decisions for my life. Ignorance is bliss…I guess people’s happiness is more important to you than reality Met…it’s a 2 edge sword.

          2. happiness an reality are both relative and I personally mentioned none ….The woman would have had to deal with the inadequacy ..the lies and the cries of the children..u would feel like shit but how do u think children would feel?

          3. I would let the children know IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT. We has humans have to stop taking blame/responsibility for others actions that we did not cause. I know the emotional burden would be hard at first but time heals all wounds.
            If these nasty DL men knew they would be outted they wouldn’t be so quick and bright. ALL MARRIED MEN and WOMEN SHOULD BE SHAMED FOR CHEATING ON THEIR SPOUSE…I don’t care who they cheating with.

          4. Things have a way of coming out , and it is easier when it is a unit a deal with things vs the whole www but mi nuh think mi haffi explain that to u..Its not their fault will not be enough for the children

  3. I have just viewed the pics and I truly can understand why you have refused to post them. He will need to answer to God, one day

  4. Met, you are a decent human being. If the person who is exposing this man wished anything except malice, all he/she had to do was to discretely send the evidence to his wife…. In that case, I’d would say he/she was doing a good deed because I believe the wife, no one else, has a right to know that her husband is engaging in homosexual activity. In the same way she would have a right to know if he were sleeping with another woman. PRIMARILY because I believe she could be at risk of contracting diseases/infections. And, of course, there are trust issues involved. Putting it on the Internet is pure malice and it is a vile act.

  5. :angel :peluk Love you Shani. I will not entertain it either as I have a child and women never ask to be in these situations. Women and children suffer the most in situations like these and I will never find joy and glorification in this. I empathize. My heart goes out.

  6. There was a Jamaican Vice Principal of a High School was very effeminate (walks and talks like a woman) and obviously gay. He eventually got married to a fellow female Teacher. Why this woman married this man is beyond comprehension. They end up having two girls and the wife end up dying of aides some 20+ years later after marrying this man. The daughters end up hating their father for infecting their mother. He died from aides a few years after she did. He was also fired from a Principal position for improper relationship with male students.

  7. Some of the women know! I had a friend almost 60 now she knew her husband (also a teacher) was gay (DL) but she still marry him because of the prestige. He was an only child his parents knew he were from an early age . They even sent him away thinking it would have change him but it didn’t, the parents hint it to her before she marry him but she still marry him. He always have a male teacher friend who he would call “babes” when he answer the phone. They end up divorced because he wanted to live his double life and she weren’t having it . Its best she know now if she don’t know already and playing fool to catch wise. If its public im sure she got wind of it smh (same shit happen with a distant cousin, she married to this big business man all these years in jamaica , husband traveling here every year to see another business man they both ended up with AIDS, the wife never catch it but she went crazy when they finally moved here and he left her )

  8. They were married over 20 years had no children because he werent sleeping with her which was the only reason she didnt catch the Aids from him. DL men need to get expose because they are the most dangerous type.

    1. Maybe she knew what was up and she was smart enough fe play fool fe ketch wise…sometimes inna life ah suh yaffe move still ah mek preparations fe come outta any given situation as best as possible…

  9. I understand abt the family yes but i think people should be aware, and why? Because look at it this why what if he has HIV and nobody is aware you know how many people’s lives would be at risk, his innocent wife as well as anyone else he might be sleeping with and you know everyone else sleeping around too so thats spreading the disease, so why hide something that can cause a outbreak when you have help prevent it… Im sure if it was someone else it would be posted.

  10. @Met, i applaud you today for your decision to NOT put this man’s secret life story on the wall. What purpose would it serve to us the readers really??? THE DAMAGEMENTS IT WOULD CAUSE INA DAT MAN YAAD TINITE AND BEYOND MET U COULDNT SLEEP TINITE IF U KNEW. The parties involved will know somehow, and mek dem handle it the best way dem see fit. Airing a sensitive issue like that on the internet would be beyond malicious. The husband is a scumbag but mek God deal wid him.

  11. A di same ting me a wonder..if u have wife and family..regardless of your orientation..why I have evidence of u escapade..whyyyyy…met..even if it was a woman him get catch with u still would have a problem..cheating is cheating..kmt. and bright fi a take pictures too..damn bright..the wife deserve to know so she can make a consiouse decision

    1. Hopefully if di wife smart enough, she would notice ah change within her husband’s demeanor and put 2 and 2 together and figure out wa gwaan…really terrible when people do things for their own selfish gain without considering the impact that it will have on others..really fuhcking selfish, heartless and disgusting…

  12. Yes me no blame met no bring nobody tears with you into 2015 as I said she herself might already know (there is signs) and playing a blind eye to save face. Not your business to expose anyone sin…….anything in darkness must come to light if even video light lol ( so not funny)

  13. Mi understand your view fully, however, please don’t try to portray this man as a nice innocent family man who just got promoted to principal and ppl a try frame him. It was no photoshop and the pics aint fake. He’s living a dutty life and ntn wrong with ppl exposing him. A Jamaica we deh and I dunno bout unnuh, but I wouldn’t feel safe knowing that my child’s principal is a faggot. If my child was going to that school, I would transfer him instantly. You hold your views, and I respect them, however, it is not wrong for ppl on social media and other media sites to expose him. If you can expose Lisa Hype who also has a family(and who was doing nothing out of the ordinary), why not expose him? Met, why you a defend a battyman integrity and throw out lisa hype and other entertainers business outta road in a split second? Just an innocent question.

  14. @Met I applaude your professionalism and emphathy. Most of the comments share the same view as I do( the ones that aren’t bashing the wife and kids and family ). The others are just ignorant and in trying to satisfy their selfish love of porn and seeing innocent kids suffer, they wouldn’t mind these photos be shared in Times Square. By now the entire jamaica has seen the pics and have come to their own conclusion but thank you for protecting the wife and kids. The graphic act that is being displayed shouldn’t be fit to be fetched in anyone’s mind. Only a thwarp individual would seek out his wife and taunt her. I have a renewd respect for you and your journalism. Happy new year

  15. Oh my God, but to me it looks like its the young man taking the pics as they kiss passionately lol the young man looks like he knows what he is doing.

  16. Where can we see this ? Just want to see the principal face … Even tho I want to see the photos ,I understand ur stance met , I spoke to a DL guy once from my area and I was shocked by the things he was saying and who was involved . I started having doubts about the guy I was seeing then based on what this DL said. It’s a horrible feeling, u feel betrayed, dirty,even suicidal. Never got proof, but I got out of there fast

  17. Met mi log on everyday…sometime mi peep sometimes mi comment, my INNOCENT question to you is, why even mention that u have it knowing that you have no intentions of posting it , and what about the other people pics you release on here, don’t they have families, did you think about them then?
    NOT SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD RELEASE THE PICS, for i’ve already seen them and they’re nothing to desire but your take on this just seems to me to be somewhat biased and/or personal. Again Just A Question

    1. Everyone has to have a bias because one plaster does not cover every cut. Some will get it and some like u..will not get it. I am ok with that

  18. No met i get it, but majority…. not all but majority…. of the said topic that has been posted on here was never of a moral standard hence the type of website, i am fully aware, so to see you holding a moral stance regarding this, which is simmiliar to other topics you’ve posted is just a bit questionable thats all. Anyways mi love the entertainment, it mek mi days at work go by a little faster, so mi gone peep in pon a next topic.

    1. Ok……let me give an example..whey day there was a topic on a woman in jersey whey did ina mixup with a friend whey married and a tek a next man pan di side..I know long time before it even hit the streets but because she married mi never post nothing till it start talk because I didnt want to give her husband any type of surprises…..when ishawna did a do har ting n deh wid foota only thing I would do a code up and dash up…I dont make those kinds of posts here..never did..no matter what moral standard you think isnt here

  19. I log on to this site religiously everyday but never comment but today I felt the need to comment on this topic. Miss met let me commend you for not posting the video or picture of the principal. This move to me speaks volume of ur character… One more time this is a power move. Ur site reach masses in the jamaican entertainment industry, outing this man would have given u lots of traffic to ur site. However when children are involved in a situation anything that you can do to lessen the impact of the damage is remarkable. One mist think that u are protecting the DL principal.. But hey ur just trying to protect his wife and kids!!! Once again miss met big up ur self for the power move…

    1. I cant begin to imagine how they would move on from that …the stigma is too great and they are children of age .. :peluk

  20. met is a big hypocrite like others have said, how you can put up lisa hype pic and even kartel pic when him id a do him thing but you wont put up this man..no matter how u try nice it up your just a straight up hypocrite a mus yuh family!

    1. And like me a go seh this morning…put u mouth pan di part a gully bop where di sun neva a shine..before him put on clean clothes.. IDGAF


      1. Met, you still can’t give a solid reason why you a protect the fish. I mean, if he’s someone you know, or you have some connection to whether him or his family, just come clean and tell us. It would make more sense. It strange however that you’re quick to out women caught in compromising positions, not thinking about their integrity or family, but now with this battyman, who way f**kin worse than the woman dem, you’re taking the moral high ground, and do, no badda come wid nuh tracing ting and disrespect. A logical answer mi a pree. If you don’t know this man personally and you a protect him, mi lose offa you fi a protect a battyman and a throw out fellow women like yourself under the bus.

        1. U have a batteyman tunnel vision I cant help that . Yuh know mi fi know if mi a man woman boy or fish..u know what I say I am and u have bought that right? Use u tunnel vision now and look at this line >>>>>>>>>>>>>IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM >>>>>>>>>IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BATTEYMAN… mi nuh know whey u a come talk bout come clean like mi under some obligation to u personally…I dont tell u move over when night come and mi nuh knock pan u toilet and ask u if u done yet. I explained here in this post many times…a nuh my fault u a pick out what to read but nuh come demand no answer from mi because when night come………..my chimmy nuh under u bed

  22. @Met, tell dem fi go pon a nexx site go view it and get dem belly full. It nah POST PON PINK WALL SUH UNU BLOODCLAATE LUDDY..Who nuh like it, nam shit and die..Unu too disgusting, 2015 soon start, leff di dutty man to God..chaa.

    1. u have good shit and bad shit dem need fi go eat di bad one…highly a sikes dem a use………they well see it where it is some a dem mussy feel bad say dem hell a get hot and a come try mek it look a way over here fi mek dem feel good..Mi will rude to dem ina di rerse way dem too bright man

  23. met a one ting me ago ask yuh because me read your site everyday since yuh say him have a family and shit i hope u dont put up nobody else picture wid nuh explicit content that has a family also! because a nuff ppl mi see yuh fling up and neva consider dem family, look at pamputaee pics of late fake or not u neva hesitate!! look like she nuh have a family and kids?? and the list goes on of the others. mi nuh really see the good act weh u a try pull of because the pics are already over the net if a u one did have it and decided not to release it i would understand!! and i think 90% would agree.# REAL TALK!!!!

    1. Yuh ina di .5%tile range so nuh bring not a soul else in there bout 90 percent. My decisions to do WHATEVER are mine and NOT YOURS so DONT EVER try to make them for me.



  25. Mi normally respect and rate u opinions and the fact say u nuh partial, but u affi understand why ppl disagree with u on this one. Yes, u ago have u loyal fans who nuh matter wha u opinion be, dem still ago defend you. Dem a the 95%. Then u ago have the other 5%, as u put it, who will have a mind of their own and question you when things don’t make sense. At the end of the day we are 100% your fans which is why we visit this site. Nuh need fi come with u battyman tunnel vision illiterate behaviour. U say the man family contact u and beg u nuh put it out. If Pamputae and Lisa Hype ppl did beg u don’t put dem out, would u have obliged? All when ppl a tell u say Pamputae pic fake u still defend putting it up and u were slow to retract it. If u a put out suck cocky and suck pussy ppl, why not put out the nasty Downlow battyman dem wha a put dem woman life in jeapordy? Dem fi get outed quicker than the suck cocky and suck pussy ppl. U see wha u say, you not going to out downlow men who have families. So downlow men who have dem family integrity more important to u than women who have them family? Mi rate the site same speed still and we can agree to disagree but in my opinion U is a battyman defender, dehso it deh.

    1. Mi nuh think u get it seh mi nuh care..These long comments mi nuh have time fi read and mi waa tell u to seh a desso it deh…Mi nuh care so u cudda talk or type till u spit dry and u hand dem cramp up..KNOW THIS…I DONT CARE..MI DONE TALK AN NOTHING NAH GO CHANGE..GOT IT? U a talk through u ass and it mek fi shit through because u know nothing about lisa hype picture and jmg..the archives are there go read it…pamputae own mi done ansa …use u mouth God give u it fi talk through

      1. OK so the conclusion is you is a battyman defender. Argument done then. That’s all the ppl dem did want know. U never affi back n forth wid we. Now dat u explain it, it makes sense now. Carry on….

        1. Yes mi is…who a di people dem u??? :ngakak if u a chat to mi direct an mi nuh ansa is a problem but when mi wup wap up uno baxide is a problem..Mi nuh try please people so learn that

  26. Some ppl will never get it and some ppl will. I love a juicy story. That’s why I’m here religiously. If I have knowledge of any of the stories posted here, I will say my piece or ask questions and render my opinion. Mi cuss out who fi get cuss out an mi libaty who fi get libaty. But….I would never post something like this on my FB wall nuh matter the source of the story. All when a di Daily News put it up….some things I will neverrrr repost. At some point we haffi tek a stand. I started my comment by speaking of my stance on certain posts…..my personal stance…..so mi nuh waan nobody come tell mi say mi deh pon JMG bandwagon or mi head up ina Shani ass. I defend her decision. Yes….again I will say….I defend her decision. Mi just want unu fi know say JMG ina one class by itself. An di foundation ppl who deh yah from day 1 will get weh mi a say. JMG is not run by a heartless, egotistical, revengeful, cold and callous individual. Trust me….if it were….nuff ppl woulda cyaan sleep at night. Memba mi tell unu dat. I do not know Shani personally neither have we ever met, but she is a different kettle of fish from some dutty evil ppl who claim dem a blog…..mi naw tek back mi talk. Di ppl dem who deh yah reggula and read EVERY POST….know exactly weh mi a talk bout. Cause some a unuu only come read when unu hear say unu matey get dash up or somebody weh unu nuh like, get dash up. Even di gyal dem who sell pussy a back road have dem limits. Shani has hers and a desso it deh pon dis topic. When some jahnkrow start lose dem credibility…..dem look odda ppl fi come discredit. Mi naw stop say Shani a di boss and if it makes me an ass kisser….well I guess I’ll be smelling like shit for a loooong time to come. Wedda di man a f**k young bwoy batty or not….my heart bleeds for everyone involved. His children have to go back to school come January…..Yes there has been other mixups here that sheds negative light on the ones involved….yes….but nuff a unu fi thank God say a Shani a run JMG cause a nuff a unu file mi sure get send in….an she spare unu. A nuff time mi see she tell ppl right here on the wall straight up say she naw run certain story when dem ask if she nuh get dem email. An a nuff time too….mi see she tell ppl say she haffi check stories or mek certain link before she run what dem send. She might cyaan go thru every single ting but she does her best. Very rare she put up stories wid mistake or wrong info and if yuh say rayyyy…..she correct it right away. Unu nuh fi do dat. Di lady say a ting….low it at dat. When di odda topics did go up (Lisa Pampute etc) why unu neva tell har den fi tek it dung if unu did so morally correct…. Why wait for something to compare it to. Pls unu tek it wid a grain a salt cause 2015 a come an dem still cyaan stop JMG. Dem a go still deh yah a peep. Mine unu blind. Happy New Year to my JMG fambileeeeee…..Oh…and unu too.

  27. Like me say aready, DI STORY NAH RUN OVA YAH AND WHO NUH LIKE IT NAM SHIT AND DEAD!! Unu too dam annoying and raasclaate disgusting iyah.. Unu betta go church tinite go pray fi unu sins and mek di dutty man worry bout fi him sins and how him and him wife, kids and God aguh work it out..SOME A UNU SICK STUMMOCK..I bet unu see di pics aready, so what is left to be seen?? UNU FI GWEH MAN, CHO..DONT COME BACK OVA YAH WID UNU F**KERY AND LOWW MET AND JMG!!!

  28. Pro mi 2nd all you say str88, mi come on this everyday because of the blunt and realness.. so i feel if you gonna oust people just oust everybaddy an done why yu gonna have preference, i hear yu bun out nuff people and accuse them of being gays, so why the special treatment especially when he is in such influencial position, mi just cant comprehende it and mi nah bun yu out but it is what it is and it look how it look.

      1. That man is going to sue left right and center and rightly so. If none a unno hear say lawyer move to jmg and a drag my ass to court not one a unno would come forward with a dollar. So all a unno whey a beat whey suppose to a empty go where u can see them and comment freely and allow the new year fi sidung good
        Thank You Velly Velly Much

  29. You couldn’t be in a my rizzla cause mi nuh smoke.. And I would give a donation to yu lawyer fee #facts

    1. Mi have a nice lady up top that need the money and mi sure u NEVER run up and give her a dollar yet and a facts that yuh wud donate to me?? No thanks
      If u dont smoke u must have been smoking when u talk or dreaming of smoking suh wadeva u burnnnnnnnnnnn if a even pan stove burner mi nuh wrap up ina it

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