Kartel trial: Witness hits back as attorney attempts to discredit evidence

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 | 4:12 PM

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — A defence attorney in the murder trial of entertainer Vybz Kartel on Wednesday sought to discredit damning evidence given by the prosecution’s star witness on Tuesday.

“I put it to you that you were never in the house,” attorney Tom Tavares-Finson told the witness. “That pit bull attacked you, and in a bid to protect you the dog bit Kartel. You did not enter the house.”

“Were you there, sir?” the witness shot back curtly, causing laughter throughout the packed courtroom.

The exchange drew the intervention of presiding Judge Lennox Campbell who cautioned the witness.

On Tuesday the witness gave a damning account of what transpired at a house in Havendale, St Andrew, where Kartel and associates are suspected to have killed Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams on August 16, 2011.

The witness said that after arriving at the house with Williams he had to flee for his life after Williams was attacked.

-Karyl Walker

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Kartel-trial–Witness-hits-back-as-attorney-attempts-to-discredit-evidence#ixzz2lszkXVvP


  1. No man dis witness look like him nah shake! But how di dawg fi bite kartel (di owna) to proteck weed? So kartel ah try fi seh him put himself infornt weed so das him nuh get bite mi neva kno seh ah suh lovin him be :hoax

      1. I’ve never owned a dog but the dog would’ve protected its owner it obviously didn’t see its owner in kartel that day.

        1. or the dog felt threatened ..it deep.is not like is a puppy bite him its a grown dog whey he was more dan familiar with


        2. when we were growing up as kids we owned several dogs, there was a dog who would protect us kids to the death, one day my dad decide to beat me for something I did and after him put two licks on me the dog who him feed every bite him on his foot and let me get away.

      2. The thing the dog is owner by Kartel and there is nothing I see that suggest that the owner and the dog ever bonded. Not because you own a dog mean the dog knows you or is there to protect you. Even if the dog is “close” to the owner, in a chaotic situation, the dog might not be able to quickly tell owner from foe. Happen all the time, especially if the dog is train to fight or mistreated over time. Pit bulls and other breeds are very unpredictable. I know of a situation where a vicious Presa Canario (more deadly than pit bulls) killed his female owner while she was giving it a bath.


  2. u know seh KARTEL call mi several times fi defend him …and mi nuh answer now mi si pim pim a call mi but pim pim tell mi seh dem wi double di price mi fi call shawty….when mi call shawty seh a di prison time shi wah double ………SO MI JUS NUH BADDA WID DI CASE BECAUSE IF A DAT SHE WANT HIM LAWYER A DO A FINE JOB :cool

        1. mi know seh nuff a unu a go seh KARTEL NEVA CALL …..and mi neva talk to pim pim ….but mi have one question “Were you there?”

          1. My girl, according to whey Ace just utta pon de nex board….de congo drum beat dem a convert justice shortly. Ace of all people switch pon dat demon? no sah

    1. but finson neva know what fi ask..how u fi a protect someone from somoene and di dog bite your ankle? weed did deh a grung?

  3. No, Sah Mi nearly spit me morning cereal out of my mouth. Mi a go start use that line fi everything. “Were you there, sir?”

    Well now this a begin to sound really like the men them were pre-occupied in the house and that when the witness last saw Williams (which seems like only a few seconds prior to the dog bite incident) he was a live but in a terrible condition – and they were indecisive as to what to do with him.

    It look like a Kartel release the dog or dogs fi help ketch the witness. But, the dog get panicky and a seh a wah a gwaan mek I bite summady and show them a who hold authority.

    But clearly Kartel attorney a try establish the witness as a liar who never even entered the house to begin with to see anything that transpired in the house in the first place. It seems Kartel’s defence is trying to say that the Witness was outside the whole time, basically waiting on Williams and maybe having a casual conversation with Kartel. In the midst of that conversation the dogs tried to bite the Witness when Kartel intervened and was then bitten himself. And it is for that reason that the Witness aided Kartel in getting to the hospital without the knowledge of the others.
    So, all in all Kartel’s Defence is clearly trying to establish that there was no chasing of the Witness by Kartel.

    Well if this in indeed the case it is hard to disprove the witness. Because only someone on drugs or of unsound mind could make up a story of witnessing someone being in a situation where they were not moving with a block beside them.

    Mek I do road fi a little two three hours. When I come back I hope them dash it out pan me without warning!!!!!!

  4. Them flatten lizard they could not decide what to do …..then weed tek him foot inna him hand and run……dutty kartel realize seh di yute run gone him decide fi run him down and di dog run him dung and bite him… because dem neva wah nuh gun shot …because police did done a watch him dem use block now dem a try decide if him dead and dem couldnt tell dem lik out him brain and it splat pon di wall

  5. My question is for the witness speaking. When kartel gone a prison being that they know him what gonna happen to his life ?. You think them police ago care about him then to even protect him a them same one a kill him. Then again he was once a kartel fan who knows how much people him help kill fi kartel. Birds of a feather flock together. My opinion

    1. yu nuh siseh a Jamaica a guard di yute …yu did tink if di yute nuh unda protection him wouldnt dead already or him family wouldnt dead ? yu nuh siseh di yute unda heavy protection

  6. go si killa yah now ….him mussi done two backkle a hennesy and a 500 bag weed big celebration uppa killa tonite……………….BULLET :newyear

    1. WERE*…sorry mi suh busy a laff cuz mi can just imagine kartel nd him lawyer reaction wen weed a mek dem knw sey anything a anything him nuh fraid agen de man waan knw if yuh did up deh lawyer man a weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. You know something just clicked on my brain, I honestly believe that the body of that man found on bounty killer’s premises was placed there by or on the orders of kartel. God know mi just get the vision awhile ago.

      1. @Real when mi use to go school a nuff time mi skul class bcuz mi did already know what the teacher was going do the entire week.

  8. gimme a sec ….KILLA JUST CALL MI ….WEN MI LISTEN GOOD A SHAWTY INNA DI BACK GROUND ….SEH Henny fi run …what is going on ?

      1. simply mi ask if di yute dem nah go a school tomm. since di party a run late shi seh “why pree ?’…. mi seh it nuh look good all how u did a behave wah day …she seh “Were you there, sir ?” mi just tell ar fi gi mi back killa

  9. So tell me something. What became of the red spots that appeared to be blood the police found at the premises? Was it confirmed to be blood? Human blood for that matter? Was a DNA test done to confirm whether or not it was Lizard’s blood?
    All now mi no hear nuting concrete in dis case. Except for the block the man held over a motionless Lizard. Weed word against Kartel. I hope there is solid evidence to come.

  10. CALM DEM WEEDIE MI BWOY…mi did ah lose faith but Weedie nah budge ah rass!!! Ah God spare Weed life fe ah reason, because what in darkness MUST come to light.

  11. Same suh Real…..Finson a tell dem long time seh him aguh buss di case, but dem fi mek sure Weed nuh come a court. Neva know seh Wikniss Proteshon have Weed a cure inna BulbEye yard dung a country.
    When Finson see Weed tek di stan, every ounce a blood leff him baddie. Baay brain fart tek up Tavares…..lolol.

  12. big up weed @ real u a kill mi dwl.all who think he was going to get off thought wrong i kno for a fact that upon until yesterday he was sayin that he was coming a road an how much him want big money fi sting.Last night when i call my linky who is very close to the situation and ave regular convos with shawn storm an a ask if dem still a do sting him say sting a go happen dung a gp bcuz a pure bawling an ppl a say look how dem think ppl did loyal if i dead in yah

    1. Shawn Storm did a mad wha day when jail pressha tek him a now him a go worsa mad or him might just tek d stand n cleanse him soul

  13. De case neva investigate thoroughly tho cause dat taxi man look like he got a lot of info an him taxi smell of death

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