Dirty stinking mouth shanice wey run from England lef her pikny wey milo man p**s pon P Money sh**t pon rent car fi DWAYNE yes Sally dwayne shanice and him dey now sally find the rental paper works in a The car with shanice John name on it and stab up dwayne now sally dey a jail Dwayne lock her up Shanice p**sy hot longtime she f**k kit unruly ,Stevie unruly, saji dacres, Prezi from dungeon, milo man, p money, Markie 224 and the list goes on all she and ugly Dracula Tamara do is sit dung and chat the people Shanice come out a the furnish room out a Burke wey smell like fish


  1. A wa happen to u SALLY really let go Dwayne u going to end up a prison maybe get deported fi stray cocky pon top of it it only brings stress inna u life him na change get a grip A u life SALLY. Dwayne don’t worth it now u deh a jail who to tell him mussy very much a wife up matey SALLY get u life in order. Metty GOOOD MORNING!!

  2. And her ass was worried bout qq smh.
    Shanice betta yuh move guh somewhere else cause Sally is one angry woman. Your ass gonna be next.

    1. Really? I know someone just like Sally, and Cheese killed her ass. Yes, Cheese who always a curse in the videos on youtube. She is going to attack the wrong gal one day, and get what she never ask for.

  3. Met a true story sally stab up Dwayne Tuesday night . Sally hold on to Dwayne clothes them because she find out he with this shanice girl plus a sally thief all the clothes give to Dwayne so Sally a play mis teckkie back. While Sally was busy a war with qq Dwayne dey a Burke a eat out shanice vagina. Dwayne eat everything and Sally know it. Dwayne is a bum. All Sally do is use her hard earn money and throw round robin for Dwayne and him lickkie lickkie mother. Ugly Sally nuh have nobody to hold her hand for summer. Sally mi know it hard pon yuh because nuh man never own yuh up yet a Bronx so yuh meck Dwayne turn ur grown ass in a donkey and sleep out yuh bed and nam out yuh food and yuh money. Sally qq left u into the mess . Sally come out of jail last night . All Dwayne wanted was him clothes them. Sally deayne clown yuh out a Bronx real bad

  4. Sally cannot lick shanice John shop Dwayne will send him dogs them go bite up Sally. After all the 3sum Dwayne meck Sally duh him dish her dirt. Sally Dwayne bruck u out to eat pu..y and then gone to shanice. Sally atleast u will have a little extra money into yuh pocket . Sally mi know yuh nuh have much choice but please nuh teck him back. Atleast yuh must have some shame tree. Mi hear sey Sally a bawl sey she pregnant and Dwayne lock her up Infront of her kids. Sally it nuh look good fi yuh if yuh really a breed go to the chop shop because a u alone ago have to mind. That baby. Sally yuh a big woman act like one stop have nasty mouth Dwayne wey walk and eat up and lick out all the little gal them a Bronx vagina use yuh. Sally u ain’t the only girl that’s ugly

  5. WHEN will they LEARN: DO NOT play the role of a WIFE to a MAN that is not OFFICIALLY your HUSBAND (Steve Harvey voice). Pobrecita ugly duckling Sally, I understand the war with QQ because of the disrespect but you should have took a G’s advice and run Dwayne. For grown women let me tell y’all something because it seems to be lost on mi Bario BX: If you are not in a serious commited relationship by lets say 33 it makes no sense to beat up yourself buying Ninja’s, stay single and let the man give chase and treat you like you deserve to be treated. Stab up Dwayne…..Sally, surely you jest!!!!
    I would hev shred every piece of clothes that was ever clutched and sent him on his happy way to Shanice!!

  6. Sally bought herself a nice bmw because she a try to keep Dwayne because Dwayne love pretty car. And Dwayne wey nuh have no usa id crash sally bmw. And now Dwayne gone to shanice for rental and abet a sally money pay for the rental. Sally u not to be mad remember sey Dwayne use to be driving u home into him woman truck and u use to skin off yuh teeth. Sally the same knife wey stick sheep a it stick goat. Hush Sally hush.

    1. So a people man she tek and now har karma reach har. If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you :nerd

  7. Bally head baby mother sushana out a jail again . Sushana I hope u learn yuh lesson though shall not thief.lol . Go get a job sushana. Maybe Sushana can fill in for Sally wen Sally have to go to the doctor to check up on her baby shanice step child . If I laugh met I cry

  8. Shanice better watch Dwayne around her sister Demi because he has a crush on her too . But Demi in lesbian relationship so I doubt she will f**k him . Plus shanice luv lick out pon qq when she’s always following her has pmoney and qq left she and him deh now this Dwayne shit. Shanice guh look a job and try fi get back yuh Pickney from England weh u run weh leff . Now strangers raising your son u have no shame . You and your family dem is all a big disgrace no ambition lazy hoes your brother jus come out a jail fi attempted murder and still harassing people . Sally you need to leave Dwayne he f**king all the young hoes from bronx you not fraid u ketch something smh shame on all you hoes

    1. If the Girl in the picture up top name Shanice, Which Job that pays good! She is going to get with TATTOO On her neck? I swear these ghetto hoodrats be on some ish sometimes, WHY WOULD YOU PUT A TATTOO ON YOUR NECK? WHICH PART IN THE CLASSY BOOK THEY DO THAT AT? I guess MacDonald hiring.

  9. Sally nuh love herself and her kids.Willing to GI weh her FREEDOM for community koki. WISE UP LADYYYYYY. Live for ur kids if not for yourself

    1. It hard in them streets for a ugly chick! He confused her with the attention :ngakak :ngakak I kaint with these washed up bishes. BX and Cali same type of Boomerang relationships, he with her then he back with you then on to the next and back again, what a washed up mess!

  10. Tell mi seh anuh Dwayne whey look like one over fed blow up chicken, and liki liki Maxine a him mumma, weh all a Dwayne woman dem affi give har things! Then she chat dem!!! Dwayne is a bum and these girls are worst.. When a 14yr old have a chance of him wanting dem , the old lady dem nuh have a chance! He love kids…

  11. Nasty shanice is a waste of life! Tek man like dawg! The state have u pickney a england & u deh a bx a suck dung di place & always a worry bout people man! U bruk & hungry u have u poor family dem a TG & cant even send 10 dolla go help dem. Unnu deh a foreign a walk n sex all bout & nothing bakka it…yung gyal go do something constructive with u life cause most a di man dem wehh u a tek talk pure nasty thing bout u behind yuh back after dem hide & tek piece offa u. Nobody nah wife yuh or talk food bout yuh

  12. When I lick out pan them big ole long time big woman them like myself, uno see the reason, Sally is in the mess that she deserves to be in, bout she a fight young gal over K liss boy, weh come in like Wee willy Winkle running all tru the town. Good fi u Sally me nuh sorry fi u, all now u should still be in jail, ole moscut, man te_te, uno walk and mine man like it going out of style

  13. Lmao, so she was so busy on QQ and not even notice that other pretty gal a sample the man. Any day me let a man have me this stupid and going around putting myself in trouble because of false love. Kmt. Women wake up! Supposed she did kill him and end a prison for life sake a jealousy. What is wrong with these women?

  14. What is wrong with these women fi tru, it’s the biggest question that can’t be answer all now! Why would you put your freedom in question because you found out the man cheating again, no telling how long he has been cheating and from what I get to understand from reading all these comments he is the biggest hoe around there… Does anyone have a picture of this man because I want to see if it is the beauty that has these girls with him or is it the money he providing or what! Because from what I;’m reading Sally is taking care of him… Sally take what pride you have left and run him, it’s better to be alone then in all this stress over a man that shows you he can lock you up in front of your kids and don’t care less about you nor the children…

  15. Sally the man a always stray so how you feel. To hit qq. Him say if a nuh qq a somebody else. Lol. Isnt the girlshanice. Ruff Dwayne from. John shop whay lock up daughter
    Sally cant lick she. War would a never done. Lol. But anyway sally need to war with the man because if you keep. Waring with the girl. The police a go call you serial. Too mucha dem this man taking. One after another

  16. before sally run the worthless bwoy look who him go f**k stink pussy QQ from the 4 a dem now him a f**k a next new gal,is way wrong aid uni big woman we a run dung these like young bwoy…dwayne is WORTHLESS BROKE CHEAP HIM WALK AND SUCK PUSSY AND COTCH UP ROUND BAG WITE DEM FI FREE LIQUOR.

  17. Nasty shanice weh de married man from cali send fi har and f**k har and gi har a pocket book and sunglasses and dash weh how much belly smh bitch u need to get a life

  18. She f*k her father friend a california fi one black louie bag and ray ban glasses and last year summer she dash weh a 4 month belly for miloman

  19. Weh timerz a look fi miloman for him a batty mon and timerz stomach strong how him suck sally pussy him nuh see how she ugly

  20. D way how she a dash out d pussy she go a californian go f**k her father friend fi d black louie bag and ray bans glasses all she do a walk and f**k her father friend dem and sell $200 pussy ask big pussy timerz why him a ask fi miloman like him feel seh miloman a battyman him nuh wan know who name miloman cuz him might get a lick inna him face sadamite shaniece a bare threesome u and ur sister do inna d basement with no furniture how u ago pay d $1000 rent cuz timerz nuh av a dollar timerz bite d hand weh feed him which is Sally or else him and trishanna a go inna victoria secrets go theif more panty

  21. Me think seh a help shaniece did want me never know seh a u pussy u wan suck cuz thats all timerz can do n bare threesome timerz nah get back him clothes dem so a da one suit deh him ago stay inna u too out a order a u sally shoulda chop up cuz me wan know why u a follow him go round a sally him ago dead fi hungry u better learn how fi butter cuz a bare fubu sally take him outta timerz love sweets when bruk lick him n shaniece bronx nuh good again if a j icon jewlery weh him did a borrow a wear n sally bmw make her think say him have money a sally shadow him did a live inna

  22. Sally and her idiot friends them should be a shame fi a talk bout boy live in her shadow, that’s why the young boy run leff the shadow cause him can’t catch it. Lol, ole man clown, she soon tek him back, some gal born to mine, it comes very normal and natural to them. Shame old lady, shame. Wooooiiiiii

  23. Just a few questions who fights over a man with no papers? Who goes to jail for a person with no papers? Answer= Sally. Really girl bye… Yuh should a run from yuh here him deh with qq.

  24. Sally yuh need fi fine a reader man cyah normal ppl nuh behave suh. Somebady muss put something pon yuh fi you a gwaan suh and nah think bout yuh pickney dem. No man nuh worth my freedom.

  25. Wait someone please send in Met a picture of the famous miloman Mek me see him because teneisha images use to mad over him after him left har all try obeah the man now him a f**k off the young gal dem a bronx Mek me see him pic please somebody send in met miloman pic….shanice John dash weh belly fi markie224 2 times this is a known fact . Instead a dash weh belly go on birth control you nuh tired fi hide an dash weh belly at queens medical center you Mek sure you go far so nobody don’t buck yuh

    1. When it a send please send me a copy a Sally womanhood and shame tree ..Those are very necessary roun yere

    2. Also if it’s not to much trubble send Sally fuxx sheet to n pls tick off all the ones that did not have to put brown paper bag ova Sally face oh sally u needs to pay for ur koki pay n then give change cause my dear that takes COURAGE

  26. What a wukliss low dung set a ppl. Dwayne lock up d eediat one more time fi mi. Can somebody hate dem self so? U nuh luv d man, u obsess wid d man. u doe even luv u kids. U nuh look Inna u kids dem eyes an tell u self seh a time fi u stop display madness. ur being arrested in front of u kids will forever be etched in their minds. ur abusing ur children ova a man? One a r friend dem or family member cah gi r a good shake fi snap r out dis stupidity. U don’t even deserve fi have dem kids deh. Sally get a grip or stay locked up forever.

  27. No sah! Mi wah see wah dis Dwanye bwoy look like.. De way how him have dem “female species” ah tek care ah him an him mudda

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