27 thoughts on “VEGAS DIS A BAG A DEM OOOOOO

  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…

    No Mr.Vegas yuh bd enuh suh poppy a drake ass cleaner holder,suh drake nuh shit him caan eat I am weak dis very morning woooiiieeeee,love the old school vibes he is trying to bring back with riddim and all.

    (Simplicity Soon Sign In)

  2. Why Popcaan need to defend worlboss..the smartest thing he eva did was staying far…..we all know Amari sick in ar head…..stupid song…sorry Vegas but betta yuh did stick to yuh blog.

    1. How yuh mean.. All if him nuh defend him put some respect pan him name kartel put him a road dat supposed 2 be loyalty… But him ungrateful….. Di song a go hawd how Yuh mean Vegas voice dem antics inna song mek we sing it a bay :p

      1. Yuh see yuh MNL:ngakak A suh mi feel doe Latty…why Popcaan career fI suffa bc of a serial killer? Look how well Popcaan doing without Kartel….Kartel was all about Kartel

  3. I’m assuming that the fat ooman with the purple hair in this video is representing Amarie (Gully Bop’s ex). Maybe doing this video is his way of getting even with her, or putting her in her place.

    1. For him to actually write a song about her and use her likeness in this video shows that she really got to him…Amarie could never have that effect/power over me.

      1. Mi luv dis is not bout u….. Are u a celebrities…all amarie a celebrities.. Bout could not have dat effect on u… A wah do u? Ano ur time luv… Today mi nuh like Yuh comment dem. U usually speak with more sense… But today my vision 4 ur comment is f***y. Drops mike.

          1. Dwl Mi really affi go stawt come back more while fi check wah gwan pan Mi comments dem. Fi come ansa all a jancrow like u. At least mi a pinkwall amari who you bitch Yuh don’t even have a name poor ting wah be somebody….gwey germs nuh space nuh deh yah fi Yuh celebrities only go nyam shit gal… Dwl Dwl

        1. Latty baby. .mi sorry 2 disappoint yuh hun….let’s agree to disagree bc both of our opinions are shared by many. .one love boo

        2. Latty baby. .mi sorry 2 disappoint yuh hun….let’s agree to disagree bc both of our opinions are shared by many. .one love boo :peluk

  4. DWL !!! Poppy unda presssuree, jus like him daddy Kartel back in the dayy, lets see how he handles it.

  5. I like Vegas and I like the song he just letting them know that he is his own lady no man nor no woman can style him up… Big Up yourself Vegas…

  6. Some a unnu anonymous ppl fi get unnu name ova yah so latty can address Unnu by Unnu I-bloodclaat-dentity cause Unnu mussi feel like Mi a tek nuh check… Hey gal anonymous if all Yuh deh yah now gal mi nasty Yuh up wid mi google phone keypad gal.. What a way mi mek Mi name inna Yuh life Unknown gal. Gal Yuh change mi today cause every comment mi write mi come back come check fi see if a gingy fly like you pich pan it. Yea u… Anonymous uppa tap gwey gal Yuh coming like di animal weh nyam jancrow when it dead.

  7. Vegas too badmind, him mad cuz him go give Tyga him sample and Tyga flop with him controlla knockoff, Vegas need to go look a hit song and gweh. badmind!!!

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