15 thoughts on “DOVEY VS PRINCE MARNI

  1. She don’t have a car ? But every month she in a new Mix up . How you get around cab? You should of use the 700 put towards a car you love beg friend that’s why this reach you

  2. But a nuh dovey vs Prince Marni, the person look like they supposed to get the money from Prince to pay Dovey. Mi like Prince nuh mix him please

  3. A no dovey and prince. The person claim them a manage prince and when money drop him will pay her back as much as me caa stand nuffy so i mean dovey him fu pay the girl.

  4. Dovey why everytime you get inna problem yuh private your page? Unlock yuh page B if you ah real bad gyal ! #unnoluddyyy

  5. She shouldn’t have named or tag prince or whomever. She could a IM the, dem nav nothing fi do wid har money.

  6. Dovey a big bbc coward now she apologize bitch plz guh sidung this bitch always inna sum kinda drama

  7. I remember Dovey was a lickle country girl when she first come a foreign she use to bounce around ina NY. Ppl feel sorry fI har and help har till she reach a Georgia. Dovey before yuh simma and try get your paperwork sort out, yuh ina foreign a cause mischief. Dovey yuh born poor and yuh still poor so please behave yuhself.

  8. Dovey always give trouble and gwan so when har party coming up. Smh mind u get another bottle cork juke out u eye again. U no have money and u lending ppl $700 Kmt. A hype she a look and I can bet anyone $1 million dollar a she send in this . Dovey u not bad coz every time u have any beef with ppl u hide and don’t come out. Me hear one gyal f**k har up the day of green n anything I will not accept her back on FB. She too disgusting

  9. C dis y mi cnt like dovey cause if y’all notice any body an dovey a friend unu no c seh she save every single conversation she have wid pple so wen she an dem fall out over di simplest ting she post it smfh dis bitch is so evil

  10. Stinky pussy dovey luv fi war with people. She owe anyone she come in contact money…. Dis why her stink ass ca came back to the Bronx mi her say she play with the country idiot Atlanta people she never support but di stinky gal party… Mi hear say she get f***d up by one Yankee big ooman inna di hair salon me hear say she rush her in her car and f**k her up so she ave fi wear sunglass and big bang to cover up her marks pon her…. Why she Neva blast the girl for that beat down she did get at the hair salon by the old ooman on IG….. I guess the yankee not fraid of her….. She have her follow who sheva nam out her pussy atl people are all worth less

  11. Dovey drink the most cum in a Atlanta. How u think she catch a little stripe as a artist? She no write none a hard song. She no have a job so the hand to hand like cellphone dovey is a parper a thief she is very badmimd and will plot on you if she a beg u and you don’t give to her.. one gal offa teachas pet beat her up a one dance mi witness that. Her milage run up in a every ole she have and she still no have nothing to show but gossip & tension..

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