Respect will always be the adhesive that keeps any relationship together. Whatever problem that arises in a relationship, I can guarantee you its root cause is a violation of respect.
Respect acts as an invisible barrier that governs the standard of any relationship as it relates to the behavioral and verbal communication. Each party has an innate understanding as to how far to go with each other, what borders not to cross. Respecting each others role in the relationship is pivotal for a successful relationship.
The reality is, if you’re seriously in love with someone or have great concern for them, then that genuine love or great concern will determine that you ought to treat and communicate to and with each other in a respectful manner. I find it almost impossible to comprehend, when one claims to love or be concern about another but has zero respect for them…
This makes absolutely no sense at all! In fact, in my opinion I see it as being hypocritical.
Consistent actions coupled with communication will always reveal the heart of the one that claims to love you or be concern about you. Ultimately if they are hell bent on disrespecting you, then I can assure you that their version of love or concern is at best polluted.
The bottom line my friend, whenever the God designed order of any relationship is challenged, which is giving respect to the head of that relationship and respecting each other, then the respect or integrity of that relationship is being challenged as well. My advice is quite simple for this topic and that advice is: whenever you observe any form or type of disrespect at any point or area of your relationship, do not hesitate to have it addressed, instead have it addressed immediately. Your immediate attention to this seemingly irrelevant act will not only bring your relationship in order but secure for yourself and the relationship a peace of mind. Simply put, respect maintains order!
If allowed to continue, then simultaneously prepare for division as a result of that previous unchecked disrespect that initiated the disorder. Any house, kingdom or relationship divided against itself “MUST” fall, Matthew 12:25.
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]

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