Mi buy one a di Keyshia outfit offa ebay di odda day and a dis mi get. Lmao, a joke. Dis is di pic dem have up a advertise di outfit…dem chiney people ya take wi fi eediat smdh


  1. Sender, report dem bloodclaat tuh Ebay Mediation Department *that numb is 1-866-540-3229*…mi seh mi cannot stand dem teefin chiney sellers on Ebay *there are a few good ones, but the bad out weighs the good*…mi order wa bang wid the other day ah mi seh di man sen mi wa wig weh fava cousin it wig; afta mi message him ah class im up, mi call Paypal ah open a case against them fe get mi money back…dem ago tell mi bout if mi change mi negative feedback first den mi wi get back mi money *feedback extortion, which is also against Ebay Policy…sender, contact the seller and let them know that you are dissatisfied with your purchase and you want your money back…then call Paypal @1-888-221-1161 and open an “item not as described” case against the seller..if the seller or Paypal tells you that yu have to send the item back in order to get a refund, tell them no you won’t be doing that because it will cost you at least $25.00 to ship the item back to China *unless the seller is willing to provide you with a free return shipping label at their expense…report them!!

      1. Yes she can Metty…if the item description does not state that she would receive a knockoff/imitation, then she is entitled to her money back…one ting wid Ebay id dem tek fraud very seriously…another thing is if you see a seller with feedback percentage less than 99.5%, I wouldn’t do business with them…check the feedback that other buyers have said about the seller….she will get her money back Metty, trust me on that..

        1. yeppie no if the seller provides both pictures she cant get a dollar back ,people need to check the details carefully because dem mek di cheap price excite dem too much

          1. Metty, trust mi…if it isn’t the authentic brand/label, she will be refunded her money. Mi know Ebay like mi know mi Bible…

    1. Mawnin peeps! Mi neva buy it enuh…a browse mi did a browse pon ebay an when mi see it wid Keyshia pic post up right side a it mi nearly drop a grung…it look like one pickney shorts set dwrl…so I had to send it een, but thank you for the run down on what to do if mi ever haffi get back mi money.

  2. If she files a claim with PayPal she will get her money back met. Even though the seller might advertise the same identical item that the model is wearing she can file a claim for item is not as described. And last but not least that outfit is hideous hope di senda did a buy it fi play jancoonuh!

  3. She nuh deserve a penny back! What u see is what u get… And even if dem tek Keisha own offa har back guh yuh it still raas ugly an cheap looking…unless ah masquerade yuh aguh jump…

  4. what money.. i visit the sites on the net and that very outfit is only $7.99 trust me. she ah just used it as yard clothes. it fuuuugleeeeeh

    1. But Heiniken, yuh nuh easy ah cleat dwl!!!…yuh nuh hear di man tell wi seh every mickle mekka muckle?!; yuh know how hard people work fidem $7.99???..suh is want yuh want sender fe run roun ar house inna dat deh bitcch up outfit lookin like a retarded Wonder Woman? :hammer ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

      1. yeppie :maho how she fi pay 7.99 free shipping an want glitter on it and fitted_______________________________________ sender u bad oo

        1. Metty, when di chiney man send di copy cat outfit dem raily stay bad fe chop choo; mi dawta use tuh buy out Alley Express Metty, ah mi use tuh laugh livin eye wata til she learn ar lesson :hammer :hammer

  5. why would sender think everything on ebay is authentic . beacuse them have a comercial…. i’m been try to buy some virgin remy from india. an i’m going to the sources in india not thru ebay. you have no idea how. im scared i’m to send them my hard earn $700. altho they boast the hair last well over 2 years. but i personally dont know anyone who bout from them. other tha youtube blogger.. they mayy be paid to gas this company up. not to talk of a superwoman looking outfit for $7.99 modeled by kiesha kior. love long hair.. yes my hair dont grow so i fake the hell out of some brazillian, and peruvian..

    1. Heineken, why not go thru Ebay, where your purchase is buyer protected *Paypal*?..if anything goes wrong or is wrong with your purchase, your money is secured if it is done via Paypal thru Ebay…

  6. its unlikely for sender to think she was going to model pon nobody in that weh you seh retared super woman get up.. it only short of the cape

  7. hello nobody no go look yet fi confirm weh mi a seh??????? OR UNNUH A FASS PON ALL THE OTHER SHIT. NUFF THING PON IT KAUTE. WHY SHE CHOOSE RETARD SUPER WOMAN

  8. I’m still waan know what the hell this lady wanted this out fit for?!?
    Look like di Chiney dem tek di ‘S’ offa superman chest an put it right inna di crotch… Ugly too pretty fi describe dah outfit deh!

  9. I must be the only person, but I like the outfit on Keyshia. I don’t have the body to pull it off like her and the mannequin is a hot azz mess, but I think it is a cute outfit for those who love colour and prints.

  10. dem always say imitation is a form of flattery but i am more puzzled by the writing on the shirt. What the hell is it trying to say?!?! cho mi cyaa falla fashion nowadays cause it gone left long time.

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