Met a waah gi uh da drama yah, Bigga from John lane have a baby madda deh di gal Nuh stop cum dun him fi har pickney money. Last night she wake up di whole a Manning hill road a scandal di boy fi mind di pickney seh a 3 time she bring him go court and him still naah mind di pickney ( Wat a way shi full a patience) and met uh waah fi see how di pickney fava di boy di gal a mussi drewsland mi hear seh she cum from. Afta di gal cum scandal him di boy walk from him shop go a him yard shame like dawg!! Met di boy know fi put himself togedda and Eva have some top man a cum link him a him shop so a wha mek him Nuh waah mind di Chile no sah dem yah man yah.Boy wicked man. See dem yah met. Gal a try doh cause har pickney look like she get tek care a.



  1. Den Nuh da boy yah a look mi a dance wha day! A tru met Cuz pan him Instagram page him have a lot a picture a him dawta a foreign but di baby a one picture him put up wid r I goin run him Neva knw a so him evil

  2. Di time in tek a watch out my bloodclaate life and wha him waah or naah do fi him child unu go mek sure fi unu life sort out a so unu see ppl business and run wid it y unu find the need fi mek wha a gwaan inna my household affect unu and unu a run wid ppl story unu too bloodclaate fast and a hide bakka page y unu Neva put it up pan fi unu page mek mi get fi handle unu come out a me and mi pickney life we Nuh need fi put Nuh body pan blast fi maintenance Cuz she must get minding. Some ppl jus inquisitive Nuh f**k.

  3. Alianna will forever arite with or without a dad unu know day mi Nuh need him fi go pan blast fi mind har Cuz god mi pray to not man and tribulation is a hell of a thing when it ready fi tek yuh so ppl need fi focus mote on their lives and let me and my child live Cuz at the end of the day as long as me her mom has breath she will be quite ok Cuz I am more than bless in abundance and I leave everything to god. If di man waah have one child let him stay with the one child a me did go inna dem life and same how mi go in easy my child and I shall be going out easy too. Sometimes it’s best u leave ppl to time let their conscience get the best of them. But really mi Nuh need Nuh body fi a publish mi business pan pinkwall Cuz at the end of the day whatever this sender is doing naah mek ntg better and it naah benefit me or my child and furthermore on your business and less on other ppl business

  4. Well Alliana Mum if you never call down scandal on the road, then people wouldn’t be up in your business. IJS

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