A victory for public order and morality — Ellington
Commissioner praises work of the DPP, JCF in Kartel murder trial

Thursday, March 13, 2014 | 7:50 PM

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington, who is currently overseas on an official police visit, is expressing satisfaction at Thursday’s guilty verdict handed down by the jurors on four of the five accused including popular entertainer Vybz Kartel in the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

“This case was a very long haul. Many man hours were spent in gathering the evidence and in the end we got the verdict we wanted. The guilty verdict is a victory for law and order, it is a decisive statement for justice and it is a victory for an acceptable public morality,” Ellington said, adding that despite the 13 degree C temperature he was presently experiencing, some warmth had been restored when he was informed of the guilty verdict. “Now, the commissioner said, “we have every good reason to have faith in our justice system.”

Commissioner Ellington was also effusive in his praises for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and her team. “I cannot tell you how proud I am of Paula Llewellyn and her team. They stayed the course, they wanted justice to prevail,” said Ellington.

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  1. Good job officers, it aint over as yet. Memba say Gaza Slim did say Lizard rob her after the date of said murder. Please pay her a visit and kindly have her move into her new home.

  2. Damn right it is victory !!!! Yea man, de “world boss” graduate from “Teacha”s pet” to “prison pet”. While in prison, him betta try nuh drop de cake soap.

  3. Mr. commissioner please rid the force of ALL the corrupt cops, then go into these garrison communities and “eliminate” ALL the dons!

  4. Great police work. Thanks to all the men & women who worked tirelessly from day 1 to present. Last but definitely not least a big big big gratitude to the jurors how proud u make me feel to know that u were able to remain objective and not get blinded & swayed by the whole celebrity charade. Let me not forget the victims’ families, relatives & friends how u waited for this day – it finally came right? God nah sleep. Way to go Jamaica there’s hope to drastically reduce crime in this beautiful country. I can envision a Jamaica whereby 8 y/o girls & boys can be sent to the store w/o some creature harming them. Our grandparents can return from church w/o being hacked. Jamaican citizens do all u can to take back ur country from the evil demons.

  5. Time for a new Jamaica. Like Dudus extradition and its bloody aftermath, this trial will be sure to leave an imprint in the psyche of the nation. I’m certain the police have learnt a lot from the trial itself and that in the future evidence will be handled within its proper protocol. Great work, though technologically and scientifically behind, we are getting there. In time, Jamaica will no longer be a playground for serial killing dj’s, rapists and murderers. Kudos, proud like a Olympics~

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