The name Marlon ‘Duppy Film’ Perry is driving fear into the hearts of several residents of St Thomas, who last week sought to avoid any discussion on the man cops dubbed the island’s most wanted and who continues to elude police dragnets.

“I don’t know anything about that man, mister. I don’t have anything to say. You will be here saying something and the next minute you get a phone call from either him or one a him people them,” offered one female vendor in Yallahs Square, St Thomas, as The Sunday Gleaner made enquiries about his childhood home last Thursday.

That was the common response from persons asked about Perry’s early days in St Thomas on Thursday.

“It is somewhere up that side him come from, but I can’t tell you exactly is where. Why you want put me on the spot now? You have to find that for yourself, mister,” said another woman in Logwood, St Thomas, as she moved away from the side of the Gleaner vehicle as quickly as possible.

“Aye me son, is how me going to send you now. You have to go around to the high school, then you ask anybody around there for Phillips Field and you follow a little dirt road,” offered one of two elderly ladies outside a shop in Yallahs.

The other woman, on hearing the name Duppy Film, opted to stand back from the conversation, her courteous smile replaced with a look of uneasiness.


“Him is not a bad person, you know. Is a cool youth, him don’t really trouble anybody. I know him personally. Is a youth that if him see you as a big woman him going to pass and say ‘what a gwaan, aunty’? He is not a violent person, as far as I know.

“People fear him still. People are going to fear him, especially in St Thomas, when they hear that he is the most wanted. But him is not a youth that is just going to come and trouble you like that,” said a man at another section of the parish.

But that was the most any resident would say about Duppy Film, who the police say is linked to several crimes and is armed and dangerous.


  1. The irony about this situation is dat dem call dis wanted man Duppy Film. In Jamaica, many people are afraid of ghosts, which supposedly happens AFTER one DIES. Ghosts are called “duppies”. However, in this guy’s case, he is very much ALIVE, yet the residents of St.Thomas are living in fear thinking that this LIVING person can HAUNT them at any time! SMH and LOL @ this ironic situation.

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