60 thoughts on “JAMROCK PRIZE GET 18 MONTHS

  1. thats soo bad mi have her on instagram she doesnt look like that type of girl she travel regualar canda and england like ahe like ah mandeville and come Kingston now it all makes sense now how she get the money to travel she start par with the singer cecile

  2. Nuhbaddy naay aks u nuttn she a travel frm before dis! Frm pickney days chat weh u know and stop watch instagram! Weh yaa call cecile name fah?

  3. Damm sherice ……who would a taught tho she was always good girl a

    But notice ya travel hard think a did the airport u work for …..smh hush ya mama

    She from Mandeville good gyal still mi Fren from donkey years

  4. Oh a dats why she tek plane like taxi a drugs gal. Every week da gal ya tek plane. Dem ketch u ya now

  5. Shi lucky a 18months dem gi har a muss plea deal shi tek. People a do ova 10yrs fi dem sumting deh. A hope u learn nice gal f**k up ar life u get f*k. Da gal ya eva inna some mix up. A bet seh a ar so call fren dem **k ar up. Cyah truss people dis look like a sum set up ting gwan. yuh claim seh u link dem tall suh a hope u links dem help u out

  6. Wen anuh man problem a sumting else dis gal just sad bad anuh noting new a regular ting dis fi da gal ya. Shi eva a boast bout dem naw guh ketch ar n seet ya dem ketcch yuh nuh wanda u eva a squanda money becah u know wehh it ago come from a yuh source a income. U get f**k ya now u ago wah si farrin n cyah reach deh… Real eediat gal.

  7. I see this person Y a talk bout She a Canadian. If she a Canadian citizen that can be revoked and wont be able to enter Canada grounds research b4 u talk. Who fi worty bout subady weh gwan like dem shit mek patty. It nuh look good unno a muss some disguise so call frens weh nuh mean har no good. Bout she a canadian since she a canadian unno report it yet? To canadian immigration? Stop chat shit cah if unno do dat Canada naw guh help har out suh unno shut up

  8. but kuh dis 1 bout fortagustus here i come like a some award she get or recognition. A wah dis betta unno nuh comment & tell har dat ova di phone if n wen shi call. A muss unno she a work. naw seh unno nuffi show support show unno support but nuh come comment n gwan like this is sumting to speak highly about tek unno walk a shame n tell her turn her life around

    1. Shut up if me waa seh me a guh suh waa? Shi neva tell u tanks yet or u neva tell r tanks yet suh who u? Lowe mi maayne a mi gyal yes mi seh suh fi people like u kno shi have frenz like MI!!

  9. Girl you no have nth fe worry about fortogustus nice and clean muma…food tunn up to kmt me still Bex me 30 days did affe end cause more while me hungry now lol and a good up dorm we Inna nail salon and bare tings…enjoy ma

  10. sHM how it bun u so pussy don’t worry bout problem , worry bout your she good road we seh that’s baby feed so what if she get catch fuk sake ….guh suck u madda

  11. Cher know seh any time any day shi touch met wall mi a di fuss to defend! Yes affi defend r and bitch yuh too lie cher humble bout di gyal brag bout dem naaa ketch r too f***g lie pussy Cher a elite! Mi hurt still! But a life.. party a fiction did tun up to! Love r good gyal good heart lo0ve r bad! Badmind bitches shi aguh come out either way! Peter champagnie nuff anu wudn even can source di fuss bloodclaat fee to afford him! My gyal dat! All unu du a watch di gyal life! Unfortunate situation mi baby.. yes fortagustus mi affi reach nuh wurry real friend dis!

  12. There must be something better you can do fi meck money than use your pusc as luggage. A dem stuff it demself or dem haffi go to a stuffer fi get it done? No iyah, if is even factory wuck mi will do it, caan teck dem road yah. I never even ever carry wata pon mi head much less fi ram up my vag wid dirty plastic bag full a cocaine. Dem good as gold.

  13. Who’s gonna help you now when all you do is sit and chat your friends & carry them down who’s gonna help you truth this …..you always carrying down people talking about what you have and they other’s don’t have now look at what you’re doing for money and at the end of the day you don’t have anything more than a hype image ….I hope your friend / boss / ex/ squeeze help you and be there for you because you’re always available when it comes to him M’s wanna big shot… and i wonder if Cecile no that you been sleeping with her baby father and her popcorn youre a bad bitch ….I’m sorry for you though

  14. Cher don’t have any money what do you know about money @G if you have money you buy yourself a car that car that she was driving was a rental so if you don’t know money don’t talk money kmt money and she don’t even have a bed ask her about that @G because she only like to follow up the hype and nothing more …I taught that maybe she’d learn some sense because I’ve been talking to her but when you’re doing good it’s like your doing bad so Cher had to feel the hard way !!!!!

  15. Shi have money but the fines dem nuh pay yet. mi ago a court juss fi ere da one ya. Shi too bloodclat hype n luv people man

  16. Unuh full a shit like dead dog when odda ppl come pon pink wall fi what ever Unuh a di fuss one fi done Dem an chat all sought a shit bout dem. But as soon as Unuh friends land ova yah Unuh run een inna defence mode like fi Dem crime way better than everybody else. Bottom line she’s a mule an now a bloodclaat convict is that something to write home about Unuh sick stomach.

    1. That so called friend commenting is no friend at all. She revealed more about the girl than the article did. No friend of mine would come on here and confirm or deny which man I was with. Your moral compass snapped crackled and popped and 18 months is not long enough. Your drug mule of a friend should have gotten between 5 and 10 years. If this is your career choice as well…your day coming too.

      1. Yes mi affi defend which man shi deh or naay deh wid read di comments fool! Gyal naa tek cecile man nor did shi f**k popcaaan enemy dem waa create fi r wid cecile suh mi affi jump and defend! U wida glad fi run wid weh dem seh shi a tek cecile baby daddy and poppy dont? F*k you!

  17. This is ridiculous. It’s clear by these comments that you can see who her friends, frenemies and just who the badmind people are. She made a horrible choice. No going around that. No one is perfect and you may not have chosen to do what she did but she did and yes it’s a stupid move and she unfortunately got caught. She’ll overcome this and all I can pray is that she’ll use this as a lesson to never go that route again. There’s no need to come and be so joyous over someone’s fall. They say when you’re digging a grave, dig two. If she did you bad call it her Karma but coming on here and talking all this shit makes you no better. Read the story, laugh and move on with your lives. Cher darling, you’ll get through this.

  18. Unno too bloodclat hype a dat. Which money she have? Oh so her occupation is that shes a mule? . Anytime shit gwan wid anybody dem quick fi talk bout people but when shit hit the fan fi dem a di baddest defense mode dem guh inna. Dem anuh nobody only ting dem gal ya have a followers & know people dem gal ya nuh even have good credit fi tek out noting. U get ketch ya now shame tree grow overnight. Yeh man unno bloodclat gwan dung deh guh visit har. Long time shi fi cool she get it ya now. If she neva walk & tell people seh dem neva yet ketch mi yet how people wudda know weh she do. A har own a fren set har up. Da gal ya nuh good & har circle anuh noting good. A nuff people know bout da gal ya

  19. Waiieeeeeeeeeeee! Im just here to read the comments. A wen dis mek news? Unno late still from it happen mi hear mi gone

  20. So0 what if a rental car?? Nuff people have money and a pay rent dont??? Lowe di bclaat gyal alone! Yes its good she knows people so what?? Everybody chat people and??? One ting mi know bout dah gyal yah humble soul! And she’s a sweetheart! And no shi neva yet f**k popcaaan! And heck f**k no not christopher Martin! Poppy rate bc cher! Neva yet f**k r! Mi kno who and who cher f**k! Chino and a next entertainer whom she was in a 3yrs relationship with get ur facts str8! Si how unu waa tun cecile gainst Cher it naa guh wuk!! Tap call up squeeze name him nuh si unu! Unu fabricate up f**y too much Cher too frendly das y unu aguh have tings fi seh weh nuh guh suh! Nuhbaddy nuh perfect! She made a choice and took a foolish chance tap murda di girl!

  21. Bet seh a unno so call friends guh run unno mouth n mention it to somebody & dat somebody guh talk. Cherice a good girl but what about unno? A unno same 1 chat har behind har back. Unno gweh from yaso

  22. Lol dem ya fren ya dont even know loyalty. She a tell the world har business. All who neva know how man she f**k know now. All who neva know seh shi f**k chino ago know now. People unno choose unno friends wisely. Look how much tings she a reveal unno a hypocrite tek unno walk a shame n run weh fram ya so. like dis one person seh a unno same 1 chat har business n set har up. Nuhbody inna dis girl circle nuh real wid har all a dem chat ar and she chat dem the same thats a known fact. What friend come on social media and confirm har business? Unno a clown n stay juss like unno friend always have someting to prove to people. From i dont see that girl post on social media i know seh sumting wrong shi always a post like she wah ppl accept har n mek it known she have links unno fi calm dung. Everybody a jamaica know this gal n can talk how much man dem hear run thru har. unno fi mek people have good tings fi chat bout unno den unno talk bout haters. Unno nuh even have a bloodclat ting fi people hate pan. Gwey frm yasso long time da girl ya need fi cool out too nuff n hype.

    1. B You aguh tiyad fi si Cher face! INCASE U NAAY KNOW SHI WELL LOVED! UNU A JUST THE MINORITY! Hey God naa mek shi suffer! Him bade r wid aesop daily! Yuh nuh si a 18 months shi get? Eeeeh? Warning God gi r! Unu hate this girl for what? Last time smaddy send r on here bout shi fi cool cuz shi party too much no sah unu have sum seeerus grudge gainst this girl yah it nuh normal!

  23. http://m.jamaicaobserver.com/mobile/news/Woman-sentenced–fined-for-cocaine_62613

    mi juss wah know what was her reason and why would it insult the intelligence of the court. if unno claim seh she a canadian she naw no ambition guh tek student loan n guh a school no kids? dis pass wutliss. she love the “career” she have not knowin dis career have 2 routes “jail” or “dead” unno fi wise up. these could not be her friends up top commenting u all should be shame talking about money tall. What money? unno favour poop

  24. Jaro
    Blood is thicker than water ,sense is sense n non sense a nonsense when it all said and done we grow home-girl from day one so as to the hate-er ….hat all you want if she is sketel or take a next gal man she is family so back up …

    Fire fe the hate-er when the 18 months over send back a country we nuff land n food she cant be hungry ,,,,copper

  25. She will have help ah England we deh so we will help her if u lot never know ….the girl do what she want to do and what if she fuk nuff man ? It’s her pussy she never borrow her pussy ..guess what the pound tall and we are here for her if u lot never know the family tree tall over England and we love her ..just do u run ma it soon done jail a fi everybody ..it’s a nine day talk what else is there to be said ?? Cuz when u out u know where to come money do anything in this world and we going to make sure them pussy yah see and hear …

    1. Same suh English! Dem just a watch Cher suh! One of the purest hearts i know! All di one weh comment bout cher must cool! Weh unu know bout r? Cher a nuh hype girl shi just take pics and enjoy r self! 2 frends mi love in dis yah world yah and Cher a one! Deidre mi know u ova yah a read you a numba 2 :peluk unu nuh like di girl yet unu on her instagram! I dont even follow cher on instagram for f**k sakes sum a unu yuh si man mi glad r vip section at fiction naay full up of sum a unu ole foes!

  26. Just talk you all talking about money tall bet you don’t put a dollar in her books you want money yourself must you she working for

  27. Jaro :

    Aka Diesel Smoke ,, Icemonkey black n ugly like duppy hear this
    fassy ,,,she got blood family concerte to the bone , yo Windsor /bottomtown one our own have stray to the vampire king-town JamRock Prize cant be hungry never never …..JamRock know where is home ,, the bird nest

    She try fit in upa town and f**k -up she is not the first yo silent majority is watching every move Our family is 100% strong and take of our own so you all keep talking shit …..talk is cheap
    Word —-worry abt your own ass as long as there is life she is good

  28. If unno family did good n unno money tall why unno neva a support har financially why she did affi guh dis route? Why unno neva a help har out ? Chat unno a chat shit & ready fi talk when shit hit the fan. Unno come affa pink wall & gweh. Anybody else dem dog dem up a fi har time now. U reap what u sow. Unno a talk like unno have all this money inna di world. Well why unno nuh fly dung and pay har fine dem. F**k right outta here

  29. A when shame n disgrace hit unno rass unno ready fi chat bout money tall unno move unno bloodclat n run weh. Fi sumbody weh fly suh often it neva tek a genius fi know seh a drugs shi a push who nuh know dis late cah she tell me personally seh a it she do. She walk n tell everybody she link wid har business. As fi hnno weh a chat bout england pound unno a real butu, cah a now wen she inn situation unno ready fi hype why unno neva help har out when she bruk n a barrow barrow money from people? Unno gwan like seh unno a millionaire n unno betta dan people. Unoo not even have dry shit inna unno battyhole fi pay har fine dem. Unno stink nuh bloodclat.

  30. But you bug read if fine pay or not she still ago do 18 months she have nuff rich man can pay that out of one pocket web the one dey web drive the range and the white Benz wouiieeeeee. Him and hat did all over the place the other day laws God every body run gone. This stinking pussy gal bout she have money so why more that one pound a coke in her pussy that must hit no bombo

  31. V u sound really mad and bitter af I hope ur family or u is straight and nobody fi u nah do the same cause all u lot do is bring other ppl down guess wat y’all corny ass worrying about the girl and I bet she don’t give a f**k about y’all dumb ass cause y’all are a bunch a waste who hide behind computer n type with fake name. Y’all need to go look a f*** life and hop off the girl name now cause nuff a unnu man a big scammer but unnu days a come. I pray God continue to bless her wonderful soul while y’all bitter bitches sit and worry bout her fines whe is not a issue fi pay. Not sure y unnu so concern if unnu hate the girl clearly y’all wack bitches are some big f***g fan

  32. My man scam so what bitch she was f***g you too right Kayla she too hype she f**k my man and think me bug know she f**k all her friends man bolt sadiqie matalon squeeze all of zip Chris martin the list so f***g long she don’t need to push drugs in her pussy

  33. Oh shit a diss gwan fi show u how dis bad all store mi hear dem a chat bout it inna mi juss gwan like mi nuh know a who. This isnt sumting fi unno come ova ya start praise n worship. This is a Big disgrace. Whether she & her family have money or not. I stress this is a Big dutty disgrace. Go to school get an education. Uplift u self the sky is the limit. But noooo anuh ur ting dat. She love the party scene the artist man dem she wanna fit in something that wasnt destined for her to be apart of. Unno friends arent friends. Unno anuh Frennn!!!! All of you knew what she was involved in what she did , what she had a mindset for! Why unno neva tell har seh da road ya anuh good one fi trod? Thats what friends do. Talkin about when she come on met. Oh so a regular she on met? And yall think thats good? Mind u people will talk regardless of how you feel but this girl right here since you all talking about haters, im not one but this girl right here needs to get back to the drawing table ive heard and seen alot who am i to judge? No1 but she needs to reevaluate herself. Find herself get rid of everyone she encounters with and start brand new. Drop everyone and follow ur instinct i guarantee you she will see a difference.

    1. Anonymous how you so happy ?? A what tru your hole never good so none a the man them want you … Y tru u ugly them never look pon you oo God mi feel sorry fi you U need help Cher big up u dam self love you loads real drugs mule carry more than that baby girl that was to keep u going to make ends meet them gyal deh a waste gyal all them do is sit and talk and them still can’t be like you ….

  34. den if she cyah tek har own family man wa mek unno tink she naw guh tek fi unno? Lalalalalallaallalalalalala. har name deh a road well who nuh know bout har a who she neva yet introduce har self to. Unno a gwan like cher a good girl. shi always look good yes but di characta well dutty.

  35. And so what if she take everybody ??me a wonder if she did borrow her pussy lol no sah it sad ….Cher am so sorry u never fuk some more bwoy mek some gyal mad ….she do what she want look at Entertainer who the whole world know get catch with drug so who’s Cher?? My girl as I say it’s a small time and because your on the dance scene people will always chat shit …u still young without a chick are a child so mek them kiss you ass ..when u in the game anything can happen and Jamaican are the worse people to tell shit cause them chat to much and can’t hold them mouth and the DOG them bad mind …if she have fine y the fuk u lot don’t go pay it where am from if me do my time fuk the fine ….

  36. Was she leaving Ja or arriving here? the news said arrived at the Aiport that dont make sense if she was trafficking it abroad?
    Girl u have a pums cavity dey fi push up 1lb 13 oz
    All har family dem come ya a run up dem beak (fingas) dem naa pay di fine bout already a do time so no fine fi pay, so dem gonna make she do a longer stretch? well it is said in dere very comfortable so she will make herself at home

  37. Fukkkka u get ketch now you did me wrong this is your karma. Like sum1 say up top. Dis a ur karma. You all here defending some1 you are aware bout but i understand you are all embarassrf and hurt but this girl right here i can write a paragraph about her. She isnt a good person. She will give into the friendship and be extra nice with you but when u find her out real devil gal dem ya. Hide unno man from her.

  38. Dis girl need fi guh inna church the streets isnt for her, fi har name deh a road & it mucky. But dem ya frien ya a di bess unno a di same ting old people have a sayin weh sehh show mi unno fren i tell you who you are, so its expected fi unno back har n hype up di ting. My family wud sit me down n seh no anuh suh it werk get u life right. U deh a jamaica find out how fi get a piece a land go get it severe use di money “if har money tall” n buil up a one room. YOU DONT HAVE SHIT TO SHOW BUT PARTY PICTURES N MUSSI FEW CLOTHES YAH SELL. a dat unno a hype ova? Oh thats the Lavish living? Fast life have 2 routes Jail or Dead. Like u nuh have nuh real fren weh can stand up seh yes ive talked her out of it, mi nuh see none inna di comments dem. NONE. Yet u all choose to call people haters. What exactly are we hating on? What exactly does she have that she has accomplished that people will hate on? What credentials does she have that others would love to have? When you are mentioning the word hate understand the meaning. Because what i do know there isnt anything solid about this girl for people to hate on. This is some1 who havent figured out who she is as yet. What her long term plans are what she would like to accomplish. unno need fi ketch up. Use the hate word wisely.

  39. anonynmous i hope ur following exactly wat u type cause u sound like a miserable bitter person who just sit and talk bad about anybody pic u see post…. just make sure u like perfect cause unnu look mek big chat and worry bout ppl who nuh give a f**k bout unnu. if u had a 9-5 u wouldnt live ova pon a mix up page. clearly ur a fan whether she good or bad unnu a fan. y talk about someone who cyah see wat unnu a say bout her. yall have a fan behaivour

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