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VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: Co-accused cry, artiste wipes eyes in court

Published: Wednesday February 12, 2014 | 4:06 pm 0 Comments

Barbara Gayle, Justice Coordinator

Shane Williams and Andre St John, two of the men charged jointly with murder as well as entertainer, Vybz Kartel, were moved to tears this afternoon as they emphasised in their unsworn statements that they were innocent.

Earlier, Kartel was seeing wiping his eyes as his sister gave character evidence on his behalf.

Williams who was allegedly linked to the murder because of a voice on a video was moved to tears saying: “That is not my voice on the video.”

Williams gave a very short statement proclaiming his innocence.

“I have never been to 7 Swallowfield Avenue,” he said. “I am innocent and I don’t even know why I am even here,” he said.

The prosecution’s main witness had identified the voice on the video to be that of Williams but the accused said he did not know the witness and had never seen him before or ever spoken to him.

The witness had admitted under cross-examination that he did not really talk to Williams but would join in conversations when Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams and the accused Williams were talking.

St John, a barber who is also called ‘Madsuss’ wept as he said he was a single parent.

He said the mother of his six-year-old daughter was killed in a motor vehicle accident.

“I am here today in this box speaking as an accused only to the fact of being associated with Vybz Kartel.”

“I don’t know where Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams is. I did not see him on August 16, 2011,” St John said.

He said the prosecution’s main witness came to the premises at 7 Swallowfield Avenue, Havendale on August 16, 2011 while he was on his way to his barber shop at 59B Mannings Hill Road.

He said the witness was unaware that the dog was loose and the dog attacked him.

“Vybz Kartel went to protect him, he got bit and I got hold of the dog and took him to the back of the premises and tied him up,” St John said.

“When I returned to the front of the premises Vbyz Kartel and others were not in the yard”, he said.

The accused said he then left for his barber shop where he also lived.

“I don’t know of any plot or plan of this alleged murder whatsoever. It is all a plan. I don’t know where Clive Williams is and I am an innocent man. That is all I have to say”.

The Crown is alleging that Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer; Williams; St John; entertainer Shawn Campbell, popularly known as Shawn Storm; and Kahira Jones, murdered Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams on August 16, 2011 at the Swallowfield property.


  1. This is why it is good to be a leader and not a follower, WOMEN BE FIRM ON YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS , caws regardless of fathers ah we ah de real teachers of our children!!…. these men chu money (not fi dem own) and hype falla, back ah dis heathen, possibly do tings fi stay inna “daddy” good grace or fi show dem daddy loyalty, including Clive Lizard Williams, perhaps with the mindset sey dem may get entertainment visa chu him Vybz, while all along him ah use de man dem fi him appetite fi killing, look whey dem hen up!!…yes dem ave dem ownna mine, but some people bawn fi be YES people….HIM FALL, DEM FALL, When Willie Agath died he took two innocent people with him, Big Bunny and de big man deh, from cherry garden ah cyaan remember him name,dem was at the wrong place, wrong time, but Willie always walk wid ah bag ah man behind him, so in life, so in death, except sey his not him regular dem gone wid him pon him journey, …so damn sad…

  2. Unu not even know what really happen the only people person that know the truth is lizard! How unu know whether or not it’s the man dem from country kill him
    The same one dem Weh teef d gun .. Bwoy idk what to believe but I don’t trust police & I don’t trust the accused! It’s so annoying this dumb ass case that wasn’t handled properly to begin with. That shit is crazy just the simple fact the police made up the text message bout lizard mince up smfh that’s SICK ! They’re desperate! They need to do their jobs!
    I don’t even see the big deal with sending KARTEL a jail a him one promote sex & violence that’s what all dancehall entertainers promote KARTEL get d fwd cuz ppl rate him music more.

    1. Is he the only Jamaican artiste to promote sex and violence? Have you seen anyone who says he is to be convicted mention that it was because he promoted sex and violence? Where did you get this theory from?

  3. Some of us do know what happened and even blogged about it way back in 2011.

    On another note, did he say he has never been to the Swallowfield Avenue house but yet he was there tying the dog up…what am I missing here?

    What the hell kinda court is this? They should not be allowed to enter any statement in court without the opportunity to be cross examined.

    1. “st john” he is actually saying he didnt see lizard on the 16th…. but went to tie the dog after it attacked chow. Willams is the one saying he neva been to Swallowfield

  4. Met remember one long time Danhai de blogger did ask me Obara wha mi tink bout shirley, ah dat dem use to call him dem time deh ova yah, and mi ansa Danhai and sey, mi nuh memba all de ansa but mi sey supen like, doe worry man him have something round de corner ah wait pon him!!…mi nuh love judge ppl or gi dem basket fi carry water, when mi si Clive picture and see how de picture faded, de yute dead fi chute and it was a veyr hot death

  5. mi want di whole a dem, fu-ck up dem one a nedda cuz dat idiot seh he has never been to 7 swallowfield road, yet him seh him si wee arrive there while he was leaving for his barber shop.

    yes god, mek dem confess all when dem tink dem naah or when dem neva plan to. you madsuss is a likkle liad so mi cyaah believe nuttin weh u seh.

    so all who did a seh wee a tell lie, si madsuss come comfirm di story deh, an put vybz kartel, wee and himself at 7 swallowfield road on august 16 2011.

  6. But by his own admission, he places himself at the scene of the crime on the date the crime was committed and in the presence of the main witness..

  7. every knee shall bow n every tounge shall confess….wat a ting so di defense lawyers could not write dem statement and mek dem say it mettttttttttttttttttttttttttt wat is not dis….weaping n mourninr n gashing of teeth lol

  8. A better dem di sey di dog dem attack lissy and kill and dem panic and dash the baddi a sea.maybe dem woulda see road in about six or ten.But dem statement dem nu mek nu sense.

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