1. Elesha Goodaz SEH!!!!!!! him nuh come from suck pussssy battyman Atlantaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..I are dead!!!_________________________________________________________________ :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

        1. but is right ina atl dem did dash one big accusation bout what him do wid who and where..very rude fi talk to people like that

          1. Metty dem is all the same, one big set a fish eena swimming pool. Mi nuh know nutten bout di f**kk battam part but dem nuh ramp fe tell yuh seh dem wi suckkk yuh front til all yuh toes curl up

          2. But ma’am, why Elesha suh brave fe chat anybody wid im heavy lisp tongue?? What a piece a nerves dat have :hammer

          3. dis is more dan nerves ! dat fi show u seh dem dont respect nobody..if him a go deal wid di public like that suppose him really did get billions outa di business? dem love talk bout people obeah dem but a dem dutty ways always keep dem down

          4. Yuh know him prolly a wear the pants on consignment or eena buy n’ wear, dry clean n’ return once him done wear ah poop eeh up, suh now with the tearage it cyaan return :hammer


    1. all wen di pants expensive him naah fi move suh, him claim him a Intl “superstar” suh him shuda have a change a clothes a di show….everyday mi prove more an more “mankind will become lovers of themself an material things” over ppl which shud be there brothers keeper….once u go front a di stage gal ago grab affa u suh is either dem drag u dung or u stay far….a tear pants naah fi mek him a move suh……

  2. Him pants did already tear unno see how him cloths dem tight pan him chunky body…she jus finish what was started. Dem need if stop talk bout dem bad because a Jamaica him come dem mec good j’cans men get bad name. And wan inna fi him pants dey gyal deh want ? Mi wouldn’t even give to elli back way nope

  3. Pree bck di video again wen him seh “hey girl u tear mi pants but u pretty mi naah go badda go hard pon u” den him seh riddim…..an is like him tink bout di pants an get mad again…dwllll

  4. Why money GOD a behave so over one pants? By the looks a things the pants rotten make it tear so easy but them should and fine him fi dah behaviour deh gwaan through Elesha all you must stink a hope you learn fi wear him size now

    1. Money God? De same one whey did a thief Jamaican Public Service (JPS) currant/light?

      Onu really expect much from a PETTY THIEF?

      fi all we know a one crutcha pants and him nu know how fi return it or get another one.

  5. him too out of order

    look how him a cuss the woman

    fish !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a bruk him bruk and a mussi di last bashment pants him coulda draw for in these recession days mek him a gwan so

    ele yuh bruk and shameful

    no real man nah class nuh woman like that

  6. old dutty pants rotten ,but ele u did not of to act in such a mammer the girl just excited fi see u cho rass man : :kr

  7. Mek him move h bloodclaat wid him dry rotten pants wah d gyal cudda do so Mek him pants tear up. Look how much show mi go and see him a carry on and pants tear out and him still perform. Him mussi did f**king hungry!

  8. Met seh elesha goodas. Lmaoooo! Mi think a d woman weh tear d pants name so mi just realize a miss big hole. Ugly nuh rass.

  9. Mel him move and Gweh, very unprofessional. Beyonce a perform and one guy all most pull r arm out a di socket, and my girl never skip a beat. She kept on performing ( understandable if stopped) because at the end of the day, there were many people in the audience who paid good money to c her, and they shoukdvt have to suffer because of one idiot.

  10. Him a talk bout him nuh come fi go strip club…..but yet a him ask di girl if she waan “touch it” an shub out front fi she touch. An yuh know at first mi tink him did a mek light a di situation…..cause mi tink a laff him did a laff it off. Him is a fukkin shythouse…..A him talk bout “see it deh touch it”. She shoulda tear off him balls too. Tongue heavy like building block. Him naw noooo mannaz. Dats why mi haffi luv di Gullygad….cause if a did Vado him jus laff it off an di show goes on. Ele is a big pussyhole. Kmt.

  11. ele did a plan fi carry back the pants and get back him money when him done perform, now the girl tear it and f*ck him money so him vex

  12. Why him never gwaan so when BET tell him seh him couldn’t walk the red carpet like the rest of A list celebs. Him go same way go do free performance but you act like this because a paying fan supposedly tear yuh pants. Must’ve been his favorite pair.

  13. But a what do elesha goodas, elesha use to f**k one battyman name browning that use to dress like girl many years ago and it did buss out, so him a long time undercover fish, him use to meet and f**k with browning all the time. So when you hear are a lick out pon battyman elesha a big undercover man longtime

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