1. Lol.. but what about a nice painting over the bed. Hate those damn letters over grown ass adults bed. leave that decor to your daughters room

  2. The girl do good and yall still down her… Smfh… Thts why I luv wen she tel Unu suk out har Clart!! Bunch a Parasites!

    1. Buying a new bed is doing something good? I did not know that? I thought that every body did suppose to already have them good good bed. lol

  3. from qq get the bed me nah lie its jokes with her she tek picture of the bed then she put up song bout new apartment then she tek selfies in the bed then she move the bed from the window to the corner of the room .. dwrcl then she put a post sayin “Bout to go sleep in the bed they claim I dont have” right after her ex friend dem never let her in the party :ngakak

    Congradulashans on yuh new bed Mumma :malu

    1. ______________________________________________________________________________ mi huh really waa laugh

      1. met ah di funniest thing ever me laugh couple days well bout it nah lie .. it di get bad to the point weh me all mek it me dty fi guh pon qq page fi see whats new with the bed 😀

          1. and to my surprise when me go over har page she hang up “HI QQ” over the bed .. Met u know like back inna d days when dem heng up the happy birthday pon d wall when ya kip party a jamaica. 😀 QQ happy mumz and then one of her friends comment and say “U not finished yet” so i guess there is more to come

            QQ i will be looking mumz :cystg

  4. Its good tht she has her own place and nah haffi katch… She coulda all move de bed inah de bathroom if she wants… ITS HERS!!!
    Unu fi stop live so negative and lowh ppl.. CHO!

  5. It’s good that she’s straighten up her life for the most part from what I’m reading the know the girl personally like most of you do but if she now has her new apartment and new furnishing and she’s proud about it then maybe she can find a man of her own and stay out of trouble…

  6. Waiting patiently with whats to come next for the bed.
    QQ congratulations on your big accomplishment, keep that roof over your head, do what is needed to pay your Landlord on time!

  7. Very good qq, you could’ve taken that money and give it to a man, like nuff a the fool them, congrats, you have to start at some points in life, good luck my dear with furnishing your new apartment.

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