he Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) is expected to confirm on Monday whether the dancehall entertainer seen in a video with a handgun is a licensed firearm holder.

A source at the FLA told RJR News that the agency is giving urgent attention to the matter, adding that a news release on the case could be issued as early as Monday morning.

RJR sources confirmed that senior detectives have footage of the incident which was circulated via social media.

In the eight second clip a woman is seen clutching what appears to be a handgun. For a brief moment she points the firearm in the direction of the entertainer, as another woman and at least three men look on. The woman then hands the gun to the entertainer.


  1. Mi se met Mi nuh know if him a go able fi go court… Bernie man jus lick him dung ina wah song name our grung….

  2. That’s BS look how much damn video out there with so many others holding firearm and no one complained. What about the police them that have many of their friends and family handling their firearm.

  3. Anon 4:36 your comment is stupid asf……the policemen your referring to and family members did you see them on social media doing that?!? So shut the fuck up.

  4. All he has to do is say it was an imitation firearm that they were using as prop for a video blah blah, even if it wasn’t, that cannot be determined from a video alone

    1. …. and can he produce the imitation firearm on request? The woman with that gun is stupid….never point a (loaded or unload) firearm at anyone. Even if the magazine is out, there could be a bullet in the chamber.

  5. Anon 4.36 if that is the case den nuh put it pon social media. Fact is from once it reach social media den fi investigate and men the law run its course. Anon maybe u don’t understand what I am saying or the others lol, but try n read n understand ok. Poor thing lol.

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