1. English can dress they outfits be killing it….love Camiles dress as for the other Lee dont he like wearing shirts smh……

  2. Wish we coulda ave dance like dat a Canada…only now and den we get dem enjoyment to rass. It look like a bare attitude, war and shooting ova nutten. Some a dem dark and fool fool like! England, Jamaica and merica big up unno dam self! Unno know bout pawty! Bare eediat ting gwan ova Canada!

  3. The ole a di England girl hairline intact, mi notice seh none a dem hairline nah reside :kr all the big fat ones them tan good ina them clothes, and most of them thick and look good.

  4. A Which woman dis now lucky?! but scratch dat di party tun up!!

    unuh see dah big woman deh in a di white she need fi stop it!! she look like Ursula di sea witch from likkle mermaid!! di blush well pronounced pon har face!!

  5. Lucky, tek time wid eeh piece ah gum inna yuh mout nuh my yute (39.33)… :hammer …happy Friday Metty n’ fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

    1. Lucky, you is ah very nice n’ sexy looking gentleman but suh please…stop chew di piece ah gum like ah you name mumma lashy. It nuh look right. Chew wid yuh mout close ah stop fling eeh piece ah gum all bout…

  6. the people dem look noice :recsel the woman inna the white :ngakak :malu :ngakak :mewek2 :mewek2 :ngakak :ngakak

  7. The man fly from Merica to rasss a so lucky big hehehe.
    A wah do muma bird she no see seh she dip fi har face inna the blusher rassclart and she look like she teif one of my voile dem from mi window, hahahaha

  8. I started to watch the video not paying attention to the heading… I was like dem girls can dress. Philly So call celebrity need to take notes.

  9. Met idiot gal Charlette London double decka bus run go tatoo lucky name pan her fool an Nicole reach back a henglan me want know how.

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