SENDER;-The biggest empty barrel inna bronk talk about how the other day you went to *ck my fren an she run you because you had sh*t stains in your underpants like nigga you need to stop being the nasty ads waste man that you are who suck p**y an eat a*s like there’s no tomorrow your a punk a*s nigga who has nothing but all you do is pretend for the gram


  1. Lawd I can’t understand the hype, sir is that 3grand I’ll say 5 is the most. When Marlon Samuels a hype I understand why the man lives in a hotel/mansion that’s a real money man and I still think he should humble him self. U uppa top stop count out $ on ig, i think most people comes across 5Gs, tax time, easy u self

  2. Waste man posting up ppl money smh ‍♀️ nigga stop acting like you tent a penthouse because you didn’t I’ve never seen a man with nothing can hype suh man like him ppl will pree an rob because everything him post up smfh nigga get a life an guh feed your hungry family

  3. Suppose wah hurricane like wind came outta nowhere and blow dat money away :ngakak we would surely see the real mr Hype.

  4. Pussy stop count out ppl money an gawn like a penthouse you was in because from what I hear a the box truck job wey you deliver chairs an table u go deliver an a posed up like a hotel you dea yow mi never see a man can tek ppl money an hype suh yet inna mi life gawn man you soon end up inna a body bag at the rate your moving you must get rob because you don’t know nothing about being humble you an your fren dem a one big set of waste man macaroni mulla never come bloodclatt see

  5. Can’t expect nothing better from a wannabe punk ass waste nigga all I want to know if him not tired of hyping with ppl money because I never see one person so foolish an dum look like the likke weed set him a sell a get huh him head from wey day him on this hype but yet nah look after his family but remember this mulls hyping is causing but it’s not forever lasting you need to stop making yourself an easy target

  6. Is this man for real???!!!!

    Before the person with him tells him how foolish he looks, they’re standing there filming the foolishness!!

    Mi caan budda kmt

  7. Me hear the man dem a Maxfield a plan fi him when him go Jamaica cause them page him pon a little money to do something an him say nuttin nah gwan but yet him a post up money on social media see how this fool a set up him life.

  8. I can’t understand how this nigga use to be a Cop in Jamaica an come a foreign a move like a big waste man u suppose to know better than that say posting money on social media u a draw down Feds on u self an who wah deh round u.

  9. Mulla a di biggest empty barrel bruk an like to make noise always a hype for no reason the person who a video him is just a bigger clown how about you stop hype with your dunce self an go bk to school an stop tell lies about u went university etc from Jamaica you a hype till now a same way you use to gawn with ppl money wey you thief an you come America with you dirty mentality doing the same thing but you need to pay back ppl them money wey you thief an guh hole your corner because inna real life without Instagram your nothing a nobody you only can fool ppl on the gram

  10. There is no way i am going to be videoing myself with cash and post it on social media, meanwhile my family bk home in Jamaica suffering smh.

  11. Your family hungry an you a post up money on social media anwhen them call an ask you for a dalla you sey you don’t have it your fren them need to watch there back because your bringing so much unnecessary attention on yourself an them

  12. If unuh listen the song good he’s referring to all u pink wall bad people kmt. If unuh hate di man so much when unuh si him go hit him inna him face den!bored.com

  13. Dem people yah confusing first is lawsuit money then is tax money then is weed money then is box truck money then is people monen then again ia thief him thief senden what type of money is it? Ive been following his story but im confused

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