2. ded up dwrcllllll no sah em is too much nung sombody send di link mek wi si if dem deh peep toe boot a ooman or man ooooooooooooooooo

  3. Met MONEY TRAIN ah do biggest batty min inna the histrie of batty men!! Suppose u see when the man cock off him pinky finger .. No ah murdaaaaaa … Idk what bitches see on him money or no money like euwwww he obviously tek mon

    1. You wonder? lol It ain’t hard to tell. The thirst is def real. I like to say this. I don’t f!ck around with the help……….them man ya keep one or two dance and them a god. God moves mountains these nigglets kicking rocks.

      1. lolol…”nigglets kicking rocks” words to live by. DWRCLNN! De shoes de pose de essence of de man says BRUKE BACK BATTYMAN!

  4. Him wudda almost fava Jimmy Cliff pon di poster fi Harder They Come…until yuh reach di foot part…gwaan tru sar wid yuh bad gyal stand up smh… :ultah

  5. Him cannot be a str88 man. No way no how. That silver slippaz :mewek :matabelo. Nuh him di gal dem a mad ova…..I guess him money really long like train. Whey di REAL man dem deh inna dancehall. It luk like dem dead or deh a prison causen sey is mostly under covers fishes mi a si from whey day and dem tek time a come out of the closet. Watch how di denture dem a peep out

        1. gyal dem sugar like them best girl fren

          me and my gay fren love to laugh together , shop, party, gossip and all these things

          closer than 2 peas in a pod

          so a mus dat you mean

          1. yes there is plenty sugar where money train is concerned, but it inna him tank.

            as y said, its right infront wi eyes but wi refuse to believe it because of all the smoke an mirrors.

            gud day miss met

            gud day fellow metters

          2. but look pan di gladiator sandals di man have on and dem a seh him a girls man dem fi gwaan betta man

  6. dis man is flamingggggggggggggggggg

    i dont know who him be , never heard of him

    but there is no way me coulda ever be a woman and and seh me attracted to dat

    who part a dat man look masculine to you ?

    no sah

    better him just be my gay best fren and done

    and noooooooooooooooooooo straight man can par with or associate wid dis man unless a $$ or dem a fish to

    come on please please please will these dancehall men just come out of the closet and done nuh

    and women who willingly sleep with battyman – something wrong with unu

  7. I’m Convince the masculin Black men are dead , and all we have left are effeminate men. The only thing left for them to do is bleed and give birth.

  8. I was a blk man in a glasses just like miss Janie up a top, but it design different from hers. I dad to turn around an look when he pass me, all I could do was shake my head.

    I wonder what transpired in dancehall for this sudden change of fashion ? Dancehall was always fashionable, but all this sweetness right here is very troublesome to me! Leg throwback inna di air,cut out shoes, an female glasses???!!! No saaw!!

    1. This ‘ish been a part of Dancehall….puhleeeeeeze! What happenes to those so called bad boys back in the days that I use to see on videos….Willie Hoghart, Cleo, Radigan (the dude that got dipped)……it just switched up from sequince and eyelets to whats taking place now :cool

      1. quena, mi jus a speculate….mi Neva go dancehall yet mi just watch di videos an mi Neva se noting like dem man yah nowadays.

        1. I use to go often but lately I’m ‘lo…..what I use to see on the videos can be combared with modern day. I’m in my 30’s and I remember my friends Mother’s back in the day doing dude’s hair with finger waves and pincurls……what’s worse they use to call themselves Gun men and Bad men so Train is not new his swag though is different…….the lavender shorts got me shook up mi nah lie :takut

          1. quena,the pin curls and banana peel hairstyle worn by men in the dancehall back in the day is in fact truth.

            back then it did not have a homosexual undertone,but in today’s day and age, homosexuals are very much in our surroundings and they do have a voice and a presence.

            they have a particular luk, mannerism, dress code among other identifying actions. not all homosexuals display these, but the ones that do have made these actions synonymous with them. why u as a straight man wanna luk like them?

        2. honeybee dem man yah nowadayz juss diffrantttttt caw mi membah all wen ele cum out wid finga wave n colah colah hair…dem call em gallist but dem set a “men” ere cut from a strange piece a cloth

  9. :hammer drop ah grung :salahkamar what some bitches do for the sake of money..this can never be a real masculine man and dress so flamboyant sugar must in his tank

  10. When i think of a man Paul Bunyun (sp) comes to mind not Paul Range and the rest of the effeminate men they speak of.

  11. Unnu a try teck big bloodclaaaaaat woman fi fool a tawk bout this shitstabber a gal suga just watch the silver sequins bloodclaaaaaaaaat slippers whey the rass have on kmft

  12. Miss Janie on the right look like he was going to a 70s party, because I doe se any other reason for him to dress like that. Fashion evolves but I just can with some of these j’cans men in dancehall can’t :cd


  14. an anada ting, portoroyalquena wen u si money train again, u can give him a message fi mi?

    tell him lundun seh if him can please tek sum a di MONEY weh him ave a bag of, an TRAIN him teet dem fi stay inna him head. please an tonks.

    tell him, him luk like quagmire from outta family guy, an him luk stupid a buy diss one bagga gucci and lv, yet him naah buy him teet dem no restraint.

    1. U too bad! Leave Quagmire alone…but u know quagmire would dress like money train if him a get some puzzy because that foll would do anything to get some puss.

          1. quena, i am very far from bx and i don’t know this sheude and would never approach him cuz him teet dem luk sharp an mi cyaah tek a bite right now.

            an true seh u know dem endz deh, mi juss a ask u fi do u sista a favor.

    2. medicccc kin ova :maho
      frm whey day yu naaaah behave dwrcl bag a money bag a money naaah buy teet restraint _______________________________________________

      1. kia, i r behaving, tashamay could OF len mr. train fi har restraints, but by di time she dun wid dem deh, all a di grip ago gone outta it cuz about 10 years dem a serve an protect fi har teet dem.

        an we all know fi him teet dem ago need restraints wid suuuuuper extra, new and improved grip. :sup:

          1. quena it can not be SHOULD OF, cuz she no dun wid it yet.

            so it has to be COULD OF cuz she can’t cuz she is not able to lend sumthing she is still in the process of using.

  15. get A f88king life,,this man ONLY f88k MAN,,UNNO SERIOUS AROUND HERE

        1. Despacio, despacio por favor…….Yuh kno seh ah read mi read it wrang_____________________________________________________________________
          Nope the Train never ran across my tracks :cool

          1. Que??? No entiendo mi Amiga…….what other than run across tracks does a train do? Yuh kno’ what….I never was intimate with Mr. Money train, mi ingles aye Dios mio!

      1. So what kinda woman would take this pcs of shit up and call them they MAN,,THE MAN POSE BETTER THAN MY SISTER THEM,, LOOK AT THE MAN FORM AND EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM

          1. dwfflll,,,but for real met look at him, all him lips cok upppp. me hear someone say him fire gun, the only gun him fire is the sperm in his mouth. Gay gun man don’t dress like this,,this is a puppy

          2. anyhow him did any more daintier pan dat flyer we wudda haffi gi him a whole ballet outfit…mi cyah manage di res a u comment doe :nerd

          3. Met the man all tell you which store him shop,,LOUIS VUITTON don;t have a man sections so why him have dresses up?,,,lol

            All him need to do now is to put on one of them dresses that’s in the show case,,More than dainty him bendddddd

          4. mi see bre bre a ask fi di address fi go win di 1k nobody not going to have a baddah shoe dan him so dat money not gwine gi out :tkp

          5. Last year he tried his best :tkp
            My husband went and came back laughing……I think Tarik or wateva her name won. Dis anuh di first year it keep :tkp

          6. no man an no woman will have on a betta shoes dan teetimus.

            teetimus ago wear a boot weh badda dan di man dem boot, but it ago ave on a wicked piece a heel or cut out or strap up or buckle up or rhinestones weh ago bad a dan di woman dem own.

  16. Will read comments later, just had to say this; These two males are obviously from a home that slept on the floor in a one room, one underwear, one piece a tear up short and shirt , and walk Bare foot.

  17. Dem so frighten and fool fool fi name brand dem wear anything just because it have on a top designer name on it .

  18. All we a talk the man who make this flyer is damn disgrace . He should tell money train that flyer no look good for a man .

  19. Met why you hide the address. You have the time fi put the man pon blast show him some love. Let the people dem that a bun fire pon him go support h thing.

    1. ace yuh reach :maho mine a read yuh read di lady up a top dance rong enuh….lundy please tel mi if a felt di hat pon em hed name?

    1. quena dat is clear, but he had to have approve dat flyer and there is no way he didn’t spot that removing the background of that pic, leaving his foot in the air made him look a way.

      he never saw it and the over all girlieness of this flyer because he is a gal.

      1. Lundun you so right,,that’s how him want it to look becasuse everyone proof they’re flyers and makes changes. I guess he didn’t see anything to change

  20. DWRL mi say puertoNOriquena is so funny mi say she know nuff bout Jamaicans .. Bwoy mi nuh like fraud ppl enuh .. But money train yuh see this man ere is a faggot don’t nobody debate mi mi say anonymous just a run in bout man a sugar .. Sugar where? Mi see d man inna gold star wa day ya Ina wa batty rider mi nayli preddd out how man fi av on dem deh shorts deh plus the shorts were lavender ! ANUH everything u fi pick up ah FUKIIN wear it nuh look good!!! I went to his party last year (didn’t know it was his party DIDNT EVEN KNO WHAT A MONEY TRAIN WAS) when mi see di clown mi affi say weh dis mi cousin bring me come!! And bitches in their fakes ass red bottoms running on the stage to show off the “best” shoes for the money … DANCEHALL is for retarded people dying for some kind of attention & fame lol it’s so sad!

      1. Met I r not lying lol ! Do man walk in inna one lavender what looks to be polo
        Batty rider those dressy shorts that are way above the knee!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! And the way he held those scandal bags with his pinky cocking off I could have sworn he just got a fresh manicure! :malu :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :malu

        1. Last year at his party he had on a red n beige platform shoes with lace & met its a female boot! Di batty man CONTRACTA need fi pick up money train because WE NEED JUSTICE!!!!!!!!

          1. Zervah .. Platform wedge call it what you may all I know is that it is from the women’s collection & worm by a homosexual. 😀

    1. I dont know how long yuh come on here but as I’ve been saying all along I was surrounded by Jamaicans in my area of the BX, I GREW UP WITH Y’ALL AND UP TO TODAY MOST OF MY CLOSEST FRIENds are Jamaican (sorry for the caps, not intended but I aint typing this ‘ish over) anyway, aside from my growing up with, my Husband’s past line of business afforded me the opportunity to know the baller’s of your community…..I am not Jamaican nor would I fake being anything I am not but like Metty I am sure there is no way of me changing your mind as to what you believe me to be until Judgement day! I learned a lot from this blog as many of you did as well!
      Buh this not about Quena, this is about the Train!

    2. Thank you Fashion Passion,, his in all kinds of cloths for woman not man,,but met which woman?? the boys that act like woman or what? confuse me confuse

  21. di pic inna di red, dem boot deh luk like platforms an em luk like di “badman” battyman but di pic inna di front hav di badgyal tan uppp like a she a di ooman desso

  22. not looking any argument , but @ Y – are you male or female ? and are you gay ?

    would love to see MET do a interview with you as you seem to have alot of inside knowledge about these dancehall gay men on the dl

    its 2013 and this is America so i dont see why most of them dont just come out already

  23. FP u damn right bout him boot last year. Met is one Jeffery Campbell Oxford platform him did have on weh mek fi woman.

  24. But c ya me think Shizzle night gown was bad but dis ya look is sumn else. Mayb him need d platforms fe reach higher heights cos him have “SHORT MAN COMPLEX”. Plus Jamaican man know say dem no fe stand up with dem HAND A KIMBO a where him get dat from???

  25. .as i said before….dancehall ppl dont wear clothes….dem wear costumes so if him decide fi wear what is clearly a battyman costume dat is fi him business……dwbrcl………………and if him want cock up him foot in a display of unnecessary bitchassness…..dat is fi him business too…………..if a kinova and dead wid laff to raas…..

  26. Shoes dem scatter bout pon d Flyer lie a dem did a try dem on inna shoes stores n fling dem one-side cuz dem nuh fit. Looks like d floor when Macys a have a shoe sale

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