1. Nuff young bowi buddy can’t even say hello..dwln
      Met, is this the lady who filled out in during the court case? If so , congratulations to them.

    2. I always though a man over the age of 40 was useless, until mi meet up on a man wah almost 50 and I tell you is the best I ever had. Summen eena some a dese ole dicks girl, nuh knock it till you try it fi uself.

    1. smart girl. get with a man that can provide for you. fucc for assetts. love is great but love don’t pay bills. ladies take notes.

  1. She was one of the many groupies i’m sure jumped in when he was running the show. And to that chick saying love can’t pay bills, yes we know that and that’s why you should find a way to pay your own bills and not expect another person to help you. Jamaican women are living behind times with this mindset which makes it easy for them to be abused by these men who spend money. If you’re lazy and rather take insult instead of hustling for your own enjoy the misery hun.

    1. diggers money is the least of my problem. 10 women to a man so if that man want fucc me mi ago spend him money. the rest of his women can fucc for free. i am very very independent with my money and very dependent on a mans money cause them think them can fucc any and every woman and not spend. sorry hun but thats just not my cup of tea anymore.

  2. She stick through it long yes very long. Fyi a think he was married when him cum yah. Congrats to her they been through a lot. She is now a lawyer.

  3. When him did deh a England him never rich.so unless him come a yard come get rich, me no know how the money argument drop in.some ppl have this notion that from him white him rich….smdh.

  4. Check his pay package and tell me how many Jamaicans would consider him rich – he was even given free housing.

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