34 thoughts on “ENGLISH DOLL VS KEMA

  1. These young girls are so tacky, why unnu can’t put as much energy into obtaining a degree or something outta life than to be popular on ig and f**k the most crew within Jamaica and abroad. Kema you is a mother and look at the things you are writing

  2. How old is Diamond ? I know her friend Dolly is a child whose body is just forming out, man she’s gonna be top heavy.

  3. Me nu know them man tekkings but for a fact diamond always have her own room with a good bed set. Her father na go Eva put her out cuz him spoil har. The Breda weh dead use to mine har so she tek the man dem at her own discretion cuz she always a work too so mi nu see the need fi the bagga man n drama.

  4. I’ve never seen diamond post a pic in your house fi true. These girls in dancehall are a mess, wonder if diamond feel no way to the amount a man shi f***k in and out of dancehall lol. Diamond is full time now Yuh pussy get a fix address dwl.English doll is in a world to herself “tacky world”. Kema continue sell and Tek care of yourself and your son but you ain’t no better than diamond and tacky doll.

  5. I thought diamond fadda was bulby weh dead????
    Why diamond love tek ppl man so smfh she tek any gal man and no care me fraid a har yo

  6. English is a dirty little whore weh no have no ambition.. Nadrsha star a bring her go dance n teach her fi b whore from she a like 13… always Inna dirty mix up

  7. Kema have strength fi English doll, but the gal never a back, she all fake …why she no argue with diamond ?? Since them a f**st

  8. She need fi argue with diamond and lowe d little girl when diamond post her name why she never post it up dutty Kema she gwaan like she bad

  9. unu Lowe diamond the gal eva a work and have her things mek she tek who she want I smell badmind kema can argue with diamond that would be such a waste of time

  10. Why Kema waste her time write so much things ,Kema love ppl man just the same , if she no Inna English doll league why talk bout her …. She need fi go argue with diamond

  11. I Hate All A Dem Gal Yah. But Kema Can’t Bad If A Doll She Want Inna Things Wid And A Diamond She Fi Attack Make She Move And Gweh Met!

  12. ah regular diamond beat gal such kema and ashley uno better walk wit uno boxing gears mi ah warn unnuh don’t be the next victim

  13. Diamond f((k like dog undercover sellers at least kema no hide say she sell none a unu nu have no ambition n don’t own a thing yea diamond take a pic in your room and whosever say diamond pretty need a new pear of eyes !! I can’t find these girls appealing them go road every night n have to sell fuk to keep up thank god for my simple life! English doll your so call frenz them don’t like u kmt. Diamond go check out your pussy the amount a man you fuk u must sick are u betta walk with pack condoms!

  14. Diamond and her fren dem tek bare man and get bare So so f**k. Diamond and har fren Dolly ah f**k the 2 bredda dem. Diamond still a F**k RichieSkyScrapa and Dolly ah f**k RandySkyScrapa. Dem life dutty and stink. Dolly ah likkle gal and har pussy mileage high yu f**k.

  15. Truth u hate diamond tho

    But outta all a dem a she alone have a prominent job..

    Lowh diamond..english doll a gwan like d man a hers

  16. Them girls yah Ina dancehall tho. Diamond a f**k kartel Weh par with striker that’s baby star man she still f**n the boy Weh lef her a helshire and she with big dawg now. Him a look everybody at that none of these girls ain’t good friends cause them chat each other. English doll need to go get some subjects n Lowe dancehall cause she Nuh ready fi the hype. Nadesha did try with her n send her back a school but she fail everything

  17. Like them f**k out all the selectors and now them done all the crew them so them a turn to them friend them man. Unu fi do better none a Unu Nuh own a car diamond fada buy her one and she make the Likkle boy a Southboro Weh she did a f**k drive it n him crash it. She never have it two month and no insurance so she Nuh get back nothing, all now it can’t fix till it sell. Kema sell pussy hard so the boy have all right fi lef her but him Nuh want none a them Weh a talk.

    1. Kema Is Fake Caz Me See She Always Comment Wife And Mines Under English Doll Pic, And The Girl Do The Same Kmt Smh See Them Gal Yah

  18. Dutty Kema Fi Gweh And Lowe Di Girl ,Me Follow Dem And I See When Diamond Post Bout Kema All Now She Nuh Diss Back Diamond But She A Do It Under Style When She A Done English Doll

  19. Yes me hate her she nu have no pussy principle of me a fuk so much at least a house are car my pussy can’t jus a jump so yes she’s f**g richieskyscrappa n still a fuk siva Siv she a fuk big dawg plus the man way fly her out fuk her n send her back without shit ! at least dolly young she will find her way and stop fuk fuk so but a when diamond ago stop ? Diva star no bad although them a hide and sell fuk them can’t trick me star good life crew no ready yet !

  20. Lol story come to bump yes sah waaat a gwan yaso a yaso nice woiiiii.. Mi hate diamond kema english doll n all a dem d whole lot a dem is a set a walking dead soon are later d whole dancehall soon dead aff from aids cause dem gal yaa a guh hard pon dem pussy,diamond she f**k he she n d old lady every man weh wear likkle clothes have a gun or likkle money she mek fi har sad pussy jump fah n den gwan like shi wicked behind it wid har gorella voice but i want shi ramp wid right gal man fi get a telephone cross har face one of these fine days as fi d kema she shi sell pussy like dog n suck pussy n cocky nuff atleat mi hear seh green witch farm gal dem suck cocky d most lol but kema a nuff gal man u f**k to a big dawg u waa war ova weh look like rollie pollie him likkle n fat doh lol him hood look like it likkle… English doll as fi u u is a whole bag a trash by yourself most of all mi hate u likkle long mawga foot your long breast n your pass down hair dem weh u eva a wear mi hear seh a bay come man come inna your mouth your mouth mussi raw deh now eee lol mi caa even done u bout your dresser cause yuh done know a acknowledge seh u nuh have nuh clothes but all me can tell u guh look a education n stop walk n f**k suck n mek problem wid ppl … No dolly shakur your look old n tufff nuh bc fi yuh age n diva star stop talk bout cute cause your dont cute yuh look retarted n simply ashley u a talk bout yuh ambitious, doing what? Waiting on man fi send dem likkle money lol girl bye hope yuh mek use a it n try do something for yourself real wife do wife things parting is not been ambitious..

  21. Diamond is a f**y box f**k he she n d old lady.. Yuh fraid a aids or yuh have it already suh yuh just a f**k as yuh like lol yuh need fi stop n mek yuh pussy space grow back lol… Kema sell f**k n tek ppl man to but why yuh really a war ova big dawg weh fava rollie pollie him likkle n fat like mi know him nuh have no hood .. English doll u walk n f** n suck bay come man come inna your mouth your mouth must raw ..

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