Dream facts
A dream isn’t just a dream, the reality is, while your physical body is a sleep, the real you which is
your spirit is very much awake interacting with the spirit world. Your dreams are just that, spiritual, however, for the most part the people, places, things etc are just symbols of a far more reaching spiritual implication.
The less understanding one have of their dreams, it places them at an automatic disadvantage in the realm of the spirits. Simply because the Enemy will seek to forge evil covenants with the dreamer, unknowing to the dreamer of course. The symbolizing of such dreams would be as follows: getting married in a dream, having sex in a dream, eating in a dream, interacting with dead folks in a dream, signing papers in a dream, especially if the Dreamer does not know what it is that they’re signing. Participating with blood in a dream, such as blood sacrifice, you were cut in a dream or bleeding from one’s private parts in a dream.
Canceling a dream is to take the initiative in bringing an end to its origin of what has been conceived in the spirit so that there would be no manifestation in the natural. This would explain why a person would have had a dream about themselves being fired, however, they never thought to cancel and rebuke the dream in the name of Jesus. So as a result,the manifestation of the dream will occur in the natural by default simply because there was nothing to challenged what was conceived spiritually. As a reminder, scripture says to us that only when we resist the Devil he will flee, James 4:6. This is indeed a law, therefore Satan has a right to resist and conceive evil in the life of the dreamer if the dreamer isn’t challenging him, via canceling his devices in the spirit.
Once one understands the basic rules of engagement of their dreams and they make an effort in applying those basic rules, it will truly amaze the dreamer how the quality of their life will change for the better. If you are a novice at understanding your dreams, then my simple advice is this; Always pray upon waking, and this is done weather you recall or understand your dream or not. ” Lord, if my dream was concerning your plans and purpose for my life, then I come in total agreement with what you desire spiritually so that it can manifest physically in my life. However, if my dream was not of you Lord, then I cancel, rebuke and send your fire against all evil covenants and devices conceived by the Enemy and his agents and that they will never ,manifest in my life in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!
Failure as a result of a dream will always be due to a lack of knowledge on the dreamers part, thus the fulfilling of the scriptural law, “My people are being destroyed because of a LACK of knowledge” Hosea 4:6
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
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