Good evening Met and Metter,
Mi just need some clarification please, because from my reading and comprehension it’s saying that the overseer of the Crayfish business is giving her acknowledgement for being there and making moves for them and so on….but I thought all along it was her vision that she brought to pass or it was just someone else’s vision she help Come to light either way congrats to them both but don’t let it seem like it was all your vision when you’re just taking part in someone else’s



  1. Most likely a she write this that’s why it sound so confusing. I think it was her baby daddy who started the business and gave it to her. She nuh really have the book knowledge or education but she a try still. Use likkle of ur earnings and go back to school mami. If is even a likkle CXC English class.

  2. Mayb is Stacy bigging up this lady in di pic that did so much behind di scene….it look so to me.

  3. Di 1 time me choose fo go eat yah suh di food taste bad woulda neva eva go back. Kmft all now mi bexx

  4. Nice to see women progress regardless.
    Sometimes education isn’t all the door open already she just need someone fi edit her tings

  5. When “one” owns a business it is professional to use certain references such as “OUR TEAM, US, WE”.. You do not singularize the business as a one person thing

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