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  1. TPC…. people who talk about money and a hype preaching badness a suh dem head look under wig. Karlene you head look dirty bad bad and what is that patch, badness or dirty? The people shamed you at your dog’s party…pinkwall put up the video deh fe mi. You think your bad bear acting you act. The girl pull of your dusty stocking and you run. Facts. Why you run guh perm head the next morning if you nuh shame. Your fake and front for the gram.

    Lol remember when munchy wig got pull off how you was laughing. Come back to haunt you but you tried to pull if off first you never bargain fe stocking fe get draw off

    You and suzie deh pon live after the party in a flat with natey and the dj.the one who came in the room and asked a WHAT UNU A DO AND IF UNU READY yeah the same man strip down inna him vest that didn’t no we could see him, facts. so who **** dj,artist and promoter YOU REMEMBER THE ONE SUZIE A WHISPER BOUT AND YOU HAD TO TELL HER YOUR ON LIVE. Facts. Old hoe who **** fe money bout your moneys up. Why you delete the live dem??? Cause you exposed your dirty self and your drunkard friend who just about could sleer her words out. facts. You love recipits post back up the videos and let the world see how lie and dirty you are.

    Since you been in Brum over 1 year now what do you own a colour wig a blonde one and the stink 40 inch that you and your daughter share and 2 pair of red bottoms. Your clothes are brick a brack what money you talking about please stop watch people and fix up yourself. You post up tv what day ya…a suh you frightened who did you have to open your legs to to get that. When you a dig 1 grave dig another old crosses gal.

    From munchy bless yes she bless have her party you ain’t stop talk bout her. You obsessed man and jelous bad. Admit it to yourself because anyone with half of brain can see that your not normal and I gaurentee 99% of your follows are laughing at you not with you.

  2. Karlean big mad over munchie. Who cares if munchie clothes fake, is like u fuck gyal why u so concerned about the girl and the girl not looking on you. Your fren said in your live video “come now,make we go do 3 sum” nasty freaky karlean.

  3. Sender I took one quick glimpse at both your comments (yes you’re the only one who cares enough so to do).. and I’m telling you ain’t nobody got time for all that shyt!!why di phuck should we care if Karlene head picky picky..how does her head being picky picky impacts our lives..point out in what shape or form it enriching your life or adding value to ours??

    See 2019 if Unno don’t have any constructive mixup to bring ya,go sit Unno baxides In a dark corner n think about the fcukery Unno promoting.

  4. @anoymous 2.25 yu never seh a better ting mi fren that girl is different bad bad bad exactly har wig get pull art in her so called frens dance I laugh till I weak. Suzie did say their going to have a 3 some when ppl drunk dem talk de trut. Suzie and she a two coke heads. All now nobody can’t tell me who tek arf de wig????

  5. Some a di ppl dem wah clean inna dance have di duttiest house…har head look like she dus fling off di wig a night time an a sleep pan pillow wah di sponge a come out.

  6. Big up your self Munchy bless from your number one fan in Manchester yes girl you have fan all over!!!! Karlene is Munchie biggest fan secretly; she’s obsessed in love with Munchy facts…1 Obeah working Paranoid Ugly gal same she tried it wid mi nice clean fren Debbie but now the last laugh is on your Dirty Ugly B!!!

  7. Mi love her friend Kat is real she tell her the truth bout her dry head whilst the other hypocrites a laugh mi nuh know if it’s with har or after har !!! Karlene yuh interior and exterior mucky and dirty sub leave the clean people them alone

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