9 thoughts on “DWAYNE YUH GOT IT BAD

  1. Kandy go and eat a big load a water shit you need to go back to school Dats why your son beating your ass your just mad cause the boy don’t want yuh but remember what goes around comes right back around

  2. Nasty gal weh a take up fi candy your day is coming candy don’t keep friend long candy can’t even keep family kmft

  3. Any man weh tek bleaching to dat level a fish….matter a fact pause! From yuh apply di cream yaw fish leave that to di ooman dem

  4. Duty big pussy kandy the cocky so good you cant leave the man alone the other day you took down all the videos off your 3 facebook page because you so obsess with the dick, after you go to the police station go mek report pon him now u back on here writing shit a try embrass him why don’t you tell the people them how toss the man salad, how u nam batty and if the man poss the video of your going to get him arrested all because you want some dick your a grown ass woman inna yuh 40 find someone around your age the man don’t want you

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