11 thoughts on “DRAKE SIGNS POPPY

  1. Drake is the new King of rap, he deactivated Jay Z. This is no coincidence, they have probably been trying to get Poppy to sacrifice someone a long time ago, but it seems as if Popcaan was holding out. He finally sacrificed his friend and you see how fast Drake reach Jamaica.

    Nobody caan tell me say Bolt never sacrifice Jermaine as well. This is the celeb world people. You have to do it or they get rid of you.

    1. Why would Bolt need to sacrifice anyone and he already made a name for himself long years before his friend lost his life. That guy trained so hard from four in the morning while you were cosily in your bed sleeping and you want to diminish his success and hard work, unno sick.

      Popcaan already had a thriving career with a solid catalog, and as much as I am no longer a committed fan of his, that boy has stayed on his grind working non-stop. He has been friends with Drake for years, so it was bound to happen, because now Drake has enough money and influence to push through on a deal like this. When he was still building he could not help anyone. People die, it’s part of life and the lifestyle these young ppl live these days make it easier for them to go young.

        1. Naive is one way of looking at it. But I have noticed in the past few years this quest amongst black ppl to label successful blacks as part of the illuminati and tarnish their success as ill gotten. The higher they reach in success the greater the likelihood for them to be labelled negatively. Interestingly, if they have limited success they will not be labelled, but the moment they get real big and real rich suddenly they had to do something nefarious to achieve it. For some reason this is not happening amongst whites or any other group of successful entertainers. I speak out against it because I know what is happening. The funny thing is that I don’t even think this mindset originated from the racist groups, this mindset is coming from within, from blacks to attack their successful ppl. So we will have generations of black children who are underachievers, who do not want success and money in the fear that ppl will scrutinize their success. This is an attempt to keep blacks as an underclass because money is power in this world, and the more blacks with power and influence is a threat to the status quo.

          Now, I keep trying to figure out who is the originator of the thought. See, this is where it gets tricky. Because it came out of the black community and directed at successful blacks. I think it very well was triggered by the govt agency through one of their mind control session where they beam whatever message out to whomever. Who is to gain most by keeping blacks as an underclass? other blacks? or the others? Blacks historically have always protected their successful ppl and held them in high esteem, so all of a sudden now successful blacks are a target for hate..hmmmmmm.

          I will never become a disciple of this mindset, even if I live in a cave and have to eat worms and drink the piss of wild beasts to survive, I will not tear down successful black ppl, because I know that the system globally is setup to keep black ppl as an underclass, where even other dark skinned ppl who are not black still feel that they are superior to us. We need these successful ppl and the more the better. We need them in every level of society, every industry and every country where black ppl live. So you can sow your seeds and I will sow mine. The wheat and the tares can never be the same.

          1. U ARE naive hun, but thats fine not all of us are woke and aware. P.S white people have to do it too, unless you are jewish then they go easy on you.

      1. In order to get BIGGER sacrificing someone is just one of the many rituals you have to do. Why u think all these celbs so stressed out? Some of them cant take it anymore. See Rihanna gave up her cousin the other day, she performed a humiliation ritual on Chris Brown that kept her for years.

  2. Den wen poppy tattoo drake label name pon himself, yuh mean to tell mi him never did sign yet??? Ummm hope it workout still caa everybody weh drake sign end up leaving wit nutn good to say about him, wish u all di best still poppy, him mus know nuh fi ramp wid yawdie caa we will revoke him pass loll

    1. A nuff time him fuck ova Poppy, and him still a run him dung an a lick out him batty. Thats why when him deh JA a bad up him likkle self i dont pay him any mind cuz the minute him reach roun Drake him haffi have several seats.

  3. It takes a certain amount of faith to go into business with a friend, many great friendships have crashed and burned when business go bad. Popcaan needs to ensure everything is drawn up legally and he understands what is expected of him and what the payout will be. This is a business so treat it as such, don’t get giddy that your friend will look out for you, blah blah, you still have to look out for yourself. Drake is an artist with bills to pay and responsibilities of his own.

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